Different intro today, but it’s gloomy, and it’s like snow raining. I’m here with… Okay, I’m here with: I’m here with Whitney Ah why am I upside down? Because that that’s what I meant by my camera is not working anymore But we’re at this cafe called Banana. Tree. They have uhm really cute drinks So we’re going to order, and I’ll see you guys soon They have planted cakes This is what… Oh that looks really good. Drinking oh Mama I’m on a freaking detox. [oh], you are? This place.. I don’t know if this place has detox. I can’t fit! Sorry I’m a little — today. Why? It’s like divided. There’s like room here, and then you order up there yeah, pretty cool, and then Whitney’s gonna get stuck again Hey… that didn’t you didn’t get stuck this time. I was faking the first time She went back outside to film her intro. She is being so extra lol Look it’s snowing so much So if you’re curious go watch her video for her perspective of today’s date And I’m wearing this outfit and apparently I wore this outfit every day Which I don’t think I do but This is my first time seeing you wear it. My roommate says I wear this everyday I’m so excited to show you guys the cake I’m gonna seeing mood today. Yes like the moment we got in here… she’s like Troye Sivan – [haha] Latte cocoa and the green tea. She just told me this is a green tea Isn’t this so instagram-worthy [ooh], it’s so pretty. This is cute. This is really sweet I know, that’s why I knew that their drinks are sweet But this is the best. Look at this. It’s a shovel It’s a shovel yo, that is dope You could take the pot home if you want. Really? You can. Because you already paid [for] this cupcake Really, they don’t reuse these? [no] You can take it home That’s why it’s so… oh that’s not bad then Because this is 6300 won yeah. So that’s why I say have a ‘JOANDAY’. So it is like have a good day Nice And this is like a pudding I believe and you can eat the rocks but not the flowers Yeah, I figured I couldn’t Oh I love these spoons This dirt you sure we can eat this? yes we can eat it. I mean I used to make this when I was little with oreo [cookies]. You crumble up, this looks like some real dirt There’s two things I want to mention number one is my deal with wishtrend is back for one more week so if you want to buy it, check the description box and number two is I decided to have my Casual meet and greet on Saturday this Saturday the 4th So if you want to like information on where, the check down below and I’m kind of getting her to come. Please come If you want to meet Whitney as well she might be there. W: Is it in the afternoon or the morning? J: Most likely morning Because all the cafes are packed later, especially on a Saturday That’s why I was avoiding the weekends, but everyone’s like please have it on a weekend, so I get it. It’s a work It’s not a work day, so Saturday, we’re going to try and I’m going to think of a cafe, and I’ll put it down below [ok] sounds good. We’re going to go live on Instagram People have been asking me like oh, when do you do live? It’s always random, and it’s always random yeah every day… [uh-huh] yeah, they can hear This is [Whitley] Whitney Bae We are now on our way to… SHOP I can’t get over this camera. Oh my gosh. I know. I don’t even know what I’m filming What are you going to do? Are you gonna do an order a new one? I want to I’m going to try to send this to the [canon] to repair it [yeah], but we’ll see I need to look for one of my old vlogging cameras And then I think I’m going to vlog with that but live was super fun! Yeah, that was really fun, you can be so nice Okay, let’s go to aland. Let’s go somewhere dry so my camera won’t get wet cause it’s getting wet right now Aland Beauty She is confused because she has not seen.. I haven’t been here for a while Yes, this is new they have Hemish now It’s one of my favorite products as well. Hemish and then of course Klairs and CosRX, I’ll bring you one of these because I have ten at home This is my brother’s MVP cream It’s good for like acne scars and like very good. It is great How do you.. do you just put a little bit on there? Yes, have you tired.. the patches, what’s your skin concern? No, I just have scars Yeah Alright cool I’m so excited that we have Heimish now. Yeah that’s pretty cool. I know the Heimish though is a rare brand. I love their balms And their eyeshadows, their eyeshadows are good too You always hiccup in like twos or threes and then you stop and also we may also have Huxley! I am obsessed with this oil right now Christine gifted it to me, it’s so good Every time I do like a thumbs up. I just go like Get confused with this and Frog legs She bought her centella cream. So now we’re going to go walk over to Zara yay~ You got everything? I picked up some stuff She didn’t, because