Welcome back to Food, News, and
Chews we’ve just been hearing
from the First Lady. We were in
the Mansion and it was so
awesome, by the way do you like
my big nutcrackers? …That is one loud nutcracker
sweater Sylvia. Anyway, the First Lady has a
favorite Holiday recipe, it’s
called a Peppermint Bombe. …Bombe as in French …Yeah, around here we call
them bomb, but anyway, it’s a
great little peppermint dessert.
…look at all these
ingredients…what I’ve done is
we’re going to post this recipe.
…Holiday themed for Holidays. …It’s great for Holidays,
especially Christmas. We’ve
posted this recipe online at
FoodNewsandChews.com so you guys
can follow along with us. We
like to use this seasonal
Peppermint bark you can find in
candy shops, it’s like a white chocolate
peppermint bark with a smooth
dark chocolate. …Keep that away from me …So what I’ve done is whip
that with Vanilla ice cream, so
you see all the chocolate and
colors broken up in there, like
a peppermint bark ice creeam …so I can buy that in a
grocery store already boxed
up?…So I’ve also got a nice
Jellyroll cake, a nice little
cake you would bake, and usually
we’d spread some icing in it and
roll it up like a jelly roll for
Holidays, right? Same one, just use a little
round cutter and cut out a
portion….Which again, you can
find anywhere. …You can find
them anywhere. What I like about
these for Holidays is that
they’re super cute and they’re
individual portions, it’s really neat if you want to
do something elegant for your
friends. … Oh how sweet!…So
we’ve got the peppermint bark
ice cream which is delicious. …Yes, I’d like a big bite of
that…It’s softened to where
you can move it… Yeah… And
I’ve got these little molds
wrapped in plastic wrap …Or you can use a cup…Yeah,
you can use a cup, just make
sure it has plastic wrap in it,
so it’s easier to get it out. You just press the ice cream
into the little mold, a dixie
cup, or something simple. I will
usually take that now and put
the cake on top, it allows it to
soak in and the ice cream kind
of goes into the cake a little
bit. I’ll put them over top and put
them into the freezer. The
freezer will help them to set
up. So we skip forward and use
the magic of T.V. we can use the plastic wrap to
pull the top right off. …Oh
man that looks good!…So it’s
like a big ball of ice cream on
top of the cake. The recipe
also calls for a nice ganache. Which you can easily take once
it gets to room
temperature…Good old chocolate
sauce…It glazes the top …That looks delicious, how do
you do your chocolate? …You want to melt this with a
little cream and a little corn
syrup with 6oz of chocolate.
Simply spread the ganache on top
and sides. Let set in freezer
for an hour or so. till a hard
shell forms. …That looks so good, Alright,
so now what?…So the Bombe is
set up in the freezer, take off
of wire rack and set on plate.
Some ideas for nice
presentations are what I wanted
to do with this one was
something add little bit cripsy, some more of that bark. I’ve got
a sweet little strawberry
rhubarb sauce, look at that kind
of falling apart. …Behave or I’ll eat you…So
strawberry rhubarb sauce, gives
it a litle bit of that
peppermint look. …Can i just?…No, no fingers.
Marshmallow sauce, that will
give the white from the
peppermint. All right, and a
little bit of marshmallow and
chocolate together. …Ooohh First Lady Beshear is
going to love this…Chocolate
here and there just to give it
personality.Garnish with a
little bit of mint and you’ve
got the First Lady’s favorite
Holiday dessert. …How beautiful!!…and inside
you’ve got that nice ice cream
and the chocolate cake with a
hard chocolate cover. …And
you’re going to post
this?…We’re going to post this
recipe for you guys to use, it’s
not really hard, it’s a lot of
fun. When we have a lot of guests
they can each have an idividual
portion. …I love that idea,
that is so good, then they won’t
have to fight over it, they’ll
have their own. So we’ll be back next week, weve
enjoyed being with you today.
what is it called again?….It’s
actually a Peppermint Park
Bombe. …Alright, it’s going to be
posted on the website, tell us
what that is
again…Foodnewsandchews.com. …There you go, we’ll see you
next week, have a good week, and
a Holiday week, Have fun!