Throughout the course of history there’s been many viciously cruel dictators but few has deranged as Muammar Gaddafi this Mad Dog of the Middle East has a goal of a world revolution He’s a madman. I mean he’s just wacko Yet for over 40 years the Libyan ruler terrifies tortures and torments the world with one horrific act after another He was evil to the core psychotic To the point that the US government considered him the most dangerous man in the world This is the story of the Middle East’s longest-serving dictator from his roots as an idealistic young revolutionary to his insane actions at home and abroad And how his delusions of grandeur ultimately lead to his downfall? October 2011 a wave of revolutionary uprisings is sweeping across the Middle East in what is being called the Arab Spring In Libya the 69 year old dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is running for his life Two months earlier NATO backed rebels forced him to flee his capital city Tripoli Qaddafi hits dessert because it’s where he hails from and he believes that he can be protected by clan and tribal loyalties It little by little these rebels were winning and they were winning with pickup trucks and handguns After taking Gaddafi’s lost stronghold the rebels are closing in on their main target the dictator himself They’re French jets flying overhead it’s a very chaotic scene Suddenly the Colonel’s convoy is hit by a NATO airstrike Forcing the once almighty tyrant to take refuge in a sewage pipe But how has it come to this In 1969 Libya is a country dripping with oil money Over the past 10 years it’s gone from one of the world’s poorest nations to one of the richest But not everyone is enjoying the good times Most Libyans lived in the country in very impoverished conditions basically a hand a mouth Their ruler pro-western King Idris the first is deeply corrupt He never spent a lot of the oil revenue on him and his associates and his family and not much on the Libyan people Struggling at the very bottom of Libyan society are the Bedouins Bedouins are illiterate nomadic tribes that move around just trying to survive One Bedouin an army officer is determined to end the misery of his fellow countrymen by freeing them from Western imperialist influences Gaddafi in 1969 was an officer at just 27 years old. He was a young Idealistic man who wanted to change Libya? As early as high school He is recruiting friends that he wants to bring into a revolutionary government sometime down the road So he planned from way back then both he and his associates to Infiltrate the army, and then use that as the venue to stage the coop After more than ten years of planning Gaddafi is ready to make his move With King Idris out of the country receiving medical treatment in Turkey the mission he calls Operation Jerusalem is a go He makes his way to the burka barracks in Benghazi Libya second city In terms of Coos you’d have to give it an a he moved in Seamlessly the generals and the officers just gave up and let him do it. Not a drop of blood was shed no shot was fired Probably one of the most peaceful coos that has ever happened in history Victorious at 6:00 a.m.. Moammar Ghadafi arrives at Benghazi radio For the first time he speaks to the Libyan people As of now Libya shall be free under the name of the Libyan Arab Republic free brothers in a society of which God willing shall flutter the banner of brotherhood and equality They broke out in the streets and were elated celebrating if they had this new government a man of the people There was this elation that ran through Libya With his fellow accomplices he proclaims a new Revolutionary Command Council Gaddafi is its chairman making the 27 year-old the most powerful man in Libya To the Libyan people their new leader appears to be a force for good He’s progressive he claims to want to modernize the nation through his socialist Al Fateh Revolution Radical new policies call for the country’s oil wealth to be used to help the poor He, built roads he built schools he increased literacy increased a life span of people Gaddafi built housing complexes apartment complexes. He made a big deal of telling people these are your homes. This is your property The quality of life in Libya for a time was actually higher than that of states like Brazil and Soviet Russia It’s all part of young Colonel Gaddafi’s plan to be a great Arab leader Just like his boyhood hero the charismatic Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser Gaddafi views Nasser as an ideological father figure Abdul Nasser to Gaddafi was his ultimate hero Abdel Nasser was the first Pan Arabian revolutionary Gaddafi started listening to him on the radio when he was in secondary school and Gaddafi immediately identified with Nasser so much so that that Nasser became his idol Literally he memorized all of his speeches He was known in school for going around getting up on stools and reciting Nasser speeches verbatim He was obsessed with the man. He emphasized that freedom Socialism and unity the very same themes that Nasser had identified early on in the Egyptian revolution and by freedom he meant independence within Libya from foreign powers and foreign domination as exemplified particularly by the base agreements with Great Britain in the United States outside of Libya he meant freedom to associate with the Arab world in an Arab nationalist kind of way unity was also a dominant theme And unity was in the sense of forming not just Laura vocal or verbal agreements with the Arab nations But practical Arab unity as Nasser