– You guys you can’t leave
Cynthia up there all alone. – We gotta go Taylor, we gotta go. – No, no! Cynthia! – Hey SOTY family, we are
just sitting here on my bed, me, Parker, Cynthia, and Dad. We have been researching all day long. We are trying to figure
out the best solution for this Cynthia problem,
and we came across some kinda scary information. – Yes she is creeping me out. – And we’ve been studying
the three other channels that got a doll sent to them and we found something kinda similar between theirs and what’s
going on with our family. – So the doll maker
has sent out four dolls to different YouTube families
and we have discovered that the doll is gravitating and attaching to one family member in
each one of these families. – And apparently if we don’t get rid of this doll by midnight tonight, One of us might turn into a doll. – We’ve tried to get
rid of the doll before but she just keeps coming back, I don’t know what the solution is. And I’m kinda worried for Taylor, because that’s who the
doll, our doll, Cynthia seems to be attached to. – Good luck Taylor and she’s freaky. – I don’t think this is
something that Steve and I can solve on our own. So I think we need to
involve our entire family to figure out what the best
way to get rid of Cynthia is. – Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. Guys we need your help. – With what? – We learned that we have
to get rid of Cynthia by midnight tonight or one of
us is gonna turn into a doll. – We can’t get rid of Cynthia. – Taylor if I were you
I’d be really worried, she’s been kinda connecting to you. That’s a little weird. – I wouldn’t mind becoming a doll. – Say what! – Alright what are your guys’ ideas for getting rid of Cynthia? – How we gonna do? – Maybe we try and get her to
get attached to someone else. – But I like her with us. – (Parker mumbles) (Parker sings) – The faster we get rid
of Cynthia the better. – [Steve] Parker you should
stop, Taylor, Taylor! – Got ya. – Not funny – Maybe we should take her to a toy store and leave her there. – Cynthia is looking at
me and I don’t like it. I don’t want any part
of this, good luck guys. I’ll be hanging out with Uncle Derek. – What a wimp. – Guys I don’t think
anything’s gonna happen. I think she should stay with us. – I don’t care, I’m not
waiting until midnight. I’m getting rid of her. – [Taylor] No! – Let’s go, let’s go. – Alright so I’m gonna
get you guys updated on what’s happening. We ended
up at this park right here, Jordyn really wanted to come to this park. She has an idea of the best
way to get rid of Cynthia. So they’re out, they’re
trying to figure it out, and we’ll go check out what she decided. Hopefully it works. Alright guys, where are you? Where did you decide to put Cynthia? – (Parker sings), uh oh. – I know exactly where to leave her. We think, we hope, she’s
not afraid of heights. Hopefully you’re not
afraid of heights Cynthia. Bye Cynthia. I hope you don’t come back. I think that’s gonna work guys. – You guys you can’t leave
Cynthia up there all alone. – We gotta go Taylor, we gotta go. – No, no! Cynthia! – Alright guys a storm is coming, it is starting to rain,
we need to get in the car. we left Cynthia, and hopefully it worked. – Guys it’s like Six O’Clock, it’s getting close to midnight. – I hope Cynthia finds someone
else to get attached to. – No, no, no don’t do that Cynthia! – Alright guys we’re gonna try and lighten the mood a little bit. We’re gonna go on a
daddy-mommy-daughter date, since Stephen is at home with Uncle Derek, he was a little too scared of Cynthia. So, we’re gonna go have some fun, and try and lighten the mood. Taylor’s a little upset,
but let’s go have fun guys. Okay get rid of Cynthia once and for all. – We’re gonna go to an awesome place, in Heber City, called The Old Goat. My friend just opened it up today. – Yeah so it will be our first time ever going to a restaurant on opening night. It’s gonna be awesome- Steve stop! Is that Cynthia right there in the middle of the road? – Oh my gosh, this doll will not go away. – Guy we have to go get her, because one of us might turn into a doll. – Steve go get her, we need
to figure out a different way. Obviously that didn’t work Jordyn. She’s getting all wet, she followed us. This is crazy. – I don’t want Taylor to turn into a doll. – Me don’t want Taylor
to turn into a doll. – Alright guys, we are pulling up to The Old Goat right now. We decided that we’re
not gonna let the doll ruin our dinner, and our evening. So we’re gonna go to
dinner at this restaurant, and I guess bring Cynthia. And then we’re gonna spend the next few hours before midnight hits, trying to get rid of her. So that one of us
doesn’t turn into a doll. – We totally should leave
her at the restaurant. – [Taylor] No! – Alright we’re pulling up now. I do really think that we’ll
