Thomas: We’re here in the official vlog section What is up everybody!? *Thomas laughs* ♪Intro music♪ TS:What is up everybody!? So back in 2016 when times were tough and I thought we all needed a little pick-me-up, me and my friends decided to put together a collection of positive events, messages, and yes, very cheesy jokes As a source to return to should you ever find yourself in moments when you need a reminder that there still is a lot of good in this world. An additional video was created last April and recently I’ve been getting quite a few requests for a third installment, and I’m glad because I too am ready to make another one! I think it’s time. And not just me, of course, quite a few of my amazing friends wanted to contribute as well so! Without further ado I give you: Reasons to smile number two plus one. *laugh* Starting the video off with the amazing world of did you know. You know who achieved marriage equality? Australia! They’re the 25th country to do so, but the world could always be gayer! So let’s work on that *laugh* The Snow Leopard, which has been on the endangered species list since 1972 is now off. Although they’re still a vulnerable species It’s still a huge step forward for these huge kitties. Malala Yousafzai, the amazing advocate for equal rights to education around the world, just started college in Oxford and take a look at this Twitter exchange between her and her brother. It’s amazing to know me and my brother’s relationship has something in common with theirs *Thomas laughing* K: What do I say? T: What do you say? *laugh* You just say “Hi I’m Kyle!” K: Hi I’m Kyle! T: Perfect! If you’re ever feeling down, I do sometimes it’s normal, it happens. I like to just lay in bed and put on my favorite album of music because music’s always really helpful There’s this mantra from high school that my teacher would have a say before every test “I am healthy, well, full of energy, confident, capable, and highly motivated. Calm, cool, collected and easygoing, strong, secure, happy and optimistic. Intelligent, independent, and free.” and I just think that’s a really cool thing that can help you through a lot of stuff. TS: Heck yeah Kyle! Now you know I’m an actor so here’s some cheesy actor jokes: My friend once broke his own leg in order to get cast *ba dum tss* Okay, that joke should have been *shout* CUT! You know I love plays about pranks, but I hear most of them are staged. *Thomas laughing* *sound effect of booing* I’ll stop now. I’ll stop. Unicorn food became a trend to 2017 and I really hope that continues Unicorn frappuccino, rainbow bagels, rainbow cakes, we should really be making all food rainbow in 2018, come on. Hi, I’m Dahlia I just wanted to say, it’s okay to take time for yourself It’s okay to take care of yourself, everyone has like a lot of important! Responsibilities that you need to get done but taking care of yourself is just as important, so make sure you sleep, don’t just power through because then you’re just a little robot and not a happy one. *consoling* TS: No, it makes sense, it makes sense. D: Okay So be a happy human and not a sad robot *cheering in background* Oh, look! It’s that time again. Look at this FREAKING dog! Look at that one! Look at this one! Freaking dogs, man They’re literally the best! They only want to love us, like they’re there just to give us love, what That’s amazing, and you know what let’s share the love. Cats are amazing too look at this cat, that cat. Look at that wrinkly cat! I love the wrinkly cat *laughs* Speaking of cats and dog, studies are being done that are confirming what you and I and almost everyone else already knew: pets can help improve mental health. Researchers even gave five crickets to elderly people to take care of and they became less depressed after eight weeks. That’s right. Crickets are cute! Deal with it. Who’s a good boy? You are Jiminy. You are Crickey. TS: You’re no longer new R: Oh no… What up you guys? It’s Rafaela. So, probably the best advice that was ever given to me was from my mom, and she said to only pay attention and focus on the things that you have control over. The stuff that you don’t have control over, don’t dwell on it, don’t stress out over that. Like if you have a big exam coming up, you study your hardest. That’s in your control That’s what you can do, but after you’ve done what you can do. You’ve tried your best That’s what you have to focus on. Scientists may have found a way to rebreed sections of the Great Barrier Reef having seen success in early trials. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but results so far have proven very promising! Southwest Airlines transported and saved more than 60 animals away from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. It was basically a plane full of puppies. I would pay extra for that service. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me right now?! That is so cute and amazing and wonderful and just all good things *laughs* Of course this video is not gonna be complete without Dahlia’s corny-joke-corner. D: Are ya’ll ready? Why shouldn’t you fall in love with a baker? (In unison) Why? D: Because they’ll dessert you. *Thomas laughing and groans from the background* Dominic: It’s a groans. Delia: It’s funny! *everybody laugh* Is it true that cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny? TS: Oh my goodness gracious *Dahlia’s adorable laughing* TS: Oh my god! *laughter in the background* TS: You really like that one! A group of students in Florida started a program called We Dine Together. Where they sit with a different person each day So that no one has to sit and eat lunch alone. Honestly, I could definitely have used that service when I was in high school so props to you guys. Wonder Woman smashed the box office and a bunch of bad guys. K: *in a Terrence way* Hello! *Thomas laughing* Hello! I’m Terrence. Don’t overwork yourself. You may think you’re getting like a lot done, but you’re probably