– Hi, it’s Julianna. You’re in my kitchen today, and we’re going to be making one of my favorite no fuss
holiday desserts, Eton mess. Let’s get started. Traditionally, Eton mess is made with fresh strawberries or fresh berries in the summertime, but since it is winter, and fresh berries are uber expensive, I’m gonna use frozen berries and cook them down into a delicious sauce. Here we have strawberries,
I’m gonna use half a bag, and raspberries, also half a bag. You can do any mix of fruit that you like, but I prefer for the color
to be a nice bright red. Also, we’re gonna add half a cup of sugar before we start cooking this bad boy. Okay, turn it on at about medium, and give it a little stir. Let the sugar melt. While it’s melting, you can
add juice of half a lemon. I’m gonna throw a cinnamon stick in to make it nice and holiday-y. It smells delish. It’s like a strawberry facial, guys. Once this is simmered for a few minutes and the strawberries have softened, you can kinda squish them up a little bit. (cartoonish laughter) In the tail end of making this sauce, we add my secret ingredient
which is spiced rum. Just a little bit, or, I mean, a little more than a little
bit if that’s what you prefer. And let that incorporate. Something about the fruit,
and a little bit of sugar, and the lemon, and the
cinnamon, and the rum, it all comes together and
smells really festive. Okay, ha ha, looks great. I’m gonna turn this off. What you wanna do now is transfer this to another container,
stick it in the fridge for a little while so it can get cold, and you’re gonna move on to
making your whipped cream. Now to make one of my favorite
foods in all the land: whipped cream. I have some chilled cream. We’re gonna use a cup and a half. Put it in your bowl. Half cup of sugar, some vanilla, and lest we not forget, a pinch of salt. Okay, and now all you do is whip it up. (mechanical whirring) Oh yeah, oh yeah, that’s super nice. All right, whipped cream is finished. Maybe we should taste it. Mmm, seriously. All right, chilled berry
sauce out of the fridge. Oh my gosh, smells insane. The three elements of
Eton mess are berries, whipped cream, and meringue cookies. I’m going to use store-bought ones because it’s easy and it
makes this the no fuss dessert that it’s supposed to be. So just crush them up a little bit. I don’t like to crush them up too much because then you lose
some of that texture. Then grab your receptacle of choice. I’m going to use these
cute little glasses I have. I’m gonna make two of these right now, and save the other two for later. I like to start with some
cookies in the bottom, then a little berries, then whipped cream. Cool. And you can pass it off
as being mildly healthy because there’s berries in it. More cookies. Más berries. Finish off with a dollop of whipped cream, and your Eton mess is all ready to go. I love this dessert because
it has the tangy fruit, and the crunchy meringues,
and the sweet whipped cream. Altogether, it makes the
perfect balanced dessert that is easy and fast and
totally perfect for the holidays. Thank you so much for watching. I love having you in my kitchen, and I look forward to
seeing you next time. Happy Holidays. (bright guitar music)