bring Cynthia in with us. And then maybe we can find another family that will take her. – I don’t like this idea at all. – I am super excited about this. This is my first time
going to the grand opening of a restaurant. Who’s
excited to eat here? – I am. – It’s gonna be Cynthia’s
last meal with us. Ha ha ha. Alright guys, we are here at
the restaurant sitting down. And so is Cynthia. Shh I don’t want her to
know what’s going on. Taylor is taking care of Cynthia, hopefully she won’t be too upset either. – She’s falling. Here’s
your drink Cynthia. – Parker found something that she definitely wants on the menu. What are you gonna get? – A peanut butter sandwich. – They have peanut butter and jelly. – Well it started raining so
they brought us back inside. And guess who I get to sit next to. Yay. – Alright so it looks like
dinner is just about done. Everyone cleaned off
their plates pretty good, except for Parker. She didn’t
even want her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We’ll
have to go home and make her a peanut butter and
jelly sandwich, at home. Are you guys all ready
to leave Cynthia behind? – Gotta do what Blake says. – It looks like maybe there’s a few people and maybe some kids
left in this restaurant, so I think we’re gonna sneak
out of here and leave Cynthia. Bye Cynthia. (creepy music) – Mom, dad I can’t believe
we left her back there. – There was another family
there, hopefully she wants them, and they’ll go with her. She’s just not working
out in our family at all. – Alright well now that
Cynthia is taken care of and dinner is done, we’ve
got a couple errands to run. So we’re gonna run to the store quick. – Then we’re heading
home, and going to bed. But guys it is raining outside, winter is coming quick.
It is cold and raining, thank goodness we packed
all of the kids’ jackets. In the back we’re gonna get jackets on, head into the store, do
some shopping, and go home. – [Stephen] Alright, get
your guys’ coats here. Girls? – [Girls] Yeah – [Taylor] Cynthia? – [Steve] I thought we
left her in the restaurant. – [Taylor] Yes she’s back. – I thought we got rid of her. Shoot, well I guess Cynthia
is going shopping with us. – Alright guys we only have three hours left before midnight. I am getting a little nervous, Taylor doesn’t seem like
she is nervous at all, but I’m worried for her. (girls singing) Alright, so we’re in the toys section because we need to look for a
birthday present for a friend. So we’re on the hunt
for a birthday present for a little girl, and Parker wants all of
the toys for herself. – I’m ready, I’m ready,
I’m ready, I’m ready. – Guys, I have the best idea. We’ll leave her here and maybe
someone else will buy her. Then, none of us will turn into a doll. – Best idea ever. – Guys lets hurry and get out of the store before anyone notices. Now. Alright did everyone get inside? – [Girls] Yeah. – Okay is everyone buckled? Okay let’s get out of here. I think we ditched Cynthia for good now. – We left her with some toys
so hopefully she’ll be happy. – I think she’ll be perfectly
happy where we left her. Hopefully happy enough
to stay there forever. Alright guys we have arrived back home, Stephen and Derek are inside. We’re gonna get the girls out of the car. Every single person is asleep in this car. Except for Blake guys. She’s wide awake. Blake why aren’t you sleeping? (Blake giggles) (baby talk) Alright guys so all the girls are in bed. Stephen and Derek are still
being loud and crazy downstairs. But it is just about midnight, we successfully got
rid of Cynthia finally. Everything is good. They’re sleeping. I’m just gonna check on
them real, real quick, to make sure that everything’s great, and then I’m gonna go to bed. (calm music) Goodnight Parker. Goodnight Jordyn. Goodnight Payton. Taylor, good- Taylor? Where’s Taylor? (creepy music) Steve, it’s midnight and Taylor is gone. – What do you mean she’s gone? – [Jamie] She’s not in her bed. – Are you serious? (creepy music) Taylor? Taylor? I don’t know
where the heck she can be. – Taylor? Taylor? – It’s just a toy Taylor they don’t move. – No she’s real life.
She’s part of our family. – She’s just a doll. – She’s not just a doll, I love her. – You think she’s part of
out family, but she’s not. – Taylor? (creepy music) (child laughs) – (Payton baby talk) they’re creepy, bye. – Taylor? Taylor are you in here? Taylor this isn’t funny. Where are you. – Guys this is one of the
weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Taylor is over here walking
down the sidewalk with Cynthia. – [Steve] Do you see her? – [Jamie] Yeah. – [Steve] Taylor. Guys say bye to Cynthia. – Oh no, no, no. – Taylor? Taylor? I don’t know where she went. – [Jamie] Taylor? Taylor,
what are you doing out here? (happy music)