Welcome to Maputing Cooking HQ! It’s Christmas season so I prepared a special Christmas recipe for all my fans Back in Australia, we have a family tradition A dessert called Mount Christmas or Bundok ng Pasko in Filipino Usually 5 layers of meringue But I’m going to do only 3 layers today And of course we cannot forget to pair it with Australian Moscato “a dessert wine” Its the perfect pair for fruit and cream based desserts 1. Separate the egg yold from the egg white An easy way to do this is by using a small glass to prevent spreading the yolk Pour the egg whites (dozen) onto the mixer and add in a pinch of salt. If no electronic mixer available, manual whisking is fine too. Run it for 5 minutes in a moderate setting until the whites reached it soft peaks While whisking, add in 3 cups of sugar 2 different pans in making the layers of the meringue Meringue’s now ready to place in the trays 10 pieces of grated calamansi/lime Top in the cream for the first layer Add in mangoes and bananas Add in the second layer and the cream on top and repeat the process Introducing my very beautiful wife, Kristel Urbano 🙂 Presenting my 3 layered Mount Christmas