Right, adventure time. Let’s see what kind of adventures I can get up to today. Where is my bicycle? Right, so I asked for a mountain bike and what they’ve given me, I seen it earlier on, there it is there, it’s like a ladies pushbike. What they’ve actually given me. This is it. Right, this one at least has a bell, unlike the one I got in Batticaloa. And it does have, it looks like some tight breaks, but, as you can see here, no tread on this back tyre at all. [laughter] And, the front one does have some tread. Alright. It does have gears though, doesn’t it? Right. Gonna give this a go. This everywhere. Dead. This is the middle of the afternoon. This is 12pm. Midday, when all these restaurants and cafes should be open for people having their lunch. As you can see, there’s just like one girl there. One white faced girl. And nothing else really going on. Really dead this place. Oh, ice cream man there. Stop this man. Ice cream man. Hello. What does he have? Let’s see what you have? What do you have? What is good? This the menu is it? This one, this one, this one, this one is good.
Okay. The faluda, cornetto. What is the good one?
Wonder bar. And good one, and good one. Wonder cone.
Wonder cone. And you have this?
Nope, don’t have it. You not have this one, right?
No, finished. This side don’t have. Ah, okay. Okay, give me this Wonder Berry. This looks nice.
Wonder Berry no. Awh. It’s too good. Everybody take it. And now it’s finished. Here no.
Chocolate no? Only this side. Yeah, only this side. And what is this? Two flavours in one bar? 2 Bar. You have this?
Faluda. It has Faluda flavour? Oh, 2 Bar. Okay, yes, okay, I take this one. Thank you. They are 35? Okay take 100. You can keep the change. Okay, see you my friend. Bye. Okay. Faluda flavour. I still haven’t had a Faluda in Sri Lanka. That’s got to be on my to-do list for something to do. Faluda. Let’s give this a taste. Oh, nice and cold. Just what you want. Ah, lovely. Ah, nice. So definitely on the to-do list is to get myself a Faluda. This is quite a nice flavour. It’s kinda like rose flavour, maybe like a Turkish Delight or something. So an actual Faluda is like a milkshake that’s pretty popular in Sri Lanka and I haven’t tried it yet, so it’s definitely on the to-do list. Ah this is nice. It’s like Faluda on the outside and then inside vanilla ice cream. Lovely. All dripping down my hand. This is fun, isn’t it? Going for wee adventures. Right, let’s see if we can overtake these guys. They’re cycling Sri Lanka style. Laid back. Relaxed. Yer man, a rubbish bike but overtaking everybody. Yes. It’s a race. Onto the wee streets now. Not a lot going on. Today’s a public holiday. It’s Wednesday but it’s Eid al-Fitr, which is a Muslim public holiday. So I think the whole country gets the day off. So you can see, middle of the afternoon but loads of businesses closed. I don’t think that bodes well for me going to places and stuff. there’s like a navy museum that I wanted to go and visit, down the coast, but I doubt that will be open on a public holiday, so, dunno how today’s gonna turn out. Well this is messed up. I’ve just put the gears, I’ve just changed the gears [laughter], to this and there’s no way to change it back. If I pull down, it’s changing the gears but then if I pull it up it’s doing nothing. So, aye. That’s fun, isn’t it? Here we go. Trinco beach area. The local beach. Let’s go have a wee look. Lovely innit? What are you doing? Why are you doing this? This shampoo? Sand-poo, no shampoo.
No shampoo? Yeah, this sand-poo. This good?
Yes. Why, why he does this? Why?
[laughter] A little bit crazy? Why, why, I want to know why? I want to know why you do this? Oh my god. [laughter] You having fun? Today, holiday, yes?
