welcome to bhavnas kitchen today I’m
going to show you how to make flax egg to use in your recipes that calll for
eggs and flax egg is a great solution for people who are following egg free
diet I prefer to use golden
flaxseed meal because it does not discolor my recipes you can even use the
brown flex seeds meal if you are making
something related to or like a chocolate cake or chocolate muffin things I just use
the brown flax seed meal but in the cakes like vanilla I prefer to use golden
flax meal as it doesn’t discolor the recipes to make flax egg quickly to replace one egg
in your recipes take one tablespoon of flaxseed meal and 3 tbsp of hot water
and to prepare flax egg simply take one tablespoon of flax
seeds meal into the bowl and 3 tablespoon of hot water now mix
and let it sit on a counter for about five minutes until it becomes gooey once
you allow it to rest for about five minutes you will see it becomes slimy
and you can see like a sticky kind of a mixture just like an egg when you crack
an egg it is slimy like this and this works so
well in many many recipes like cakes cupcakes muffins and so many other
recipes so now you are ready to use flax egg in many of your recipes I hope I made it easier for you to prepare flax egg thank you for watching see you soon
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