Hi everyone its Lorelie from Wedding
Cakes For You. Today is a very special collaboration with Rosie’s Dessert Spot.
So Rosie is one of my favorite YouTube cake people, and we have decided to do a
collaboration together on a fall cake recipe and cake design. so you’re gonna
get a lot of good stuff here. So check out my video, and then go check out
Rosie’s video. Let her know you were there and thank you so much for watching.
This cake begins with a brand new recipe addition. My Pumpkin spice cake recipe. It
got rave reviews from all my family and friends. Begin by placing the first
layer sticky side down on a cake board. Add a small amount of simple syrup, which
is optional, a heaping amount of whipped cream, which is 2 cups of heavy cream,
powdered sugar to taste, and a touch of vanilla. Add the second layer and repeat.
I placed the sticky side up for the top layer. This is my Italian meringue buttercream
recipe which I linked to in the description box below for you. I use it
for filling, frosting and decorating. You will want to crumb coat this cake and
place it in the fridge for at least 10 minutes before continuing with your
final coat. Chocolate buttercream is used for the
tree trunk and a large star tip number 4b. You can add a pop of color using a round
tip and red or yellow or whatever color you want. You can add depth to the trunk
and branches with melted ganache and a fork. To make a dark green buttercream use
moss green or create your own moss green by using two violet and three lemon yellow.
I also added a touch of juniper and black to this particular batch .Sifted
powdered sugar helps to bind the color to the meringue butter cream. Stripe
your bag with brown on the larger opening side of the number 104 tip. Stripe the opposite side with yellow and
then green in the center. The second bag is the same but with red
added. Start piping your leaves around the branches and then you can fill in
with the second bag. You can also use a number 352 to create your
leaves. These leaves are reminiscent of oak leaves and some are simply ruffles.
I’m going to speed this up a little bit. Okay so here I am using the number 352 tip just to add a little bit of variety. A simple border with a star tip is all
that’s needed and a few leaves around the base of the tree. If you want to add another texture and
color cut out some gum paste leaf shapes, Dust them with brown and/or red and then
place them onto the cake. I made the large leaves with a leaf
cutter a few days ahead along with this acorn and this adorable little squirrel.
I’ll link to the tutorial that I used to make him. Wedding Cakes For You provides aspiring
bakers with the recipes and steps for building skills and confidence to create
beautiful cakes and cherished memories. Are you looking for more ideas for fall
cake designs? Here are some really fabulous ones from my Cake Crew on
Facebook. Thanks so much for being here and don’t
forget to check out Rosie’s cake and I’ll see you real soon bye bye.