Hey Guys, I just found the new item in the fortnite. Yes you can see the backpack icon in the weapon slot. It is called the EYE OF THE STORM TRACKER. Just let me show you… What it actually does.. See.. you can see that yellow circle Yeah!! That’s where the next eye of the storm gonna form. So basically you can just prepare yourself.. Ah.. Just let me equip it.. Only disadvantage of this item is it just takes a slot form your inventory. It will only gonna be helpful if you have just found it before the first eye of the storm is formed… and if you have landed far.. so you just know how much you have to make it up.. to be in the next eye of the storm! And also YES!!! .. it can .. it’s like.. Gonna help you in the last final eye of storm…🌪 .. where you can set your location, build your defensive FORT 🏰 .. .. before anyone else know about it! I think .. . they should [have] bring it up like a BUSH, equip it – use it – and just get a free slot..! And yes it also.. when you.. when you equip this eye of the tracker.. it’s just gonna replace your backpack [😃] Yes, I’m just not that good enough playing fortnite. **SEE** OH!! just look you can also see the yellow circle in the mini map.. just.. .. you just don’t have to.. take out the big map .. .. see.. there’s where the next *eye of the storm* is gonna form.. [😃] yeahh.. I also forget to record the game sound, so it’s gonna be mute for the game audio.. woahho! Sky box, just let me just grab it before anyone else can do.. .. [under attack] [😂] I’m just gone man!! Just gone! ..BOOM!!.. wait.. just let’s ..check his reaction.. When he’s gonna know about this new thing.. !! !!SEE!! He’s just figuring what it is…! damnn!! you lucky fellow man!! [😁] have fun with that grenade launcher!!