(upbeat music) – Tastes like dessert. Good morning, welcome to Los Angeles! You guys are at my house in L.A. And I’m going to show you
guys what I eat in a day. So the first thing I do when
I wake up in the morning, other than checking my phone, drink lemon water, so the
reason I drink lemon water first thing in the morning is supposedly it cleanses your stomach and
it’s a lot more hydrating than regular water, at least for me. After I drink my lemon
water, usually I will light up either a Palo Santo or sage, depending on my mood. I woke up on the right side
of the bed this morning so I feel like I don’t
need to cleanse the air, so I’ll just take my
Palo Santos, light it up, and then I’ll just like bring in all the good energy, I need all the good energy. Can you feel the good energy? It’s all for you. So the reason I do this is I wanna drink the lemon
water and have some time in between before I drink the next thing, which is my celery juice. So for those who already follow me, know my obsession with celery juice. For those who don’t know
me and it’s your first time seeing me, well, you’re in for a surprise because I’m insanely
addicted to celery juice. So I drink celery juice every single day, so these are already pre-washed. I actually have this thing called eczema and for the past couple
years, just my eczema has been like crazy and
like when I used to get like crazy flare-ups, it would be bad, like I would have eczema all over, it would be all patchy
and it really made me feel so insecure because you know,
I’m in front of a camera all the time, I’m always
shooting, I’m filming and those are the things
that I can’t Photoshop, and somebody told me about this
guy named Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium, and
that celery is supposedly like super beneficial because
it cleanses out the liver, the toxins, whatnot. But since I’ve been doing
celery juice, knock on wood, I’ve been good. So usually this’ll make
like a glass and a half, and I drink it. (sighs) So usually, after I have my celery juice, I’ll go work out and then come back. Sometimes I’ll do like
pilates, sometimes I try to go run for like 15
minutes, but for time’s sake, unless you guys are really curious, leave a comment below
on this bizarre video, I’m going to show you guys what I eat after my workout. So my favorite thing
to eat in the morning, especially during the
weekday, on the weekends it’s a little different but on the weekday is a coconut yogurt bowl
with berries and protein. (faucet runs) All right, so for my coconut yogurt bowl, I’ll use a vegan coconut yogurt. This one has no added
sugar, it’s gluten free, and it has probiotics. Technically you’re really
supposed to probably take about two to three spoons, but Aimee Song living in America, I
do it the American way, we go big. I’ll add some organic
blueberries, a handful. I’ll add in barley powder, has antioxidants and vitamin. And then I’ll put matcha powder which is a little sweet
and it’s good for energy. The next thing I put is cacao nibs for some sweetness. Chia seeds, just a tiny bit. Then for protein I like
to add pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Sometimes I’ll add in bananas or apple, depending on how I feel. And then I’ll just mix it all up, so. So delicious, it almost
tastes like dessert. I actually have to go to the office, so let me go change real quick. All right, so I’m about to go to work but I want to quickly
show you guys what I put in my work bag. Water bottle, dried mango, I’m obsessed
with the Trader Joe’s dried mango ’cause there’s no added sugar, it’s super sweet, chewy, and tasty. It tastes like dessert. And I’ve got some
crackers, I’m like the huge snack food junkie. I love these vegan flax seed crackers. Usually I’ll eat them with
guacamole from Chipotle because there’s a
Chipotle right by my work. So yeah. I am now off to the office,
I’ll see you guys for lunch. Okay, bye. (calm music) – Aimee.
– Donnie! – Are you ready for lunch? – So hungry. Okay, you guys, this is my sister Donnie and we’re gonna eat at my favorite spot, the Heart of the Hunter. Starving. So we’re at Heart of the
Hunter, which is one of my favorite restaurants. I come here, whenever I’m in L.A., almost every single day. If I’m traveling a lot
and Jacopo, my boyfriend who lives in New York is visiting, I’m here on the weekends. You’ll usually find us on Sundays. On the weekdays I try to see my sister as much as I can, this one, Donnie Song. So on the weekdays for lunch
I’ll always take a salad with fish so I have like
my fiber, my protein, all the good stuff, and then my sister, she always gets her
usual, shrimp and grits and an avocado toast. On the weekends though,
I like to like indulge and I usually get an
avocado toast and a salad and a bowl of berries
and then Jacopo usually always gets his smoked trout
toast and mushrooms on it so I’ll steal his trout and then that’s like my weekend meal. I feel like even though
I eat really healthy, I like to snack, so I mean
like I mentioned before, I just love to like snack
throughout the entire day. So I’ll do that and then at night, I mean sometimes I go out for
dessert, maybe not every single day, maybe more like
two or three times a week. So we’re gonna finish
lunch and I’m gonna go back to the office and then I’ll
see you guys for dinner. (guitar music) All right, so now that I have
my Jacopo Moschin in L.A., we’re gonna grab dinner
at my favorite spot, Erewhon, which is basically
my favorite place, right? – Basically. – I come here every
single play and so over it but I’ll show you guys
what I get for dinner. Snacks galore. For dinner tonight I’m
gonna get the same thing that I always get, which
is a pre-made sushi roll and then some salmon, wild salmon with organic vegetables on the side, and then what’s also amazing about Erewhon is you can find every single healthy snack that you can think of. The one that I got today
is a grain-free Paleo puff, which is so delicious. All right, thanks so much for joining me all day today while I showed you guys what I eat in a day. We’re gonna take my favorite food home and watch some TV, bye!