working against yourself if anything, instead of being able to give each task 100%, you’re giving it like not 100% and now they’re not as good as they could have been if you devoted a good amount of time. Sometimes you got to know your limits, man. TS: Amen, I feel very called out right now by the way *laughs* Terrence: Sorry And don’t feel the need to like grow up too fast. Slow down. Okay I’m done. Oh, and Black Panther is literally killing it in pre-sales. Black Panther is out and not only is it an amazing movie with wonderful representation, it’s also just– it’s a beautiful story! I cried three times and now it holds the record for the largest Tuesday gross of any movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. and one of five films ever to open with a 200 million dollar domestic weekend. Wakanda forever *laughs* Terrence: Marvel do yo thang! This movie is good! – Come on! Fiiiiire J: DC What’s going on party people? I’m Jamal and y’all and so this is some real-deal stuff all right. Focus on what you need in your life. There’s a lot of stuff that you’re tempted to think about, but it’s all bad stuff. Remember, there is stuff to smile about. I don’t know what your thing is, but I got my stuff, you got your stuff. There’s love, there’s people, there’s the Earth, there’s spirituality. If you got that, if you don’t got that, you know it’s all good But find your thing and focus on it. Don’t forget, (Thomas in background: You’re making me cry) smile! TS: Superhero joke time! What is Batman’s favorite part of the joke? The punchline! That joke was so bad it could have been a villan… When Spiderman uses the web he’s a superhero. When I use the web, I’m “wasting my time shipping fictional characters together.” (me too thomas) mom *laughing* Knock knock. *in unison* who’s there? D: King Tut. Everyone: King Tut who? D: King Tut-key fried chicken *laughing* Did you hear about the population of Ireland? It’s Dublin *laughter* I knew you would like that one. Thomas: I did Due to the fact that child labor rates have declined by almost half since the year 2000, more children are being granted the opportunity to an education and a normal childhood. A woman by the name of Sarah Cummins donated all the food from her cancelled $30,000 wedding to the homeless. She created a big event and local businesses and citizens donated some snappy attire for the guests to wear so yeah, it stinks that she didn’t get married, but she made the best out of a bad situation by doing a lot of good. And now because Jamal is musically gifted and has the voice that would make ASMR artists quake, He has decided to combine both of them and list out things that make him smile. J: Alright, so check this out J: Um TS: what are you doing? J: Thinking of reasons Cake *guitar begin to play* Jazz music *guitar playing* Tiramisu *guitar playing* Red velvet cake TS: Oh, man *guitar playing* Grandma’s house TS: The hole in the ozone layer has shrunk to its smallest size since the year 1988. Terrence: I- Kyle: Chew your food! Terrence: Oh TS: Here’s some ASMR of Terrence chewing food *chewing sounds* *laughter in the background* TS: Solar energy is on the rise. The industry is responsible for one out of every 50 new jobs in the U.S. Yes, the Sun is a giant heat ray of death, but it’s also very helpful, so be sure to thank the Sun today. Just don’t stare at it directly. Because you know. It’s a giant heat ray of death. *Jamal playing the guitar* J: Hip-hop TS: Chance the rapper won three Grammys and is donating two million dollars to Chicago Public Schools. I love that man. I really do. And look at his daughter. She’s adorable. TS: This is the first time. I’m not introducing you D: Yeah, hi I’m Dominic Something that always makes me smile is, uh, wearing whatever I want and not letting people tell me what I should wear and what I shouldn’t. Jamal, you’ve got some great style J: Thank you. Thank you very much. Partners in style. *laughter* D: That’s what you do? It’s okay to be Thomas too. *Thomas laughs* It’s okay to wear the same thing for your entire first year of Vine. TS: Yes. *laughter* D: Welcome to the Thomas Sanders roast. I made it one of my new year’s resolutions like three or four years ago that I’m not gonna wear blue jeans anymore. I felt like that was fun to do. I wanted to incorporate headbands into my everyday fashion, Just have fun with it, and don’t let people tell you that you can’t have fun. Express yourself in any way you feel is appropriate. *more guitar playing* J: Transitions TS: What did the father say when he looked at his son? Ow, my eyes! The sun. What did one hat say to the other? You stay here. I’ll go on a head. *laughter* D: That laugh right there. TS: I liked that one. D: What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Delia: YES! TS: Oh my- *cheering* TS: Danika Roem became the first openly transgender state legislature elected in Virginia. Viola Davis made history by becoming the first black woman to win an Oscar, a Tony AND an Emmy for acting. Actually, she has two Tony’s. She’s awesome. She’s amazing and has so many accomplishments it could be its own video. I just love her. *laughs* *guitar playing* Suspended chords Derionna: Hey people! It’s Derionnna! So, I smile, a lot. I think that if you are ever feeling down, what really helps me is to focus on the things that you love and the people that you love. Connecting with people that I care about and that care about me. They like helped me remember the things about myself and about the world that are great and awesome and stuff. Jamal is one of the people that I– that I love. Rebound off of their energy. This is his energy all the time and it helps. Oh he’s my boyfriend by the way, in case you were wondering. *Thomas laughs* Get out! Alright! *laughter in the background* TS: Due to a simple suggestion made on social media, it is now a tradition at the end of the first quarter of