had been proclaiming the third theme that he developed through socialism and by socialism he meant taking the wealth of Libya and Distributing it more equally amongst the people of Libya and You can distinguish that from communism, which he did not support because he saw it as a godless system And he was very much a Muslim a very strong Muslim and very much made Islam a part of his till revolution With his success in driving out Western influence in Egypt far-reaching reforms and Modernization policies NASSER is widely considered the leader of the Arab world When NASSER suddenly dies of a heart attack in 1970 Gaddafi seizes the opportunity to move from disciple to master His rallying cry is the Palestinian cause against Israel? Gaddafi despised history way back from his very very early beginnings He considered Israel as a robber of Muslim lands To him Israel is the great symbol of the tyranny of America and the West in the Middle East He viewed Israel is sort of a neo-colonial project that was being superimposed on the Arab world It was something that injured our dignity and it put a wedge in the heart of the Middle East Now he’s leader of Libya what he needs is to demonstrate to all other Arabs that he can be their leader too This is a 19 news flash from the Olympic Village in Munich where early this morning armed Palestinian guerillas raided the sleeping quarters of the Israeli team The gunmen shot dead two Israelis are now holding 20 athletes and six officials as hostages In September 1972 the world is in shock by the appalling attack at the Munich Olympics by Palestinian group Black September Less well-known is that Black September is funded by Qaddafi Qaddafi considered it a perfectly acceptable Operation based on his worldview and despite the bloodthirsty murderous things that these terrorists did he considered them heroes The girls have just announced that they are demanding to be allowed to fly out of Germany once their demands have been met in the final showdown All the Israeli hostages are killed along with five terrorists Gaddafi has the terrorists bodies flown to Libya When the dead Palestinians arrived in Libya I guess the word would be bizarre Carrying the dead terrorists off the plane of course Qaddafi had a televised for the whole world to see gruesome Morbid in a normal person’s mind But not not in Qaddafi’s mind When the surviving three terrorists are released they too are taken to Libya There the Libyan leader treats them like rockstars you knew that this would be an international stage now an an International drama and that he’s the director you know and producer of this whole thing That was Qaddafi saying to the whole world look at me look how powerful look how big I am look what I’ve done Muammar Qaddafi, I am Libya Trouble is not even the Arab world is listening For Gaddafi, there’s a realization If he’s going to be noticed he must project his power beyond the region Qaddafi felt like he was much more than just a tiny little dictator of a country only six million people With such a small population No amount of military hardware is going to help this revolutionary of international proportions Achieve his goal But he does have something very powerful Money and lots of it Leading Gaddafi to support and fund one of the most important freedom fighters of the day Nelson Mandela Certain leaders in the West particularly in the UK viewed Nelson Mandela is at best a troublemaker and at worst terrorist figure but not Gaddafi He was the African National Congress is not only primary supportive and in many cases only supporter He befriended Mandela as an underdog supported him as an underdog against this great Imperialist South Africa and came very closer than the two were photographed together several times and in Qaddafi’s mind He was helping this new underdog saw himself in Mandela Nelson Mandela called Gaddafi the brother leader and In recognition of his vocal and financial support one of Mandela’s grandsons is called Qaddafi Qaddafi supported a bizarre array of insurgent communist and terrorist organizations absolutely bizarre He looked at all these organizations purely as underdogs against big imperialists tyrannical governments And Qaddafi becomes one of the world’s greatest sponsors of international terrorism It’s claimed that every IRA bomb planted in the UK used a plastic explosive known as semtex provided by Libya He had links with the FARC in Colombia Abu Sayyaf in the southern Philippines The Abu Nidal group He supported the Black Panther movement the ETA Red Army in Germany and affiliated organizations in Italy Terrorism for Gaddafi isn’t just political it develops into something highly personal Got a very perverse pleasure out of terrorism Gaddafi having been a Bedouin one of the foundations of his personality was the great underdog rising to power for the people He was a just a very very egotistical man. It was more eager than even ambition the Colonel’s sponsorship of terrorism kills thousands of innocent people But it achieves his aims it gets him noticed He was a state terrorist enemy number one To the point where the US government intelligence agencies considered him the most dangerous man in the world Six years on from seizing power the Libyan dictators extensive support of various terrorist groups Starts causing him trouble at home This was unpopular with many of the members of Revolutionary Command Council They thought that money should be going to economic development in response to his critics in 1977 he disbands the Revolutionary Command Council