If you are having trouble working with multi plots, this video will show you how to use them Let’s start with the Plow and Move tools First click on the Plow tool Choose how many plots you want to work with And plow! It’s the same for the Move tool Click on the Move tool Choose how many plots you want to move And move them The Multi tool may be confusing, so let’s take a look! Click on the Multi tool Then choose 9 plots Why is there only one plot activated? Let’s try with 4 plots then Still only one plot… Here comes the magic! See? Only one click away to finish! Now you got it! Now let’s try to plant something Hmmm… nothing is happening… Only one click away from success! Click on any other button you like Then click back on the Multi tool Choose a number Click again on the plot Buy seeds and plant them Voila! Now you got it! Yay! Good job! Click LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more videos! Tell us what you’d like to see! And thanks for watching!