Hi. I’m Thomas Pesquet. Welcome aboard the
International Space Station. My crew and I arrived in a Russian space ship
called a Soyuz and it took us two days to get
here. I will spend a total of six months in my new
home in space. In the future astronauts will travel to destinations
much farther away like Mars for example. Their trips could last two or three years. Before we can travel that far, we need to rise to
some important challenges. We need your help. If you were an astronaut heading to Mars, think about some of the things that you would
need to stay healthy. Let’s talk about food. Whether on earth, Mars or the moon, we all
know fruits and vegetables but fresh fruit only lasts about a week. We would never be able to carry enough for a
three year mission. So we need your help to develop a new skill,
space farming. We are already growing lettuce here on the
space station but no salad is complete without tomatoes. Tomatoes are delicious and nutritious. They
taste and smell great plus tomato plants could benefit our environment
by removing carbon dioxide and adding oxygen and water to the air we
breathe. Tomatoes can be a space super food. This is where the Tomatosphere comes in. Will tomatoes grow the same in space as they
do on earth? Help us find out. Count how many of your Tomatosphere seeds
germinate and send us your results. Who knows? Maybe you will be studying how to
grow the food that you will one day eat as an astronaut.