and announces to his people that he has discovered a new political system an alternative to capitalism and communism He calls it his third international theory and it’s his revolutionary solution to the problems of the entire third world It’s his bid to be taken seriously as a statesman philosopher a vision. He spells out in his green book He thought the green book was a masterpiece He thought everyone should be studying at my Schleicher Hitler’s Mein Kampf or Mao tse-tung’s book or our Constitution in fact Gaddafi’s supposedly visionary manifesto is a rambling mishmash of often contradictory statements Gaddafi’s book was gibberish One of the ideas was he wanted everyone to have chickens, and he made everybody in the country have chickens And he gave them chickens, and I gave in cages to put the chickens in including people who lived in apartment houses People ate the chickens, and they used the cages to hold newspapers, and it was crazy Although it seems comic the green book hides a much darker motive It’s his tool of indoctrination School children were forced to read it it was something that was part of their everyday education reading that book and looking at photos of him Part of his ideology is that there is no need for political parties government or even laws Instead Libyans will have direct democracy through new basic people’s congresses This concept of democracy was a complete farce and that Libya was really a pure dictatorship, and it was all about Qaddafi Qaddafi announces he isn’t President or even Prime Minister Merely the brother leader and guide of the revolution. It’s an ingenious move He didn’t refer to himself as the head of state so there was no way for him to be removed the brother leader concludes his cutting edge political theories with a telling statement Those who are strong in society governed In his case his strength comes from his vast and vicious secret police Network People never really knew for sure who it was that was spying on who? It was not uncommon to see people pulled off the street and hustled into an unmarked car and driven away You don’t need to do that too often. To too many people that everybody gets a little concerned about if I done something wrong on my next And if Gaddafi decides you have crossed him he will crush you This is actual footage broadcast on Libyan state television in 1984 Hundreds of school children some as young as six years old are assembled at Benghazi basketball stadium Sadiq Chwehdi actuary was a young student who had been studying engineering in the United States when he returned to Libya Gaddafi Accused him of being part of a plot in Tripoli to overthrow the regime in early 1984 This was a show trial in the grand as possible terms a huge audience Sudeikis fools to confess despite his innocence and is quickly pronounced guilty Absolutely twisted how this takes place in front of a lot of school children But there’s an unexpected turn in this harrowing event —- neck doesn’t immediately snap in the gallows a young woman in the crowd sees an opportunity she then comes and pulls schweiz legs down in a very brutal fashion Millions watch as she kills the deck and becomes known throughout Libya as hooda the executioner and Qaddafi sees to it that she has made one of the richest and most powerful women in the country an Example to all Libyans of the rewards for being loyal to the brother leader But public executions at home aren’t enough He will pursue any Libyan who opposes him Wherever they may hide Gaddafi’s intelligence services spanned the world so Gaddafi could reach you in Cairo in London in Paris Qaddafi had ways of finding dissenters He calls his exiled opponents stray dogs and Savagely hunts them down in the streets of Europe He wanted these killings to be public That was part of his, MO Unlike maybe what the soviets would do is they would poison somebody and whisk them away in secret Qaddafi wanted these killings in public areas Assassinate them showing them how great he was and his tentacles outside of Libya Most notoriously in April 1984 when a group of dissidents Peacefully protest outside the Libyan embassy in London his agents opened fire indiscriminately The policewoman in front of the demonstrators was hit in the stomach 25 year old police constable Yvonne Fletcher is fatally shot murdered in broad daylight As a way of making the world take notice of him it succeeds The UK severs diplomatic relations with Libya Gaddafi doesn’t care He’s already found an even bigger stage to play on Of all the modern dictators Gaddafi needed attention the most He phases from periods of lucidity and a complete instability At this point he’s getting out of control In early 1986 the US Navy is on maneuvers in the Mediterranean Sea off the northern coast of Libya They are heading straight towards an area of water known as the Gulf of Sidra The US was doing typical naval training operations in the Gulf as they had before got a threat from Qaddafi himself You will not conduct operations in my Gulf of course the United States was waiting, but that’s not your Gulf Those are international waters and could obviously no. No the Gulf is mine. You crossed the line of death and you’ll pay the price Lybia fires six missiles at US planes America retaliates by sinking three Libyan patrol boats and destroying a missile installation Gaddafi now ups the ante declaring its a time of war and he will fight his war dirty actions that put him on a collision course with the US making him their public enemy number one US intelligence agents in West Berlin