– This is Calvin’s first time. I got my baby, baby,
baby, baby, baby bump! That’s the key to success for a marriage. Well, I guess there’s one person who’s not enjoying
themselves on this date. – Well, I’ve got all three
kids packed in the car, and Calvin is not very happy. What are we gonna do? – No. – [Ellie] Do you want new shoes? – No. – [Ellie] What do you want? – I want new shoes.
– Boots. – [Ellie] You want new boots? – Uh-huh. – [Ellie] Or you just wanna
keep the boots you have? – Yeah. – [Ellie] You wanna
keep the boots you have? – Yeah. – ‘Kay. Grandpa Griffiths is smiling right now. All right, I should’ve
made this appointment a long time ago, but I’m gonna
get (music starts playing) Tommy into a chiropractor appointment, and then I’m gonna take
the boys shoe shopping. I have something really fun this weekend. I have to be careful when I talk, ’cause Jackson listens to every word. And they need shoes,
and school’s starting, and then fall’s around the corner, and they’ll need some tennis shoes anyway. So we’re gonna go shop for that. (claps) – [Jackson] We’re going
to get tennis shoes? – We are, we’re gonna go find
some shoes, is that okay? – Tennis ones? – Well, yeah, tennis shoes. – So we can play tennis? – Not so we can play tennis. If you’d like to play tennis, you can. – With my friends down that street? – (chuckles) Yeah, that sounds fun, huh? (Calvin vocalizes) And Calvin, we’re gonna find
some shoes for you, too. – No. (mumbles) – That’s me, this is the bikes… and this is the guy stealing the bike. – [Ellie] Was that naughty or good? So naughty. Are you gonna help him with
his chiropractor appointment? He’s being super good and alert. Not way flat, but I can just tell he favors it a little more. – Oh-gah-stah! – [Chiropractor] Brother gettin’ you? Oh, a big yawn. Calvin, do you love being a big brother? It seems like just yesterday you were– – [Ellie] In here. – [Jackson] I’m getting
tennis shoes today. – [Chiropractor] What?! That’ll be so awesome. – [Jackson] I am today. – [Ellie] Yeah, we’re
gonna go find some shoes for the weekend. – [Chiropractor] Good
luck with that, right? Kohl’s, they carry good shoes. – Tommy did so good. He is definitely favoring
a side of his neck, so I’m really glad that I ended up coming to his chiropractor appointment. I wanted to schedule it a long time ago, but it just didn’t work out. But I have a sandwich that
I made for each of the kids and myself, and after
we go look for shoes, if we’re really good, they
have a really fun yogurt place down the road that we’ll
go get a treat at, okay? But that means we have to be– – [Calvin] Good? – Yeah, that means we have to be good when we try on shoes, okay? Does anyone else bribe their kids? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with bribing a kid to be good, and then going to get a dessert after. (upbeat music) Do you like them? – Yeah.
– Let me see, lift it up. (gasps) They fit! (whooshing) Whoa. That, (whooshing) whoa! (laughs) Let’s see. – [Jackson] Where’s the
other one of these shoes? Are these too big? – [Ellie] Those are perfect for you. Let’s try these on Cal. – [Jackson] Socks. Are these tennis socks? – Perfect, Calvin! I can’t even believe you. ‘Kay, stand up, let’s
see you, stand up mister. Okay, stay! Oh, he’s running, too. How do they feel? Do they feel good?
– Good. – [Ellie] Oh, wow! You guys, your feet
have grown like so much. – [Jackson] Yeah. – [Ellie] ‘Kay, they all fit well. ‘Kay, Jackson, do you want the
blue, the red, or the black? – I want the black. – [Ellie] The black, ‘kay. – [Calvin] I want this one. – [Ellie] And you want those? Guess what, guys?
– What? – You both wear the same size of shoe. (laughs) They both wear the same size. – Oh my! (funky music) – Just a minute.
– It’s super tight. – [Ellie] It’s super tight,
we might need a bigger size. – [Calvin] Yeah… Um, no. Nope.
