Hello to Elif’s kitchen. Today you can prepare again very practical way and I want to share the recipe of cocoa cup dessert which is delicious. First of all I took 1 liter of milk into the pot and I add 1 cup of powdered sugar. 3 tablespoons of starch on it will be slightly heaping. Starch 25 grams cocoa so 3 tablespoons again 3 tbsp light heaping flour. 1 pack of vanilla is helping me with my daughter, by the way Then I mix it with the Whisk. I keep stirring until the whole lump is gone. then I’ll take it to January. I keep stirring over medium heat until it boils. Do not open the furnace too much and do not leave continuous stirring began to boil. I’m throttling down the stove. Boil for 2-3 minutes. I’m sneaking around so he doesn’t hold it back. Then I’m taking from the stove after adding 80 grams of milk chocolate. and stir with the whisk until it melts. Yeah, the chocolates melted. I pass water through each of the Turkish coffee cups. Then you can easily take the honey we need to soak it to get it out of the cups. Then I fill my cups with dessert. as you can see, soaking the sweet spoon correcting them. then come to the room temperature after removing the refrigerator. I keep it in the fridge for 2-3 hours. later As you can see by dipping the end of the teaspoon into the water for easy removal from the cups, I pass through the edges and it comes out easily. In this way then my desserts. I find coconut. I put it on a serving plate and decorate it with colorful candies. You can decorate as you wish. cup of sweets ready for service. I hope you both try and like it. My channel to be informed of new recipes Thanks for watching the subscription and don’t forget to turn on notifications by pressing the bell.