intercept a strange telex from the Libyan East German embassy Tripoli will be happy when you see the headlines tomorrow Just hours later a woman walks into a West Berlin nightclub The LaBelle nightclub was known as the American place Is where the soldiers used to hang out and their families? And if you wanted to hurt Americans in Germany that was the place to do it and tonight is no different with a dance floor packed with American soldiers At 1:45 a.m.. A two kilogram bomb packed with plastic explosives and shrapnel explodes Three people including two American servicemen are killed Another 229 are wounded many suffering life-changing injuries There’s a horrific scene and shocked the United States of course It was one of the first direct attacks or US servicemen had been killed in an explosion Like that so it created not just shocked but outraged Later in Berlin US intelligence intercepts another message destined for Libya At 1:30 this morning a successful operation was carried out without leaving any trace of our identity And it was already pretty clear who had done it and then Intercepts after that pretty much confirmed as the agents were bragging back and forth it and indeed it was Libya Washington is in no doubt Gaddafi is u.s.. Public enemy number one this Mad Dog of the Middle East has a goal of a world revolution Ten days later President Reagan orders operation El Dorado Canyon Gaddafi’s Baba lazier compound is hit but despite his home being flattened. He escapes unharmed Though he claims not all his family are so lucky Gaddafi came out with a bleeding-heart statement that they killed Hannah his adopted daughter He sought to use that as a means to Depict himself as someone who was under fire from from the Great Satan From the United States and and used as a means to build popular support for himself in his regime And rails against the West Reagan is the biggest terrorist in the world? You are far from the civilization. We are a nation of civilization Yet, not all is as it seems turned out to be an absolute hoax his daughter was not killed at all But the truth is not going to stop Gaddafi having his revenge on the US In the immediate aftermath you could almost see that he was mentally Deranged by the attack He was relatively unstable, but he was crazy, but he was crazy like a fox You couldn’t do that to Muammar Qaddafi the great one the brother leader anybody that did that well. They had to be Put back put back in their place Among the 259 passengers and crew bahding Pan, Am flight 103 at London’s Heathrow Airport Is 36 year old Michael Bernstein? We were college sweethearts. We were very very happy he had a wonderful sense of humor and He was a terrific father loved his children very much At 6:25 p.m.. The plane takes off for New York By 7:03 p.m.. Pan Am flight 103 is 31,000 feet over Lockerbie Scotland a Device had blown about a 20 inch hole in the cargo hold The plane was ripped apart at 35,000 feet What occurred was a massive massive fireball coming out of the sky 200,000 pounds of ignited jet fuel that’s like a giant. I’m going on and registered as if it was an earthquake that was the magnitude It wiped out but dozen or more homes Some people in those houses were obliterated. They never found any remains of anybody 270 people are killed in the Lockerbie disaster including Stephanie’s husband Michael Wasn’t it help I was in the basement on the exercise bike watching the news that I saw A news story about this plane that had gone down in Scotland, but I had the proverbial Sick feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing that it could have been his plane My son came downstairs first, and he had just turned 4 so four-year-olds Don’t really have the concept of death being irreversible and then when my daughter came downstairs She looked like she had been punched in the stomach because of course at age 7 and a half. She did understand what it meant It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life At the time the Lockerbie bombing is the worst act of terror ever committed against Americans Back in Libya Gaddafi denies any links to the bombing At that point most people thought it was Iran we didn’t think it was libya until later on The fear was that they would never know who did it? First of all if the plane has been on time would have crashed in the ocean We never would have found the timer or anything, but it landed in Scotland we were able to get the remains and help people and find eventually find find evidence, but No, one knew who did it and we couldn’t get the answers. We couldn’t get any answers because there weren’t any answers I mean no one knew There were 19 separate countries who were involved in this investigation Because there were 19 separate nationalities on the plane at that time is the largest investigation in the history of our FBI They found a little electronic switch circuit board that was embedded in some of the metal as part of the evidence They begin to trace this and piece it back together They traced the circuit board to the same triggering device that a Libyan agent had used earlier To try to detonate a semtex bomb and a failed terrorist attack same type of Circuit board they also traced it to a shipment of the same circuit boards that were sold a large number of them were sold to The Libyan military, so they were pretty certain that that circuit board came from Libya, but despite those denials an almost four-year investigation Reveals to Libyan agents planted the bomb on board the plane It would changed the game for the CIA in