welcome back to Montana this morning everyone that time is 548 it’s Friday so that means it’s another foodie Friday day our favorite day of the week Jenny Fick joins us on the sidelines you’re fine you’re hungry I was ready to carry on the show by myself where are we going for today’s foodie Friday are going to go to Bernie’s and they have some really special fund stuffers to try out a little bit later for the pink breakfast but for now we can take a look at what they have in store they’re sweet on foodie Friday we visited a place that feels like vacation any day of the week when the Nelson brothers bought the hotel they decided that they would name the restaurants after to their parents so tennis named after their father it’s his initials and burning with their mother we have locally sourced food most of our food is made from scratch in-house so it’s all homemade foods nothing is fun when it’s expected so we kind of try to turn things on their end well still allowing people to stick with those originals that they really feel comfortable with the banana bread french toast is three stuffed banana bread squares and they’re dipped in french toast batter fried off covered in massive foam mousse and huckleberry sauce we never thought of Bernese that we would really make that big of an impact with our guests but as we thought about it breakfast is really their dessert you know when they say to hotel in terms of their whole experience we’re the last people they see we send them out the door up there they stay the night and eaten at 10:00 so we’re really that last impression we have a really good standing of locals we have warm friendly servers that will come up there very family friendly and then our Montecristo we’re fortunate enough to have the original recipe from the Golden Bell so it really is the golden bells Monte Cristo and it’s just fun to carry that history and legacy and so many people come in just for the Monte Cristo because they remember it from being kids and going out with their grandparents to the Golden Bell we put a lot of passion into our food it’s a smaller space so we have more face time with the customer we put our love into our food and stuff like that stop in for a quick lunch meeting or relax with a cup of coffee and a paper on the weekend Bernie alright alright this is the breakfast live on TV so you can’t fake it we needed Forks yes yes nothing was gonna stop me though Jenni so Bernie’s diner here in downtown Billings donated some of the food that we have this morning so shout out to them thank you so much for doing that yes the banana bread french toast and then don’t forget Hyksos bakery is always so generous and donating their pink ribbon doughnuts so I’m really excited about that and the eggs to come from Bernie’s so fruit courtesy of cute.you that’s what we can do but yeah so let’s dig in shall we yes there you go do you always work but it leaves the place closer to you than usual true so if you would like to dig into Bernie’s go to Q 2 deals com right there on the top you can get your to $25 gift certificates for the price of one of them and we are going to let you check in with some of the very fun people that work at Bernie’s a little bit later and tell us why they do what they do today and that was Ed enjoying the French toast it looks like yeah this is a really good combination if you love banana bread you are gonna love their banana french toast I give it to them what is on top is that huh I think it’s a huckleberry sauce yeah so well did we give you enough time to chew your bite all right I have to talk about the weather that’ll be No yeah we’ll be back