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本集法拉盛大胃王美食秀由法拉盛美食網贊助播出 Hi! Welcome to the second episode of Flushing Food Showdown.
嗨 歡迎收看法拉盛大胃王美食秀第二集 My name is Brian I’m the host at Flushing Food.
我是主持人布萊恩 Today we’re at Kulu Desserts,
我們今天來到了咕嚕甜品 A modern-style dessert place here in Flushing Queens to find the biggest, baddest food competitions,
這是一家在法拉盛的現代甜品店 餐飲業在這個地區非常競爭 and make champions out of competitors.
咕嚕可以說在同業中拔尖的 Now I know what you’re thinking…
現在我知道你在想什麼 What does this place have to offer besides portion size and brainfreeze?
這個地方除了冰到不行的大碗甜品還有什麼 Well if you didn’t know about it already, we’re going to teach you about it today.
如果你還不知道 我們今天就要告訴你 This is the ‘King of Fruits’, the Durian
那就是「水果之王」榴槤! And it packs a stinkin’ punch!
而且是重量級的 Alright so now we’re inside Kulu,
我們現在進到咕嚕了 I’m here with the owner Jason whose going to introduce to you
我現在跟老闆傑森 他要幫你介紹 what’s known as the
‘King of Fruits’, the Durian, which is the spiked ball in his hand.
水果之王」榴槤 就是他手上這個長刺的球 So tell me a little about this fruit.
告訴我們關於這個水果的故事 All I know is about the spikey-face of the fruit and the terrible smell of it.
我只知道這個水果長滿了刺 臭到不行 In order to know about this fruit, you’re going to have to come and try it.
真的想要認識這個水果 你必須要自己來嚐嚐 It’s got a little garlicy…
聞起來有點像大蒜 It’s definitely stinky.
肯定很臭 Do you like Durian?
你喜歡榴槤嗎 No I don’t like durian.
我不喜歡啊 You don’t like Durian??
你不喜歡榴槤 I’m selling it, but I don’t like it.
我可以聞 但是我不喜歡 The owner of Kulu doesn’t like his own product…
咕嚕甜品的老闆自己不喜歡自己的產品! You can’t say that on camera, man!
別再攝影機前面亂說啊大哥 Well, as long as all the people love it.
沒關係 只要顧客喜歡就好了 I guess…
我想也是 Here are the rules of the competition.
這個比賽的規則是這樣 There are three desserts that contestants must complete in the first round:
第一輪所有的參賽者必須吃完三樣甜品 The restaurant’s signature dish, the Snowy Durian,
本店的招牌:雪花榴槤 A Malaysian Chinese dessert known as MuoMuo ChaCha
還有來自馬來西亞的磨磨喳喳 And a quarter of a watermelon.
還有四分之一個西瓜~ Contestants must eat the desserts in that order and have five-minutes to complete the first round.
參賽者必須在五分鐘之內按照順序吃完這三樣甜品 Out of the 16 contestants, our four fastest eaters will move on to the second round.
十六個參賽者中 最快吃完的四個可以進到第二輪 One, two, three, ready…
一、二、三 準備 And, Go!
開始! Jason! Hurry up, Jason!
傑森 快點 傑森 He says he doesn’t like durian, it doesn’t look like it.
他說他不喜歡榴槤 看起來並不是這麼一回事 Aaron, that’s either ice-cream of your face or the aging-process is really kicking in.
艾榮 如果你臉上不是冰淇淋 那麼就是你最近老化得特別快 You don’t have to wipe it, you can keep it on there.
別急著擦 留在臉上蠻好看的 Those are battle-scars, my friend.
這是戰鬥的痕跡 我的朋友 David, what are you listening to?
大衛 你在聽什麼音樂 Bob, you don’t like durian, do you?
鮑伯 你不喜歡榴槤 對吧? No.