– Nope? Do you like those ones? – Yeah. These ones are super good. – [Ellie] These are super good? – [Calvin] Yeah. – [Ellie] Who was super good? – Me! – Tommy was super good. Who wants to go get ice cream? – [Jackson] Me. – Me! (pleasant music) – Did you have a fun time doing, like, this is back to school shopping. – I know, I know. Oh, do you want to see the book bag? – Yes. Not even just back to school shopping. Why are you turning off the lights? – [Ellie] I didn’t mean to! – I need the light for this camera. This is Calvin’s first time
school shopping, Ellie. – Is this the cutest,
teeniest like little backpack? – [Jared] Look at that little backpack for our little Calvin. – And then they have
little adventure hats. – Oh, it matches your shirt,
it just makes me want to cry! – [Ellie] It’s super cute. – Our kids are growing up,
and that’s the craziest thing. (Ellie groans) Oh, and everything’s falling out of there. This is fun because
this year, this is like one of the only times
that Calvin and Jackson. Well, no, I guess they’ll
be in school for a little. They’re gonna be in preschool. – The same class, though. – Together, in the same class. Just for one year,
’cause Jackson’s birthday falls on a certain day. Anyway, I’m very, very excited for them. And they went and got school shoes, and it’s just very cool. But I have a funny story to tell you. – ‘Kay, I’m listening.
– So I went out to lunch with my Dad today, and we had sushi, and it was really, really great. And this has nothing to do with the story. I’m just trying to paint a scene for you. ‘Kay? (laughs)
– Sorry. (blowing) – And so after that, we went to the bank. And we went to the bank,
and the lady, she’s like, “Oh, hey!” ‘Cause, you know, she recognized me. And she said, “How are you doing today? “Did you dye your hair? “It looks a lot lighter.” And I said… “No, I didn’t.”
– Was your dad with you? – Yeah, he was with me. – Did he laugh?
– And my dad started laughing hysterically, and I said, “No, my hair “is just getting gray.” And it’s actually, it’s
kinda like hairsprayed. – [Ellie] What’d she say? Did she laugh after you said that? – She was embarrassed, she was like– – She should have been. It’s really rude.
– She was like, “Oh, I didn’t mean that! “No, it actually looks lighter, “especially like in the front.” I was like, “Yep,
lighter as in gray hair.” I was like, “I’m sure
sporting the salt and pepper.” – We have baby faces, so it’s a good thing that you’re getting a little like gray. – I guess. I don’t even think I have a baby face. – Hey, you don’t have as
much gray hair as Jensen. – No, but he can sport it. – Our friend, the moment
I met him I was like, oh, he must be like 35. Not that that’s old.
– Old. And this was when we were like 22. – Like barely married. Not that I thought it
was old, I just thought, oh, he’s like more
mature, you know, 35, 38, almost 40 or something, I don’t know. Crazy.
– And I was like, no, I’m sporting the salt and pepper look. Oh my gosh. But my dad ended up saying
to me, he said, you know, your mom never remembered
a time that her dad didn’t have white hair. As long as she can remember
my grandpa had white hair. And I was thinking about it, too. Nearly as long as I can remember, my mom had lots of gray in her hair. We just go gray early. But the thing is, if you guys remember to when we did the Bollie photo shoot, the Shark Week day and all of that stuff when Ellie dropped her
necklace in the sink, my dad watched that video and it was just the sweetest thing. He almost got teary eyed talking about how beautiful his wife was. And I have to agree, my
mom looked so stunning in that Bollie dress
and in the photo shoot, and all the girls did. Ellie, Bonnie, Ellie’s
mom, all of the girls just looked absolutely stunning. But I just thought it was so funny. Hey, Ellie, where’d you go? Let’s tell them again how funny it was that she said my hair was gray. I don’t know, guys, it’s
going gray pretty quick. But I don’t think I’m
gonna do anything about it. I think I’m just gonna
let it, just let it go. Hey Jackson, come here real quick. What color’s my hair? – I don’t know. – What colors do you see? – Black and white. – (laughing) Black and white? Salt and pepper, baby! (laughs) High five. – I love summer for so many reasons. One of them is because
I totally take advantage of our babysitters. (chuckling) I’m always asking my babysitters, do you wanna babysit tonight? Do you want to babysit tonight? Because I know when
they go back to school, I maybe only get them one day a week. Date night! Jared and I are out to
dinner, and we all slept seriously all afternoon. I think everyone was exhausted. Like the kids were so exhausted. I think just the family reunion is like caught up on everyone. – You have like family reunion jet lag. I’m so glad you guys were able
to sleep as long as you did. – Yeah, Tommy slept all afternoon, Jackson and Calvin fell asleep. We are out to eat. Do you guys get babysitters? I remember a comment was like, I’m glad you guys do date night often. – Oh yeah, it’s so
important for us as a couple to have date night at least once a week. – [Ellie] Yeah, totes. – Pfft. Dude, we are rocking this marriage thing. – (chuckles) No, we’re not. – It’s only taken us, like what? Nine years.
