Let’s do it. Wait! 2x Actually, no! That’s how the Ashure looked all together though. That is Ashure. I just start it like put it in the rosewater and let it boil. So then they brought that to the other people. How long did u soak stuff? Overnight. They have soaked up overnight. Tell us how it took to make it. It took like 3 hours. That’s a lot of process. Wait! I’mma start a youtube channel. Y’all should like subscribe them. Shout out to Carmen for making it. Are we trying it out? No, we are just waiting for Aram. Let’s see how it [gonna] be. He actually like it. He tried it! Everybody, are you ready? Ok. Everybody ready? Get your selfies ready. Wait…are we eating it together right now? Why are we eating? I think it’s just because of the rice, I’m fine. It tasted like oranges. Yeah. I can taste the orange. He says it’s good. But when I got the fruit, I was like “ah ok this is good”. So thank you. It’s nice on Friday treat. I appreciate it. You guys…Enjoy your day.