Yeah. Oh good. Okay, see you guys. Bye, bye. Ah, nice to see these people enjoying themselves even if enjoyment for that little kid is rubbing sand in his hair like shampoo. [laughter] Funny. Those gates are shut. Almost no traffic on the road. And here, Maritime and Naval History Museum, Trincomalee. Looks like that would’ve been nice to go visit and learn about the Sri Lankan Navy. Unfortunately completely closed. Huh. The museum will be allowed every day for the visiting of public 9 til 4 except every Tuesday. Well today Wednesday but a public holiday, unfortunately. Huh. Let’s see what’s down here. Beach area. Let’s see what these guys are, oh he’s got some massive like barracuda or something. Some massive fish. Let’s go and see what they’re doing. And that’s right outside the fish market, so they’re just going, catching the fish over there and bringing it straight to the fish market, the wholesale fish market to sell. How fresh do you want it? Let’s see what they’re doing. Not a lot of fishing activity at this time because. These dogs. Oh. No, no mate, no. No, no. Absolutely not. You stay away from me. Look, this guy, scary. Oh ya scary little. And these crows having a good old feast. The fishermen brought some fishermen brought something back for that. What is it they’re eating? Looks like that’s something out a shell. I don’t even know what that is. They seem to be enjoying it. I’ll not disturb them. Let’s see what these guys are doing. That’s a massive fish. Very nice. Look at the, look at the size of it. Huge. What kind of fish is this?
Barracuda. What kind of fish is this?
Barracuda [inaudible] Uh? You tell me to go away? He tell me to go away? Ah okay, I was just asking what kind of fish is this? Okay. I’m pretty sure he just told me to get lost. Huh, photo uh? Okay. He’s saying I can take a photo. Very nice. Somebody, let me know what kinda fish that is, because I didn’t get that information. But it was certainly impressive. That would feed a family for a week. What the name for this big fish that they catch? Like this size.
Big fish? Yeah, what this name? Kelawalla. Kelawalla?
Yeah. Ah, this is really big. Big. How much they sell? Evening.
Evening? big big, coming. Oh, big amount of them coming coz all these boats are doing?
Yeah. Ah, okay. And how much they sell, for one big fish how much they can sell at the market? Market. How many rupees. One kilo, 700, 600. One kilo, 700, 600? And how many kilos they are bringing back in the evening? Evening, 4 kilo. 4 o’clock, ah?
3 kilo. And how much, how many fish they one fisherman bringing back how many fish? One kilo, two kilo. One kilo, two kilo. Like this? Ah, okay. One kilo, 4, 400. 400? He said like 700, right? Yeah, yeah.
Big. Oh, the big one yeah, the big fish. One kilo, two kilo. Ah, okay. Ah. What name for this fish? This big one. Kelawalla. Kil, kil, say again?
Kelawalla. Kelawalla? This a Sri Lankan fish? Yeah? Kelawalla, ah okay. Maybe I try to eat for dinner some time. Okay, see you guys. Nice to meet you. Bye bye. Bye bye. This is pretty here. As I try and avoid this massive truck coming in the opposite direction. They’ve got some bunting. That’s what they call it in Scotland. I dunno what they call it here but we’d call that “bunting” when they put up all that flaggy stuff across the streets. Usually for some kind of celebration. Somebody got married. Somebody in the scheme got married. Something like that. Right, I maybe want to see if I can find myself a nice faluda before I go back to the hotel and do a bit of swimming, or snorkeling. Maybe a boat trip. Who knows where today will lead? Hello, hello my friend. How are you? Where can I find a nice Faluda. You know Faluda. Yeah where is a good one here? You go straight.
Go straight? You go the straight. Take the left side. Straight. Left side? Yeah, it’s the back side. At the back side?
Yeah. Name for the shop? Happy. Cream House.
Happy? Happy, he-ram house.
Happy he-ram house? Yes. Yeah. Yeah.
Okay, I’ll go find this. This a good Faluda, right? Okay, I never try before. This my first Faluda and I want it to be a good one. That’s good.
Okay, good. Thank you my friend.
Yes. Thank you. Okay. That’s how we find ourselves the good stuff. Ask the locals where they’re getting the good stuff, they know what’s up. You don’t want to be reading any sort of trashy guide book like lonely planet or something giving you rubbish advice. You want to get the good advice from the good people. Let’s see if I can find this. Where Happy He-ram House? Happy. Today, this, ah. It’s closed?