– Yeah. – And I feel like we’re rockin’ it. – We are, I don’t say no
we’re not as in like no. But just like, this is why
we go out is so we can like– – [Jared] Decompress. – Talk, ’cause you can do it at home, but sometimes even at home it’s like you’re pulled in different
directions, you know? – Yes, we’re here again, no judging. This ice cream is delicious. (laughs) The best way to end a
date is with ice cream. That’s the key to success for a marriage is going out to dinner
and then having ice cream. – Do you like it, Tommy? He said yes. – Oh, yes. And the thing is you don’t
even have to do dinner, as long as you do ice cream. And get it on your chin, you’ll
have a successful marriage. Okay. – And you want it kind of tight. – Oh, okay. A little suspenders. Tuck it into the belt. – [Ellie] It’s a little off. – Okay. Am I not too big? – [Ellie] No. – I feel like you’re my
mom trying to teach me how to tie a tie. – Well, instead of going in the back, you just have to tie it now. Like tie it kinda tight. – This isn’t very tight right here. – It’s okay, that’s okay. – (gasps) Now it’s tight back there. Come here, baby, enter my womb. Got him? – [Ellie] Perfect. – Don’t you spit up on
me right now. (chuckling) It’ll take us an hour to get him out. Hey, look at me go.
– Looks awesome. – Oontz, I got my baby bump. I got my baby bump. I got my baby, baby,
baby, baby, baby bump. I got my baby bump. I got my baby bump. – I don’t have to wear my baby. – I got my baby bump. Are you ready to go for a little walk? – It feels so good to breathe. It feels so good to breathe. Ready?
– Muah! Let’s go. – I’ve got his binky. Very rarely has Tommy taken a binky, and if he does it’s like for
a second and he spits it out. And then the other day, I
pulled this bad boy out. This is what Calvin had. And he loves it. (laughs) – He like grabs onto it
and will not let go of it. – It’s so cute. Oh, this is beautiful. I wish Miss Penny was here. This is so pretty. – Yes it is.
– Oh, they have a bee thing right there, too, to catch all the bees. – [Jared] She’ll be back very soon. – [Ellie] The water looks
super good this year. – It looks really clear. If you look closely, you’ll see some fish. – Do they have a better
filter system this year? – [Jared] They might, hopefully. – [Ellie] They have some fish. We need to take Jackson fishing. Cute! That was a big hike. – Did you work off all of the
calories we just consumed? – Yeah. – Ellie is out of breath. She is zonked. She is done for. She is done-sky.
– I’m just gonna sleep up here, I’m not even gonna go home. – Yeah, I’m gonna have
to wrap you up in this and carry you home. (Ellie chuckles) On a little hike, enjoying
the view of our city. Well, I guess there’s one person who’s not enjoying
themselves on this date. Would you calm down, ‘kay? We’re both having fun.
– Put your eyebrows away. – [Jared] Seriously, we haven’t had to say that in a long time. – He reminds me so much of Jackson. – [Jared] Mm-hmm. Look at him. This is a beautiful sunset. Why are you frowning so much at it? (laughs) Come on, come on. – Yet he’ll be the happiest, positive, cutest little guy ever. – [Jared] Yes, he will. Our little TJ. – You can tell he thinks. Like, his little eyes. – [Jared] Well, I sure hope
that’s what he’s doing. – He doesn’t make. (softly laughs) You’re just our baby, and you
look and remind me of Jackson. Which I kinda love,
’cause it makes me think, oh, that was forever ago. When it really wasn’t. Jackson’s only four and a half. – [Jared] I know. – That’s crazy. – [Jared] Time flies. – I mean, obviously he looks
like Calvin sometimes, too. I mean, they’re brothers,
they look the same. But he just reminds me a lot of Jackson, how his face expressions. – [Jared] Yeah. – Huh? You little duddy. (both chuckles) – Well, everyone is just about
buttoned up for the night, so we are going to call it an evening. Thank you guys so much
for watching the video. If you enjoyed it, give
it a big thumbs up. Be sure to check out the podcast, and we’ll see you guys next time. Bye-bye.