They may be the ultimate foodies, but even
famous chefs have foods they just can’t stand — and some of them are not what you’d expect. Some refuse strong spices or overpowering
herbs, while others despise some pretty common fare. Here’s what some of your favorite TV chefs
just won’t eat. Bananas Food Network Star Ree Drummond doesn’t hold
back about what she doesn’t like. When it comes to bananas, Drummond has three
words: “Abhor, loathe and recoil.” Drummond has developed a few banana recipes
for her fans over the years, but they are not her favorite. When asked about her perfect dish by Design
and Living Magazine, she immediately took a shot at the yellow fruit. “Oh gosh, well again, if it doesn’t have bananas. I don’t like bananas. I like to drive that point home.” Green peppers There’s not much to hate about green bell
peppers. They’re like lettuce — crisp and crunchy
without any strong taste. But that’s exactly why Chef Aaron Sanchez
told Food Network he won’t touch them. “I like red bell peppers and yellow peppers,
but green bell peppers just don’t taste like much of anything.” Wasabi Many chefs love spicy food with bold flavors, “BAM! That’s a little ‘bam’ right there.” … but not everyone can get on board. Chef Katie Lee told the Food Network that
she just can’t handle wasabi. “I love spicy food, so I’m not sure why I
have this aversion to wasabi, but I really detest it.” While Lee holds the wasabi, she’s up for other
spicy bites, noting that she keeps hot sauce in her purse, just like Beyoncé. Airplane food Chef Anthony Bourdain travels like no one
else. So it may be a little surprising to hear that
while he spends much of his time on a plane, he never eats airplane food. He told Bon Appetit, “No one has ever felt better after eating
plane food. I think people only eat it because they’re
bored. I don’t eat on planes. I like to arrive hungry.” Because Bourdain refuses the plane food, he
once decided to bring his own food on his flight, but never again. “If you want to be the most despised person
in the cabin, bring some good barbecue on and have everybody in the plane smell it.” Pineapple pizza Some people think pineapple pizza is the perfect
blend of sweet and savory. Chef Gordon Ramsay disagrees. When hosting The Nightly Show, Ramsay decided
to order pizzas for the audience. Audience members called out toppings while
he phoned in the order, and when one person asked for pineapple pizza, Ramsay lost it
in his signature way. “Let’s have, umm… ten of the… pepperonis?” “Pineapple!” “How many pepperoni’s sir?” “You don’t put f—– pineapple on pizza!” [Laughter.] Deep-fried turkey Ramsay doesn’t just hate pineapple pizza. He also won’t do grits or an American Thanksgiving
favorite: deep fried turkey. A friend in Los Angeles convinced him to try
it, and … “And it was f—— disgusting.” [Laughter]
“Ohhh…It’s so good!” “Dry turkey? There’s a reason why we only eat that bird
once a year.” “I’m from the South, everything is deep fried. We dip it in concrete, and then we deep fat
fry it.” Truffle oil Truffle oil just sounds elegant, so you would
think that someone as proper and elegant as Martha Stewart would be all about it. Well, you’d be wrong. Stewart told People, “I hate truffle oil. It’s horrible and horrible for you. It’s made out of chemicals, and it’s not pure
truffles.” Coconut When chefs don’t like certain foods, they
have to decide if they are still willing to create recipes with them. Many people love coconut, but Chef Giada De
Laurentiis can’t stand it and doesn’t like to cook with it. She told People, “I don’t like coconut. I may have one coconut recipe in all the recipes
I’ve ever written.” Cookie dough Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern told People
that even though he enjoys some of the strangest foods on the planet, he can’t do raw cookie
dough — and some other perfectly normal foods, including oatmeal and walnuts. “Raw cookie dough. Won’t eat it. Can’t stand it. I love fermented walrus, so I get to
not like some things.” Fair enough! “You gotta love this kind of thing. Mmm. ‘Cuz it’s kinda like eating sand.” Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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