O: Oh no it’s a video J: Hey O what’s up. How are you? O: I’m good J: Are you serious! Open the door! O: AH LOSER! J: Stop! J: Wow are serious? You went pick up M! J: You left me here wait for freaking 20 minutes! J: Can you give me your BM? O: No I already promised to a friend J: Who? O: A friend J: How you put a girl before your bro? O: If I die Imma give her. J: Ah yeah? You told this to your mother? J: Just helping his friend. It can happen. O: I won’t help selling J: Imagine like I did a crazy mixtape J: Yeah i need help too O: I’m not gonna sell your CD’s J: Why? O: Well force yourself! J: Well I’m gonna sell them too, but if you help is gonna help me. J: So you gonna do it? J: AP Happy birthday! J: You want to say something for the camera? AP: Let me do my homework! J: You have homework at your birthday ABG: Responsible girl J: What kind of homework is that? AP: I have to note things. AP: About South Africa N: Where are the girls? From where you grind on girls in the club? ABG: Well 3 girls grinded on me N: No it’s not them it’s you ABG: Well I’m not down for girls in clubs N: Well just to dance. Z: They told me do things right or don’t do it ABG: That’s why I didn’t do it. It’s her. N: In fact she put A pregnant! J: I swear it’s that N: No she became pregnant herself! ABG: My mom would gave me a round of claps ABG: Well you don’t remember when a girl slept at my house? N: Yeah she told me if you were gay ABG: I got roast by my family O: Shut up J! O: He’s vlogging now? N: Yeah O: Yo follow me on Ig @. A: You are too much calm down J: Why? A: You have too much energy J: I drank A: You are filming? J: Yeah that’s why I have too much energy N: We are here! J: You know I’m going to cut it out J: Looks like she did it herself