Today I will make for you
guys a very chocolaty fondue and a wonderful lemon cake for you to
dip in this fondue and enjoy the coldest nights. I will start doing my cake and for that,
I use 1 package of lemon cake mix from Fleischmann that I mix with
3 eggs, 1 cup of iced milk and 3 spoons of unsalted butter. Then just mix everything very well
with the mixer for about 5 minutes or until your batter is homogeneous and
very beautiful. Then put your batter in a pastry bag
and to do this I put my pastry bag in a glass because I think that makes easier
to put doughs or creams, and you don’t need anybody’s help. So there goes a
super tip from Dani and I always use it and love it because I don’t need Paulo’s
help. Moustache: It’s a tip for the lonely bakers. Dani: Exactly. Then just put your batter in little
baking pans. I’m using a heart shaped silicone baking pan
but you can use the baking pan that you prefer. The only difference is that if you
don’t use one made of silicone, if it’s a metal one, you need to grease and flour
your baking pan. You can also use a bigger baking pan
(20cmx30cm) and then cut little squares of cake and bath in the chocolate that it
will be delicious too. Moustache: It will be VERY good. To add a little charm and a special taste,
you can put some blueberries in the dough or raspberry, which will be delicious too. Then you put in the pre-heated oven (180ºC)
to bake for about 15 minutes. In my case, which is a small baking pan,
but if you are using a bigger one, it’s about 40 to 50 minutes or until what? Moustache: Until all your house is smelling
like sicilian lemon cake with blueberry. Exactly. If you are liking this video,
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channel yet, hit the button subscribe down here that you will always receive the
videos first. To make the fondue, I mix in a little pan
170ml of milk, 80g of double cream or table cream (can) mixed with the whey,
40g of sugar and 50g of unsalted butter. Now just let everything melt in low
heat and be well mixed. Then, add 220g of melted bittersweet chocolate.
At the time everything is combined in the chocolate, you can add 20ml of rum, cognac,
cachaça (Brazilian liquor made from sugar cane), or that delicious whiskey that you have at
home or if you don’t want any of it, can’t drink alcohol, no problem, it will
be good anyway. Now you just dip your pieces of cake,
your fruits or anything that you want or comes to your imagination in this very
chocolaty fondue and enjoy the cold nights. I hope you enjoyed this video, love you
guys very much. Kisses and bye!