In the city of Detroit, one in three children are food insecure and don’t know where their next meal may be coming from. A lot of these kids, they might not eat another full meal until they come to school the next day. They’re not able to develop those healthy habits because access to healthy food is so limited. It’s hard to get kids to like an ordinary piece of fruit or a piece of vegetable. What our HEPA team does is come in and teach the kids how to take something that they might see a lot and make it more interesting and fun. We are teaching kids today how to take an ordinary apple and make different recipes out of it. So, our first recipe is cinnamon apples. Our second one would be applesauce, so we’re making regular applesauce and we’re adding strawberries. And our third will be apple nachos. So, normally we put cheese, we use chips. Today we’re going to use apples. This is delicious! What did you tell me earlier, Marcus? Did you like it? I’ll definitely make this when I go home. This right here is so good! Can I have some more? The more that we can expose kids and develop a love of healthy foods, the more that’s going to affect them as adults. I do see a change in these kids. They always come to me and say like, “I made this at at home”, and it’s always the recipe that we made before. They’re actually taking something that we are teaching them to their home and teaching their siblings and their family to make their own healthy choices for the rest of their lives.