University of Iowa football games for everyone to stand and wave to the children looking on from the windows of the family Children’s Hospital across the street. *satisfied sigh* Simon: There is this guy who is like the first ice muralist or snow muralist or something. And he like walks in these gigantic snow fields and makes beautiful murals out of snow. And they’ll be like here here here here here. TS: An all-natural pesticide has been invented that doesn’t kill bees. It’s made from a plant protein and spider venom. Thank you spiders! One of the only times in my life I’ve ever said that. *laughs* *guitar playing* J: Darionna. Nah, she like that too much. Me! No plea- *Thomas laughs loudly* V: Hi I’m Valerie and I make silly faces V: Sometimes I will wake up, knowing that I have so many things to do, and I like to look at this quote to kind of help me get through the day in order to be productive and happy and not bring anybody else down. It’s a quote from Nelson Mandela: “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears” You know what? I’m not done posting photos of baby animals, so here’s one. There’s one. Look at that. That’s cute. What? Amazing. I love it. Can I have it? Pure. Pure as gold *giggles* Deaths caused by cancer have dropped by 26% since 1991, and are still on the decline. UN AIDS revealed that half of all people living with HIV are getting treatment. Since 2005, deaths caused by AIDS have dropped by half. It’s no longer the leading cause of deaths in Africa. Obviously, there is a lot of work to do but the world is making a lot of progress. And now enjoy Valerie’s beautiful voice accompanied by me annoyingly joining in, off-screen. ♪You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away ♪ *clap* *laugh* I can’t leave out the #neveragain movement consisting of high schoolers Here in the U.S. standing up in the wake of tragedy for change in order to make our schools safer. There are doctors and researchers working around the clock to eradicate diseases people are suffering from. Millions of lives are being saved because of their hard work, and as technologies get better and better, we’re gonna be seeing a lot more cures in our lifetime. Delia: What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it? TS: Which? Delia: Short. TS: That was good, that was good. Derionna: Ohhhh TS: That ones a thinker! *loud laughter* Delia: Okay that’s all my jokes! Yay!! *clapping* Dominic: One, two, three four! ♪ My baby don’t mess around ♪ TS: And just in case you needed another reason to love the internet and/or dogs, this website exists so you can just enjoy that for a second. Actually there are a lot of pointless websites you can go to to have fun. You can go here. How many roles in that little dog can you get through, you can go here. How many pets can you give that dog? Turns out I can give him a lot. *laughs* And now here’s Terrence singing ♪Terrence singing, Jamahl harmonizing ♪ *Kyle playing the guitar* TS: They’re all just talented beautiful people, like how am I friends with them? *laughs* J: Just remember when life gets you down *two guitars playing* There are guitars And sometimes There two of them *laughter in the background* *guitars keep playing* *clapping, cheering* TS: Finally to sum up: The reasons to smile in this video are a very small sample size. Every year we create more, learn more, and move towards a better future. There may be many bad things that have happened, but it’s how we have responded to the bad, pushed for improvement and supported those who, like us, wish for a better world, that really shines through. The two best things that we can do is hope and get active. Hope for a better tomorrow and start working on that tomorrow right now. My wish is that these videos not only help to cheer you up, but also maybe inspire you to create change. There are people tirelessly working for that and we can be those people too. You may at times feel insignificant, trust me, there are times when I feel that way about myself too, but you and I are capable of so much good. we can get involved in our community online, or in real life, if you’re into leaving the house and *laughs* create new reasons to smile. Make art. Volunteer. Hand out random compliments, tell cheesy dad jokes, whatever you can muster I am positive you will make a difference. It might be a negative difference if you go with the cheesy dad joke route I found *laughs* Big change starts with magical, beautiful, wonderful, individuals like you. Simon: Don’t be afraid to find joy in the things that you love and that make you who you are. Dominic: Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Derionna: All you need is love and laughs and yourself, obviously. R: Don’t stress out about things you can’t control. Terrence: When the alarm rings the first time, get up. *Thomas laughs loudly* If you haven’t eaten anything today, go do that. And drink water. (Terrence: Stay hydrated!) Kyle: Find yourself a Terrence. Terrance: Ayyye! *laughters* Magnify what you care about, the things that are good, like guitars. TS: Wow! *laughters* TS: Go be great! Or take a nap first, and then go be great. *laughs* Hope you all enjoyed this video! Thank you so much to eight of the biggest reasons for me to smile: Terrence, Jamal, Rafaela, Kyle, Delia, Darionna, Dominic, and Valerie. You all are amazing for contributing to this video. I love you all so much. Also a big thank you to another reason to smile: Pat, the voice of Blocko from Life Noggin, who contributed to this video. Thank you so much for all of the facts. If you enjoyed this video you’re gonna want to check out his channel, it’s down in the description below. If you’re interested in my previous videos, click over here, if you’re new to the channel and would like to subscribe, click down here, and if you’re interested in becoming Featured Fander, click down here. That’s it, and until next time Take it easy guys, gals, and non-binary pals, peace out! *Kyle singing* Kyle: I can’t go on. TS: I’ll include that! Kyle: I can’t go on.