Howdy Farmers! I’m Alex, your host from the Family Farm studio. Summer is finally here, let’s dress up and go outside for fun! I almost forgot an important thing: maybe I should check my farm first and see if there is something new. Because as a big fan of Family Farm and Aerosmith, I don’t wanna miss a thing. Lucky me! Something did happen on the farm. Do you see the new icon over there? Let’s open it and see what’s going on. Wow, it seems there is a wedding coming! I can’t wait to check it out! Ok, there are two tasks that need our attention. First, finish the missions to fix the missing parts of the ceremony, and also collect rose coins for trading in rewards. We can get rose coins by completing missions, by posting or by clicking on other players’ posts. By the way, the amount of rose coins you can get from posts is limited. You can only post once every 6 hours. Let’s make our first post and focus on the missions during the waiting time. Click on the missing part to view the tasks, and fulfill their requirements. Later… Ok, the last one… and rewards have all been collected! All the missing parts are back and we can now congratulate Felicia for catching the wedding Bouquet! Here comes my favorite time… Rewards Trading Time! Please note the amount of times we can trade in rewards is based on our farm level. Also for the 1st round, we need to trade them in order. After trading all of the rewards at least once, we can trade in whatever we like. And just a reminder, you will have only 2 days to collect rewards when the event ends. That’s it for today. If you enjoyed this video, just ‘Like’ it! Remember to subscribe to our official Family Farm channel for more videos and tips about the game. And if you have any ideas or questions or suggestions, leave them in the comment section below. I must go now, the whole beautiful world is waiting for me to see! Enjoy farming and see you next time! Bye bye!