Oh, closed. Closing today for the holiday? Yeah. Today holy. Ah where can I get a, I want to get a good Faluda. You know Faluda?
Ah. Where can I get a good one? A good Faluda. Any shop here open?
No, no, no, no. No? Not today? Ah, okay. Today.
That’s unfortunate. This [inaudible].
Yes. Yes, good, for. You drink, cool, soft drink? Uh?
Soft drink? No, I just want to get Faluda. Because I never try before and they everyone tell me this is special for Sri Lanka. Faluda, yeah? This a special drink for Sri Lanka.
Ah. Ah, I want to try one time. But I want to try a good one. Not one from my hotel. One from, everyone local, drink this Faluda. That’s what I want to drink. Where are from?
Scotland. Ah Scotland.
Know Scotland, yeah? We play cricket with Sri Lanka.
Sports. Uppuveli. Uppuveli. Yeah, this uppuveli my hotel. I cycle there and I look for Faluda everywhere. I need to try one time, I need to try. Okay. See you my friend. Goodbye. Okay. You know what shop have Faluda here? Any shop have Faluda? Faluda? Faluda, Faluda, [inaudible] Here?
Ah. Which colour? Oh this street. [inaudible] blue colour. Blue colour? Ah, yes. This, here, blue sign? Ah okay. I look for a good Faluda, Faluda. Ah, where can I buy Faluda? [inaudible] Yes, go this side. [inaudible] Ah, okay, name shop? Shop name? Coconut. Coconut? Ah, Charowat. Charowat?
Oh. This name for shop, Charowat?
Oh. Okay, I go there now. Okay, thank you. Maybe this shop here. Maybe this is the one. I dunno if this is Charowat or not because it’s written in Sri Lankan script. But I’m gonna go have a wee look anyway. See what we’ve got in here. It’s very dark. I wonder if my camera will even be able to pick anything up in here. Hello. How are you? You have Faluda? Faluda. No, next shop, next shop? Okay I go have a look. Next shop. Oh, this wee bakery. That looks nice. How are you my friend? I want Faluda. You have Faluda? No Faluda. No Faluda? Where can I buy Faluda here. Front shop. Front shop?
Oh. That shop? This shop, right here? No, no, it’s front. Front, other side of the road or this side? Other side, you going to show me? Oh sorry.
Yeah. This, red? Airtel? Beside Airtel? Okay, great, I go there. Thank you my friend. Bye. Okay. Gonna get there eventually. Gonna find, the Faluda hunt continues. And they seem pretty confident that this one has it. So, gonna go have a wee look next to this Airtel sign. Let’s see. Shutters down on some buildings. Is it gonna be down on my building? Oh, look at this. There is an actual picture of a Faluda, or looks like a sundae, but it looks like this will be the place. Oh good. You put the fans on for me coz you can see I’m hot. I’m looking for Faluda. You have Faluda? Yes. Ah, okay, it’s on the menu or no? Yes. Ah, Faluda Juice?
