(playful music) – [Narrator] Chicken. You can eat it for breakfast,
lunch, dinner and dessert. Yes, I said dessert. (speaks foreign language) Mahmut is the manager, master chef, and second generation owner
of this charming pudding shop. One of the puddings they
specialize in, is tavuk göğsü. Also known as chicken breast pudding. (speaks foreign language) Intricate it is. Step one: Boil chicken just enough to take apart the white meat.
And then, move on to step two: Mix water buffalo milk with
some cow’s milk like you do, and get them boiling. Once that boils, you can
move onto step three: Add in some broken rice,
and once that starches mix with that water buffalo milk, you’ve got yourself an emulsifier. And that, my friends, is
how you make tavuk göğsü. (speaks foreign language) Nutritious? Check. Amazing flavor? Check, check. And the people of Turkey really love it. (speaks foreign language) (playful music)