Hi guys, it’s Lara! Thanks for watching
and welcome back to my channel. Today, we are continuing with my Vegan Guide to Vienna. I will introduce the next restaurant where you can get some delicious lovely
vegan food. It’s the restaurant called Yamm. It’s a vegetarian restaurant that
offers very many wonderful vegan options. The restaurant is located in the 1st
district vis a vis from the Vienna University. And if you have watched my
Vlogmas, you might remember that restaurant from one of my vlogmas
episodes. So I will link the video down below. But before we dive into this
wonderful delicious vegan yumminess, I wanted to say a huge thank you for
watching my last vlog. That was the vlog about my breast explant surgery. Thank
you all so much for your wonderful comments here on YouTube and on my posts
on Instagram. They meant the world to me. My recovery is going very well. I have
documented the first week of my recovery and the vlog should be up probably this
Sunday. And now, if you want to know more about the restaurant Yamm, about their
pricing and about what they have and how it looks like, then please keep watching. (Music: Ocean Beach, Dan Lebowitz) You can get to Yamm with streetcar lines 2, D and 71, and also with the subway line
U2. The station is called Schottentor. And
it is very close to the U3 station Herrengasse. In the restaurant,
there is a buffet in the middle with various warm and cold dishes, including
soups and starters. Each customer gets a card on which they book their food. For the main dishes and salads, they have plates in two sizes. This is the big size. And obviously since it’s a buffet, you get your food yourself, except for drinks
and dessert. The dessert area is definitely my favorite look how
delicious everything looks. It is very easy to pick food as a vegan,
because all dishes are clearly marked. Once you filled your platter, you go to
the scale, you place the card on the card reader, then you select the size of your
plate, put it on the scale, weigh it, and then a ticket will be printed. You can
take the ticket with you to your table. All dishes can be also purchased to go. In addition to their meals, Yamm sells
also some other products. For example, they have a nice variety of teas. Even though the place is quite big, it never feels too noisy. They always have nice
background music that’s also not too loud, so for me personally its overall a
very nice experience. So the stuff that I have is pumpkin cooked in red wine with
onions, then I have here ( it’s called) muhammara and bulgur. And this is pineapple chutney. And then I have here olives and a few fresh sprouts. And Jack has
spicy noodles, then he has a pasta salad, than he has vegan antipasti, like
mushrooms, and quinoa with peas and soybeans, right? And he also had a little
bit of the pumpkin. As always the food was very delicious. So my plate was € 11.62 and Jack’s plate was a little bit bigger, so this was € 15.46. That is of course a little bit more than when you go into a dinner. Now we ordered the cake. So we picked mango lime cake. This is usually
something I would not necessarily order, because I’m more of the chocolate cake
girl. But, of course, for the sake of this video, I had to pick something that I
wouldn’t usually eat, so that I can tell you how it tastes. And this, ladies and
gentlemen, this is such a wonderful cake! That’s reason enough to come here. This
is the chocolate peanut butter cake. Obviously, both cakes are vegan. But
honestly, this one always makes my day. It’s just so creamy and chocolatey and
yummy, and then there is the peanut butter middle. It just (sigh) it just makes me
so happy! Alright! So now, let’s take a bite of the mango tart, or mango lime cake. Oh my God! This is actually very good! Because I expected it to be more mango-y, or lime-y, if that makes any sence. But, It’s a raw cake and I feel like there are some nuts or something like
that in it, and it’s just so good and creamy. So I can definitely recommend this one. And honestly, there is no need to
explain that the peanut butter chocolatey cake is just heavenly.
What do you think Jack? Jack: I think you’re not getting any ๐Ÿ™‚
Me: Oh damn, that’s bad, that’s a bad deal! I have to steal at least a little chunk. Gimme! Gimme! So Jack just tried the key mango pie or tart. What did you think? Jack: I thought it was really, really good, and I don’t actually even like mangoes that much.
Because normally I find them too sweet But this is very, very fresh. Me: Ha, that’s a good feedback. Me: Yep. So, as I said highly
recommend it! Here we have our bill. So we paid for the food that you have seen € 43.89. So Jack had this carafe with club soda, it was € 1.90. My Ginger Ale was € 2.90. And one of the cakes (I think it was the raw cake) was
€ 4.10. And the peanut butter chocolatey cake was € 3.90.
Oh and Jack had one extra small plate with some more of the lentil stuff and
the mushroom, so that was additionally four euros to his already € 15.46. One more thing I wanted to mention: I find that they have really nice and
clean toilets, which is for me also always very important when I eat out. So overall, we had great time. The food
was really delicious, the pastry, like, it’s just absolutely delicious. So far,
anything I had there in terms of pastry was totally worth it, even though the
prize is quite high. But like honestly, worth every cent! Jack just pointed out,
especially because I didn’t have to pay ๐Ÿ™‚ muahaha. I personally find that Yumm is quite
pricey in comparison with the other restaurants
that I have introduced, when you think that you actually have to get your food
yourself and you have service only for the drinks. On the other hand, it’s a
really great concept, if you want to try out a few different options. I personally
love the idea of being able to put my meal together with like different things.
So for me, it’s perfect, but it’s definitely not a place where I would
go way too often – simply because of the price. But it’s wonderful. I think it’s a
really nice place, the personnel is very friendly, and the food is really great. So that is it for today. If you have any questions, feel free to write them down
below in the comments. I will as always link the webpage of the restaurant that
I introduced today down below, and I will also link down below my playlist
Vegan Guide to Vienna. And if you want to know more about my breast explant journey, then I will also link down below the playlist that I dedicated to that
subject. And as I said, the vlog about my recovery should be up probably
this Sunday. So thank you all so much for watching. I love you guys so much and see you soon. Bye! (Music: Let’s Go Home, Jeremy Blake)