Yes. Ah, okay. One Faluda Juice please. Okay thank you. Okay thanks. There you go, Faluda. Very nice. What is inside? This Ice Cream and sweet. Okay, very nice. Thank you. There we go. My very first Faluda. Fantastic. Oh very nice. Thank you. Okay, finished that off pretty quickly. Just what I needed. So that Faluda, basically it’s like the Faluda flavoured syrup, which is like a Turkish Delight. The whole drink just tastes like a liquid Turkish Delight. And then mixed with some ice cream like an Ice Cream Float. And that’s fantastic. That’s just what you want. I’m guessing that was probably a pretty ordinary Faluda. What I’m gonna do is when I go back to Colombo tomorrow, I’m gonna see if I can maybe find the best Faluda in Colombo or something. Go around ask people, where the best one of that is. Oh, this guy with a flat tyre. I know how that feels like. Look, his mate coming to rescue him. You’ve heard of a backie. Am I? Okay, I’ve got the “right of way”. You’ve heard of a backie, when somebody let’s you on the back of their bike but this guy’s getting a frontie. I’ve never seen that before. He’s getting a ride on the front of the guy’s bike. Seems an awkward way to do it. Good. You a good friend for your friend. Ah buggar. Now it’s raining. This is not good. Oh, going up hill now. Just as well my legs are strong. On this bloody one-gear bike. Piece of junk. Let’s get home with my groceries. Before the rain starts pouring down. Pissing down with rain now. No worries though. Already was pissing with sweat. So I’ve just went from wet to even wetter. Not too much of an inconvenience. This goat is a bad driver. There’s water in my eyes mate. You better watch. There we go. But this, I can feel the back tyre I can feel the back tyre of the bike sliding underneath me. I showed you earlier how there’s zero tread on the back tyre. I can just feel it just going like that behind me. This is pretty scary. I just want, I know that like 5, 10 minutes I’ll be back at the hotel. Dunno if I’ll be taking this bike back out. Piece of junk. The guy said he was gonna charge me 600 for the bike for the day. I dunno. What do you think? Do you think it’s worth 600? Here we are. Back. I’m gonna park this right outside my hut. Oh ya basturd. [laughter] Look at that. [laughter] That’s what your man just did there. A nice big skid. Right, I’ll push this onto my porch. Onto my front porch. [sigh] Well I fell asleep for a couple of hours and that’s the thing, when you’re tired and that sound the rain, it’s so relaxing that you just want to fall asleep. But now, after half past four, less than two hours of daylight left, it looks like, oh let’s open the curtains. It looks like the rain has stopped. So I’m gonna go for a wee walk. Maybe see if the fishermen are out there again. Okay, let’s go for a wee wander in my bare feet. There’s my bike there. Let’s see what’s going on here. Again, the beach deserted. Not even, yesterday we had the fishermen, we had the wee ladies selling clothes and stuff like that. Nobody here at all. They’ve all disappeared because of the rain. Aye, well. Turned out to be a bit of a disappointing beach holiday. Wasn’t really quite how I expected it. Right, that does look like a bunch of fishermen, up there. I’m gonna go see what’s, see if they’ve caught anything. While I go for a wee jog. Ah, this is nice. This is nice. A wee jog along the beach. Not even sweating at all. Earlier on, on that bike, pissing of sweat, absolutely dripping from my forehead. And now, the rain, after the rain, nice and cool. I would say this is like 20 degrees. Earlier on, maybe 35 degrees. This dog looks mean and I’m charging right at him. Don’t take this as a threat mate. I’m just going for a wee jog. I’m not coming to fight you. Ach. He’s scared of me. More scared of me than I am of him. Fantastic. Oh this is nice. Enjoying it. I think I’ll go, jog, right to the end of this beach area. And I could maybe go all the way back down to that end. That’ll be a nice wee bit of exercise. Oh this is lovely. Enjoying this. Oh ya dirty basturd. Don’t take a dump on that guy’s fishing net. Hey you! Don’t take a dump on that guy’s fishing net. That’s dirty. Filthy dog. That is one, [laughter] Oh aye, it looks like this is a wee area for more fishermen. Must be a huge industry in Trinco. Everywhere you go, fishing boats. Here we go. This is where the fishermen are today, doing their tug-o-war against the sea. Miles down from where they were yesterday outside my hotel. Maybe this is where they’ve spotted the most fish, are. Hopefully they get more than yesterday. Seemed like they hardly got anything. Let’s see what’s going on. Hi, how are you? Good? Today, a lot of fish. I hope. I hope for you a lot. Oh look, here. Looks like they’re building a new resort. Wonder if they started building that before the local recession of tourism. Because it would be a bad time, considering how empty everything else is, to start building new resorts right now. This cow giving me an evil stare. Well this bull in fact. Are you the guard bull, are you? Look at him, just guarding this place. Giving me the evilest look ever. With his bull horns, he’s like “don’t you dare come through this gate mate.” Don’t you bloody dare. [laughter] That’s it. Most countries, construction sites have guard dogs, scary guard dogs. In Sri Lanka, in Trinco at least, you’ve got the guard bull. The big bully there. You shall not pass. How many fish you think today are coming? Ahhh.
