Did you now that the Liver is the largest
organ in the body? So, being the largest, it has a lot of responsibilities
from helping the body digest food, store energy to even removing poisons from it. Now, your body would be in a lot of trouble
if such an important organ has problems functioning. This could happen due to drinking too much
alcohol, bad diet,obesity, lack of exercise or high blood sugar causing fat buildup in
the liver leading to a condition called Fatty Liver. It is a fairly common disease which affects
about 25%-35% of the general population. So don’t be surprised if you are one of
those affected. But don’t panic yet, because in today’s
video we’ll talk about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid if you have a fatty
liver. Before you rush off to throw away those alcohol
bottles, don’t forget to subscribe to Bestie and ring the notification bell. The good news is, changing your diet can help
prevent or reverse liver damage considerably. Here are the foods that will help a lot with
the Fatty liver repair. Fish: Fish such as Salmon, Sardine, Tuna and
Trout are lean and protein rich in Omega 3s. This helps break down the accumulated fat
in the liver cells and reduces inflammation. So, for your protein intake needs, switch
from meat to fish and avoid the fats and skins of meat and poultry. Garlic: According to a study having garlic
helps the body produce and release enzymes that flush out toxins from the liver. Garlic is a sulfur and antioxidant rich food
which helps cleanse and heal the liver. Although it may not sound too appealing, you
can eat garlic raw or for the full effect or just add more of it into your food. Coffee: Yes, you heard that right! We said coffee. Coffee has properties which help remove the
enzymes that cause harm to the liver cells. It’s also been known to lower the amount
of abnormal liver enzymes in people at risk for liver diseases. A result of a study analyzing 2,500 people
found that drinking at least three cups of coffee daily was “significantly associated”
with less scarring of the liver. So go ahead and grab your cup of coffee, just
try to avoid adding any sugar to it. Green Vegetables: Green vegetables such as
beans, broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts might not be the tastiest things in the world
to eat, but they sure are some of the healthiest. Studies show that, long term consumption of
these types of green vegetables helped prevent fat build-up in the liver of mice. So the same could be applied to humans as
well. These vegetables also contain inorganic nitrate
which reduces accumulation of fat in the liver. Next time, don’t forget to add lots of greens
to your diet. Green Tea: Green tea has become really popular
these days since it contains rich amounts of antioxidants. This property of green tea helps the body
absorb fat which then reduces the fat storage in the liver. The antioxidants also help with liver function. What is your favourite green tea flavour? Let us know in the comments section below. Walnuts: Walnuts might not be something you
eat often, but they are very good for your liver. They contain high amounts of amino acid arginine,
glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids which help the liver in detoxifying ammonia and
support natural liver cleansing. You can eat walnuts either raw, straight out
of shell (opening the shell is a fun task in itself) or mix it with salad, cereal or
yogurt in your breakfast. Avocado: Avocado is a superfood with numerous
health benefits. They’re rich in healthy fats and phytochemicals
which help to get rid of the build up of unhealthy fats on the liver surface which helps slow
down the damage of the liver. It’s also rich in glutathione which stimulates
the production of liver and digestive enzymes as well as liver activity. Avocado tastes good with everything. So, Spread a small amount over toast with
lemon juice and black pepper, add it to a sandwich or wrap, or get really adventurous
some avocado recipes you find online. Tofu: Tofu is packed with protein. The soy protein found in Tofu helps in reducing
the overall fat buildup in the body. To put it simply, it carves out a path for
the fat to be eliminated rather than storing it. This relieves the liver from the pressure
and helps reduce the damage of the liver cells. Tofu can be cooked so many ways, like steamed,
grilled, baked, pan-cooked or fried, of course in an air fryer! If you’ve never tried Tofu before, there’s
so many ways to enjoy it! What about if you want to cure a fatty liver. Avoiding and staying off certain types of
foods is a very important part of the process. Here are the foods you should avoid if you
want to get rid of a Fatty Liver: Alcohol: This is the biggest culprit and your
greatest enemy when it comes to causing fatty liver. You should reduce or completely eliminate
alcohol intake from your diet. Drinking alcohol continuously even for a few
days, can lead to a build-up of fats in the liver ultimately resulting in irreversible
damage to the liver. Be good and stay away from it. Meat: Who doesn’t love a good steak or a nicely
grilled sausage. But red meats such as beef, pork, lamb and
processed meats like salami and sausages are high in saturated fats which leads to fatty
Liver. Time to find an alternative for your 4th of
July Grilled sausage hotdogs! Sugar: We know, sugar is everywhere, but you
should try to avoid it as much as possible. To help you with that check out our video
called “8 Ways to Spot Added Sugar”. Sugary and Added Sugar foods such as candy,
ice cream, sweetened beverages like soda, cookies, muffins and chocolate all contribute
to high blood sugar levels causing increased fat in the liver. Eggs: Eggs are known to contain high amounts
of dietary cholesterol which can lead to cholesterol overload and cause a fatty liver. They also upregulate something called the
SREBP in the liver which increases the levels of fat. Fried and Greasy Foods: The greasier the tastier…goes
the saying, but tastier is rarely healthier. I am sure your mouth will water when I name
greasy foods like french fries, pizzas and burgers but these are the unhealthiest of
all containing high amounts of saturated fats which is the leading cause of a fatty liver. A small study revealed that high levels of
saturated fat immediately changes the liver function. White Processed Flour and Starch: Whole grain
flours can be harmful for the liver. This includes bread, white rice, pasta or
baked goods. They increase blood sugar levels which leads
to stressing of the liver resulting in high triglycerides and that promotes a fatty liver. You can try and substitute Refined grains
with whole wheat and whole-grain alternatives like potatoes or legumes. Excess Fruits: Yes, you heard that right! This may be hard to believe, but consuming
large amounts of fructose-rich fruits like raisins and dry fruits can result in inflammation
and fatty liver. This is because the sugar present in these
fruits, known as fructose, can cause abnormal amounts of fat in the blood when consumed
in large amounts, leading to a fatty liver. And you thought fruits were healthy for you
all the time! With our lifestyles becoming stationery and
unhealthy, are you switching to a healthier lifestyle and diet? How did that work for you? Let us know in the comments section below.