the United States We had an enemy on our hands now that could do this sort of thing they could carry out this kind of sophisticated plot undetected In response the United Nations imposes tough sanctions Gaddafi became something of international —- that did not suit well with him because He had always envisioned Libya’s two small Playhouse so it’s a very difficult pill for him to swallow The Libyan dictators response to this isolation is to sink even further into cruelty and lust for revenge His methods will become ever more deranged One example can be seen in his treatment of his one-time foreign minister Mansoor Rashid Al kiya defected in 1980 For 13 years Gaddafi bides his time In December 1993 —- arrives in cairo egypt for a meeting of the arab human rights organization he helped establish They have one of your own who you have trusted turn against you and make strong public statements and organize against you abroad That was beyond the pale and get off his mind, and he felt he had to deal with i’ll kick you Gaddafi’s agents are waiting for him Everyone assumed that he had been detained by Libyan authorities obviously the family continued to hope that he was somehow alive In fact only one person ever sees him again That person is Muammar Gaddafi, and he keeps him in his freezer An evil evil man The fact that you could enjoy personally killing people Having their heads frozen and refrigeration come look at them all the time. There’s a just as an evil bear that is hard to contemplate Isolated and marginalized From world affairs the man who wants the entire planet to know his name and fear him sinks deeper into madness making himself feel better by inventing ever more ludicrous titles Imam of all Muslims Dean of Arab rulers king of Africa’s Kings His attention craving megalomania even starts to affect the way he looks Gaddafi’s outfits became more lavish and more flamboyant to where he sort of became the Liberace of the Arab world His look became more absurd He looked like one of those characters, and they have Gilbert and Sullivan musical one of those crazy Admirals full of gold brocade and medals He went from the fancy Admirals close To Bedouin stuff a couple of times he wore something look like a brown garbage bag He changed his wardrobe several times a day when asked about it. He would respond well I set the fashion trends for my country What I wear it becomes a fad amongst the people and he deluded himself into thinking that his garish Flamboyant dress was what the people want The Arabs would started to get a little bit embarrassed about it they got Tired of him and he decided, okay while I’m not an Arab anyway. I’m an African one of the unique features of Qaddafi was he had Histrionic tendencies, this is the called the histrionic Personality Disorder these people love drama It’s how pretty they look and how much attention they can gather and that was him to an extreme Qaddafi kind of arranged so he was always playing a role that people were always talking about His Extreme Makeover, isn’t just confined to his wardrobe Gaddafi wanted plastic surgery because he was a very vain man His image was the image of Libya billboards of him were all over the country all over Libyan cities Gaddafi wanted to remain youthful and he wanted to maintain his looks Over the years the Libyan dictator reportedly went under the knife several times In his view he was a good-looking guy For this superpower wannabe grandiose titles and fresh-faced beauty isn’t enough Nero had his Praetorian Guard Hitler had the SS Gaddafi will Trump them all he will be the first in history to have a guard made up entirely of women In classic Gaddafi style he establishes some bizarre entry requirements for his Amazonian bodyguards To be an amazing bodyguard you have to be tall you have to have long hair you have to be Beautiful and you have to be the girl you would notice immediately. He would notice immediately. That’s very important soon He travels everywhere with his followings of Amazonian guards to the international meetings delight He knew absolutely perfectly that that would attract the attention Publicly Gaddafi is a big Defender of women he’s the guy who? Really fight for the freedom he want to liberate the Arabic woman But the private reality couldn’t be further from the truth When you become one of the Amazonian woman around him you were part of serum They are kept just like in prison And he was calling the girls night and day beating them obliging them to have sex with one two three four people and obliging them to smoke to drink to dance to take cocaine it was just like a beast like an animal And it isn’t just the Amazonians who are Gaddafi’s prey He was obsessed by sex very often I’ve been said that they needed to have four different girls per day Gaddafi uses his position as the brotherly leader to seek out more and more victims Including his official visits to schools Schools of course was a wonderful voice ever for him Do you put his hand on her head that was a signal for his bodyguard to say? This one I want her and she could say bye-bye to childhood. He would go to weddings and Pick out girls that he wanted to have kidnapped and raped in some cases. They’d be killed never found again The women and girls taken by Gaddafi are utterly helpless Sex and rape are totally taboo you can’t talk about that in Libya. It’s a very very conservative society Rape means that your life is totally destroyed That you’re going to be ostracized if it’s known that you are going to be pushed out of your family It’s a perfect