Howdy Farmers! I’m Alex your host from the Family Farm studio. I know you some of you sometimes have this question: Why are my products disappearing? Well today I’m going to take a minute to explain to you what is really going on with your products. Now before we continue I do need to step out for a minute… So let’s take a quick second to go over our volunteer’s inventory just in case Hey, I’m the volunteer! Alright, so our friend here got 95 Love Roses, 59 Purple Roses, 19 Corns 14 Clovers, 136 Milk and 146 Eggs… Cool all noted! I’ll be back soon so don’t run away! Later… Wait, what? You must be kidding me! What happened to all my goods? I only have 85 Love Roses, 49 Purple Roses, 14 Corns 2 Clovers, 130 Milk, 133 Egg left! Where are my products?! Almost all of them are gone! Alright, alright. Let’s not worry just yet! There has to be a logical explanation for this. Let’s first check if they were consumed. Click on the “Hide/Show” switch from the OP panel Can you see the reason why they disappeared? Of course yes! It is because the animals are set on automation and while I stepped out for a little bit they went on a feasting frenzy! That’s it! But wait a second, farmer boy… What about the eggs, milk and flowers? Why are they missing too? As far as I’m aware no one should be eating those… Ohhh that’s right we forget about the buildings! What’s going on in the Dessert shop? Oh yes, it’s also set on automation! And what about the Beauty Shop? There are productions set on automation as well! Oh, okay… Now everything makes much more sense, yeah… And from on if your products are missing you know where you can check Well folks, that’s it for today. If you enjoyed this video just like it! If you have any ideas or comments leave them in the comment section below and remember to subscribe to our official Family Farm Channel for more tips and contents about the game Enjoy farming and see you next time! Bye bye!