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sharing with you my fresh blueberry pie with a surprise twist this is perfect
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decided to join me as I mentioned today I’m doing a recipe for you I’m really
excited about this I polled you and you told me that you would like me to do a
couple of my very best recipes so today I wanted to share with you my blueberry
pie with a cream filling it is… amazing! Toot! Toot! (laughing) pies are something that I do well I am
known for my coconut cream pie which I shared last Thanksgiving if you haven’t
seen that episode I’ll make sure to link it in the description box below so you
can check that out after you watch this one but last year I decided to make a
blueberry pie I think it was because I was feeling a little nostalgic we lived
in Maine for several years we have a home there we love Maine and from
blueberry muffins to blueberry pie that really screams Maine. As my grandma Ruth
would say I love me a good piece of pie she even said that to her dying day when
her wits were not all about her she remembered that she loved a good piece
of pie and I think my grandma Ruth would really love this blueberry pie so I’m
gonna teach you how to make this pie now so I’ve already pre baked a crust and
it’s over here cooling I make my pie crust different than most people it’s
not your typical pie crust and it’s really good so I’ve been told that was
another episode that I did last year so if you’re interested after this episode
check out my coconut cream pie recipe and make sure you check out my pie
recipe the next step in this process would be to do the cream filling we’re
going to start out by adding 8 ounces of softened cream cheese so just kind of
bring that up to room temperature okay and then we’ve got a half a cup of
powdered sugar and a half a teaspoon of vanilla and we are just going to cream
this all together and then we have one cup of heavy whipping cream that we’ve
already pre whipped and we whip that in a icy cold bowl and we are just gonna
fold this in this is gonna be so good this is why it’s good for the cream
cheese to be softened because then it will incorporate better so we’ve got the cream filling in and
now I’m just gonna throw it in the fridge while we prepare the blueberry
topping now we are going to start our blueberry topping and the first thing
that we need to do is the glaze the blueberry glaze so what I have is on the
stovetop I’ve got one cup of cold water we’re gonna do a dash of salt turn it on
high and then what we’re going to do is we are going to add three tablespoons of
corn starch 3/4 cup of regular sugar the juice of a half of a lemon or 1 to 2
teaspoons of lemon juice if you’re gonna cheat and use the stuff in the fridge
I’m not going to judge and then you could use 1 cup of your fresh
blueberries but I figure since we’re cooking this down I always cheat and use
my frozen blueberries from Maine of course I usually have these on hand for
like blueberry muffins or smoothies or something like that so there it’s always
in my freezer and I figure since we’re cooking it down that I want to keep the
fresh blueberries fresh and then I’ll just use frozen for this part so we put
it all in and now we’re going to bring it up to a boil all right so after we thicken the sauce
and it turns that beautiful glossy color we remove it from the heat and we add
one tablespoon of butter to it and then we make sure we stir that in and melt it
and then you’re gonna let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes just to cool off so you
don’t shrivel up those fresh plump blueberries then we’ll combine
everything together and then we’ll put it on top of our cream filling all right
with our blueberries on top of our pie we need to throw it in the fridge for at
least 4 hours preferably overnight all right our fresh blueberry pie with
the cream cheese filling Center is done and honestly this is a pretty easy pie
to make and so crowd-pleasing you are going to really delight your guests with
this pie I promise you and it’s just a few simple steps I hope that you really
enjoy this pie if you make it I will make sure to put a link for the recipe
below in the description box so you can just click on that and print it out and
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miss an episode I really appreciate the support now it’s time to try our pie
we’ve got our thankful plates from our previous episode if you haven’t seen
that episode I’ll link it below and let’s try to get this out of here
without making a huge mess let’s see how delicately we could do this you know it
doesn’t really matter how it comes out because it’s all gonna taste the same Oh I’ve made a mess! Oh!!! that’s okay it’ll still taste the same
going down if somebody has tips on how to get it out of the pan that first
piece without making a mess leave it in the comment section below … but… alright so
I’m gonna try to find a bite here that’s not an absolute mess
there we go you guys are gonna love this thanks for