know because she couldn’t find it. Yeah she tried Now we’re going to go walk over to the station how’s that. Want to go to Apujeong or Sinsa? Uh, Sinsa. There is no pokéstops this time There’s no pokestops this time. What’s pokestops? W: Pokemon. If you go this way it’s better more beneficial She’s going to play Pokemon Go This is why we’re walking further across. W: It’s not further I swear. It’s okay. Now. I’m gonna do the calculation on the map [laugh] Fine J: Are there pokemon? W: There will be J: There will be, do you have enough pokeballs? W:Oh, yeah, I bought some. J: You bought some?? wow. W: But i need this one Can you like shut the music down? It’s so embarrassing J: Whitney!! W: I’m a pokemon trainer alright? I gotta do what I gotta do This is the newest trend in Korea. It’s doll claw machines I think Whitney is going to try She wants to give money to the kid. J: Yeah should we? Wait wait for which one though? W: I don’t know. She’s gonna pay the kids to do Excuse me, could you help us get one please? All of his friends voted him to do it for us. So we’re guessing he is good I don’t know. I don’t know No, it’s not [oh] Hey, you still did well though! Thank you Happy New Year! wait Whitney straight up gave them a thousand won each. she was like ‘Happy New Year’ Yeah, and they knew that Whitney Noona. No, let’s go i’m mad at this place. It’s a scam But it was pretty cool I’m back home now, and I’m currently heating up some Kimchi Jjigae for dinner Kimchi Stew is always better like the second day. It’s just so freaking good So I’m going to eat that and then as you guys saw earlier it is snowing outside But it’s not going to stop me from going out to hang out with Soy. Uh, a lot of her friends are visiting So, we’re going to meet and then grab some drinks [all] right Should be almost done. All right, I’m going to eat it. It’s gonna be so good Always good on like the second day Hmm, I I think this is like the first time I’m.. Vlogging eating at home. I eat at home like every day but I just never vlog it because I always want to start somewhere cool, but yeah, I.. always eat at home Just finished eating and I have a couple hours to kill so I think I’m going to watch television Which I haven’t done in a very long time because I’ve been vlogging [everytime] They’re like I’ve been editing videos everytime a drama was on so I think I’m going to go watch TV We’ll see what’s on I’m not going to vlog tonight because I don’t want to take my camera out in the cold I don’t want it to get like wet and whatnot so I hope you guys understand One thing.. I want to mention that we talked about on the live today with Whitney was… Lot of you guys comment saying like oh “Please hang out with Erin please hang out with Soy please hang out with Abe” “Where is Abe? Hang out was Sunny” like a lot of you guys Asked me to do that and at first I didn’t really care and I was just so thankful that you guys like seeing my friends in my in my vlogs But it’s now gotten to a point where in almost every single upload a lot Someone there’s always one or two people commenting saying [oh], “please hang out with this person” Or “I like this person more than all of your friends” and it’s gotten to a point where it starts to stress me out now because Whenever you guys ask me that like oh my gosh Am I not hanging out with this ‘person’ a lot like there used to never be that like How do I explain this.. like these are my friends, and I want to hang out with them as friends and not Hang out with them for the vlog if that makes sense I want to enjoy my time with them, and if they want to be in the vlog that’s great I always ask them if they can be in the vlog though because I always ask if they want to be in the vlog because I don’t want to force them to be in something that they don’t want to be part of so I always get permission before Vlogging, but I just wanna let you guys know that It’s kind of stressing me out at this point like a lot of you guys Commenting saying please hang out with this person and that person and also assuming that I’m fighting with [like] My friends because they don’t appear my vlogs. That is never the case. I hate drama and conflict so Yeah I just wanted to address that because it’s a comment that I get in almost every single one of my vlogs And I don’t want I don’t want that to just like keep happening because I’m Vlogging every single day, and I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys Don’t hang out with your friends or your best friend every single day So please understand that. I’m sorry to end this video in like a little serious note, but I just really wanted to address that Other than that I will see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog, and I hope you all have a joan (good) day Annyeong.