crime The criminal and Qaddafi himself could do anything he wanted because he knew that nobody would talk Rape isn’t just Gaddafi satisfying his own base desires He uses it to terrorize his opponents. He use sex to dominate people to you humiliate people it was true for him to govern and What he wanted to deviate someone Mostly rich and powerful people in his country is used to raped the daughters of the West It’s impossible to know how many women and girls can have he raped I? Think it’s possible to say that Gaddafi is the most prolific rapist in history Absurd looking sex-crazed a rapist Gaddafi’s reign of madness continues to inflict endless misery on his people made worse by crippling international sanctions Then an event comes along that gives him a chance to relaunch himself To most people 911 is a monstrosity To Gaddafi, it’s an opportunity. It was really a surprise Gaddafi came out and condemned 9/11 publicly gave his support and sympathy for the victims of 9/11 condemned Osama bin Laden actually put a warrant out for Osama bin bin Laden’s arrest In a publicity stunt Gaddafi offers to donate blood to the victims of 9/11 the brother leader has no great love for Islamic fundamentalism Seeing it as a possible threat to himself It makes it easy for the man who was once the world’s greatest terrorist to join the war on terror He began providing legitimate intelligence to the CIA and to Washington on movements of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups and and legitimate intelligence became essentially an intelligence partner to the United States against al Qaeda He even complies with Western He obviously took that to the bank And said I don’t want this to happen today in Tripoli the leader of Libya Colonel Muammar Gaddafi publicly confirmed his commitment to disclose and Dismantle all weapons of mass destruction programs in his country Muammar Gaddafi the man who had set out to lead the world against the West does a complete to save his own skin and It seems to work on March the 24th 2004 despite the murder of Yvonne Fletcher sponsoring the IRA and the Lockerbie bombing The former Mad Dog of the Middle East has welcomed back from the cold by British Prime Minister, Tony Blair With his newfound friends in the West Gaddafi is sure his reign will never end a mistake that ultimately proves fatal By September 2009 after four decades of trying it seems Muammar Gaddafi dreams of being an international statesman are coming true Despite the years of systematic murder torture and rape to maintain his tyrannical Regime the Libyan dictator is fated by world leaders He was such a con man that he thought he had everybody fooled he thought that we all would now Support him in anything that he wanted to do that from here on out. It was going to be a love affair That was never been in love. We wouldn’t trust him as far as we could throw her But then in early 2011 a wave of revolutionary uprisings start to spread through the Arab world the Arab Spring In February peaceful protests start in Libya His response was no no no the Libyan people loved they all look this is al-qaeda They’ve drugged the people and as he said as soon as the people come off the drugs that al-qaeda has drugged them with they’ll come Back, and they’ll realize that they love me and the United States has put hallucinogens in their Nescafe He had gone into full-blown delusion at that point The brother leader starts indiscriminately turning his heavy weapons on his own people Gaddafi was Greg and gonna crush them he called them all rats. He said it’s gonna be a river of blood He gave these more and more crazy speeches when he really could just shut up Gaddafi assumes that his newfound friends in the West will ignore his increasingly brutal response appalled NATO comes out in support of the Libyan opposition They enforce a no-fly zone and provide air strikes against Gaddafi’s forces Gaddafi was irate and Made a number of threats. I think most importantly that When this thing was over he would make sure that people in Europe paid for the NATO intervention It’s an empty threat a final sign of how deluded he has become By October 2011 the 69 year old Libyan dictator is desperately fleeing from city to city as the western-backed rebels take over Gaddafi was going down with his ship He had no intention of abandoning Libya he had no intention of relinquishing power When the rebels take Tripoli Gaddafi goes on the run, and he eventually finds himself insert, which is his hometown Within weeks Gaddafi is forced to flee even there Crawling through the desert sands he desperately searches for an undamaged vehicle to continue his escape With no luck a Few minutes later Reality finally catches up with him He was yelling at these people Saying how can you do this? I’m your leader the people love me And one of these guys slapped him in the face and said shut up you dog Years of oppression and hatred come flooding out After 42 years Gaddafi’s reign of terror is over I Think half the country marched by to see him did on that dirty mattress. We didn’t make sure he was dead They just wanted to see it that it was over at last Libya is free a moment one of his victims Stephanie Bernstein remembers well I remember very clearly the day that Gaddafi was killed and I was on the phone with my daughter And I said and we began to cry he can’t hurt anybody anymore Sadly the 2011 revolution has quickly dissolved into bitter Civil War Moammar Ghadafi left libya so divided the country is still struggling to emerge from the shadow of his evil You