A lot because the raining, right? I think eh, hundred or two hundred kilo I think. Hundred kilo? Two hundred kilo? Oh that’s a lot. Yeah, good. Where from? Me from Scotland. Scotland?
You know Scotland? Yes I know.
Yeah. Good cricket, yes? Yes good cricket.
No, no, no. No, no, Scotland are
Really, huh? Everyone in my country they not play cricket. Scotland cricket new, new, new. New one.
Yeah, very, very new. Very new, but.
Yes. Right, I ran all the way back to my room to change the battery just so that I could show you guys how much fish these blokes dragged in. That’s dedication to vlogging, isn’t it? So let’s go and have a look. What did they get? Think I’ve got here just in time. As they pile it all up into these baskets. How many kilos today? How many kilos you get today? How are you? Huh? How many kilos coming? Ah, okay.
Yes. One kilo fish. Oh, not me. I’m asking, how much you get? You get today 10 kilo, 20 kilo? Only little today? The raining not bringing more fish? Ah, and they try again in morning time?
Yeah. Morning time.
Like 6 o’clock or something? Tomorrow coming? I look, see. This big? Tomorrow, big? 20 kilos, huh? This boss?
This, yeah, boss. Which one is the boss? Tomorrow morning [inaudible] money. Ah okay, ah okay. Really, ah? Oh very good. Okay. [inaudible] where are from? Me from Scotland. Yeah, you from Trinco? Trinco? You, what’s you name? Me Dale. And you name? Raymond Zangaraja. Zangaraja?
Good name. Oh, it’s an old name?
Yes. Good.
Gold, gold. Gold name? Oh good name? This is best name? Yeah, yeah.
Uh huh. And you?
My name, my name Arjun. Arjun?
Yeah, yeah. Pleased to meet you Arjun. Ah good.
Where are from? How are you? From Scotland. What’s your name? Sarin Dosa. Uh? Su?
Uh. Today how many kilos the fishermen bring? Small, little, uh? 5, 5 k, maybe 5 kilograms? 10 kilo [inaudible] 10 kilo, huh. Tomorrow morning, you come you.
Tomorrow morning, how much you think you get tomorrow? Twenty kilos, thirty kilos, like this? Big tomorrow, yeah? Oh good. Today morning, [inaudible] kilo. Oh.
Today morning. Ah good.
Tomorrow morning. You name for this fish, name, what kind of fish this? and this? This Neymar. Neymar? Uh huh. And this, same? Ah, and they small? Ah, okay. Today not coming? Same yesterday. I look. Same small yesterday. Tomorrow morning you think big, uh? How do they know which part of the sea to start fishing at? How they know to do this bit and not this bit? Someone in the boat go and look down? And see this bit good, they come to this bit.
Yeah. Maybe tomorrow they go this bit, like this.
Yeah. Ah okay, I understand. All this man fisherman? And they sharing what they get? Oh. So maybe how many fishermen? Twenty men? [inaudible] Thirty men. Thirty men? And they give some to the boss and they take, every man take some.
Yeah. And sell to the market, market, down there market? Ah, okay. My brother. Brother, huh?
[inaudible] Ah okay, good, good. Oh wow. And now, this go to market, now? Yeah, yeah go market.
Ah, okay. Okay, see you my friends. Good bye. See you. Okay. There we go. I got all sweaty for you guys. [laughter] I was standing there, chatting to a guy about cricket [laughter] and then the bloody battery just went out. Of course, I’m in my shorts and that so I didn’t bring a spare battery. And the GoPro battery, garbage. Maybe lasts an hour or so. You need to keep switching them in and out. So, eh, aye, I think I’ve got maybe fifteen, twenty minutes I can go for a swim so I’m just gonna go back to my room, put this camera away, and call it a day, for Trincomalee. See you guys.