Welcome to Swaad Anusaar. I am your chef, your host, Seema. Today, we are making a very colorful,
refreshing summer drink. And that is ‘Falooda’. So come, let’s make Falooda. First, we add the rose syrup. Add approximately 2- 2 and a half tbsp. Now, let’s add basil seeds. (Sabja). I have soaked these for approximately
15-20 minutes. Because of which it has puffed up like this. Otherwise, sabja looks like mustard seeds. When it’s puffed up, it looks like this. Sabja helps cooling the body, it’s
very good for the summers. This is falooda (vermicelli). This is white in color, you can get
it in different colors. All we have to do is boil it in water for
5 minutes, it’s just like noodles. Then you soak it in cold water. This is the same falooda, which I had
soaked in rose syrup. So that it becomes pink in color as
well as has the rosy flavor. Now, I’m adding jelly. I’m adding strawberry flavored jelly,
you can use any flavor you like. Now, we are adding cold milk. Now, finally we top the falooda
with Vanilla ice cream. Add some rose syrup. Our Falooda is ready. Do try it and let us know how it turned out. Till next time, goodbye.