Swishes Aviva In front of you is whole mountain of wild wineberries, with no exaggeration Yes, you heard me right it is wineberries that I found Many people tend to call them wild raspberries and they have good reasons to do so Because the two fruits look and taste almost the same in fact wineberries are raspberries Asian cousins. They’re invasive plants in the US and they spread pretty aggressively So a mountain full of wineberries is hardly surprising Wineberries leaves have pointed tips and serrated margins. they are green above and silvery white beneath. Just like the wormwood leaves that also have white undersides. The cane of wineberries are reddish brown in color and are covered with hairs and prickles. I Try my best not to touch the canes while collecting wineberries But still I got many tiny scratches on my legs as I cannot stand wearing my pants in the hot summer Wild wineberries can take on different colors, including orange red purple and black while orange and red ones are tart and sweet Purple and black ones are quite bitter in my area. It tastes sort of like Chinese medicinal herbs. Therefore almost inedible to me wineberries are protected by little hairy pods or calyx when they’re young. As they get mature the pots open up and peel back The berries are exposed and they come off pretty easily of the cane, leaving only a central core behind. So the fruits are hollow just like the raspberries Yet there are still differences between wineberries and raspberries. Cultivated raspberries are larger in size and have pretty dry surface Whereas wild wine berries are smaller and tend to exude sticky sweet fluid. Thus your hands will get pretty sticky after handling wineberries. But the good part is wineberries are also much juicier than raspberries. In addition wild wineberries are tarter in flavor and have more prominent seeds. Although I usually don’t appreciate a tangy taste. I have to say the tartness is quite pleasant and refreshing We like to sprinkle wineberries on top of our vanilla bean ice cream or to make wineberry smoothies. But today with this two pounds of freshly picked the wineberries, we’re going to do a no-bake wineberry cheesecake First things first rings your wine berries in salty water and dry them with paper towels. You want only juice and no water in your cheesecake. for the base, we use crackers, chocolates, and melted butter. And for the filling we mix wild wineberries with 8 ounces of heavy cream, 2 blocks of cream cheese, half can of condensed milk, juice and zest from half of a lemon, and 2 drops of vanilla extract. Then keep in the fridge for at least 4 hours Simple as it is, your done!