Hi Friends, Its a Amirah Kassem from Flour
Shop and we’re about to make my six layer rainbow explosion cake for Cosmo. First we start with the six layers of your
favorite colors then we’re gonna cut a whole in the middle of five of them. Then we’re going to put a ring of frosting
on the board so your cake doesn’t slide around. I love sprinkles so much that I require atleast
a pound and a half of sprinkles in my cakes I start with nonpareils. These are the teeny tiny ones that like to
dance around. Then I use gels those are just classic. And meteors too. Then we have sixlets, little chocolate balls. Mix together they make the perfect texture and they are just so fun. Baking should be so fun, its all about the
process and not really about the outcome. When you cover anything in sprinkles you’re
spreading joy and thats just so exciting. So spread more joy and make more cakes If you mess up just cover it in sprinkles,
everyone will love it anyway. Thats the power of sprinkles. If you love sprinkles as much as me subscribe
to Cosmo