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clicking on the link below this video. Believe it or not, the Fresh Fruit Pies that
we make are part of the suite of Thanksgiving related desserts that have worked to make
us a local legend at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill. When it comes to ice cream cakes, those rock,
whether they’re made out of our multiple-award-winning soft serve OR any of our nearly 40 flavors
of hard ice cream. But starting in 2017 we layered in our Fresh
Fruit Pies and those were winners, too! Not just for Thanksgiving, but all throughout
our season! And do you know why we can make our Fresh
Fruit Pies so scrumptious that people line up around the block for them and other designer
desserts like them? We’ve been featured in places like the Wall
Street Journal and ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and more. Bottom line? Ice cream experts we may be, but still, no
one anywhere around us does Fresh Fruit Pies like WE do! Our pies are fresh-baked, fresh-made on premises
at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill. Yup! Even though we’re only a 726 square foot
ice cream stand, we’ve managed to squeeze in a stove that’s working round the clock! Not just for pies, mind you. We make our own brownies, cookies, baked cakes
and baked designer desserts and more! The “and more” includes our Fresh Fruit
Pies. We can craft bespoke pies for people, upon
request, but outside of THAT, here’s the pies we do on the regular: apple pie, apple
crumb, blueberry, blueberry crumb, cherry, cherry crumb and pumpkin. We love doing work like this for our beloved
JDB Family. We love saving you time, providing you with
over the top food…and desserts and cakes…and pies…for over the top memories with the
ones you love. Not just during Thanksgiving…but all year
long! If you’re hard at work, when you come home,
you don’t have to work hard. You just have to hit us up so that we can
make Fresh Fruit Pies just for you or the ones you love. We typically do require anywhere from a 24
to 48 hour notice, depending upon the time of year in question. Just contact us and we can schedule YOUR pie
pickup! It’s easy! Now you know the steps we here at Joe’s
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