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Fruit Sushi Hi Bold Bakers! Bigger Bolder Baking is not
just about baking with rich ingredients like chocolate and cream. It is my style of baking
and it can be applied to any ingredient even fruit. Which I’m going to show you today with
my BIG & BOLD twist on Fruit Sushi. So let’s get baking! The rice that we’re using for our sushi rolls
is actually sushi rice. If you can’t find this, you do need to use a starchy rice. This
works really well because it’s sticky and it binds well. Nowadays you can find sushi
rice in most super markets. We’re going to start out by rinsing our rice
in some water. Give your rice a little bath and then drain off the starchy water. To cook your sushi rice, it’s actually really
easy. In a heavy bottom sauce pan we’re going to add in our rice, add your water, sugar
because we’re making sweet rice and salt because all baking needs salt. And then give this
a stir. Now we’re going to put on a lid. Turn on the
heat and let this come to a simmer then turn down the heat and let it cook for 12-15 minutes
until the rice is cooked and all of the water is absorbed. And do not stir this while it’s cooking. It’s
a big mistake people make when cooking rice. You’ll know your rice is perfectly cooked
when all of the water is evaporated and it might stick to the pan a tiny bit but not
too much. You see that? Lovely. Because we’re making fruit sushi for dessert,
we’re going to add in coconut milk and vanilla extract to really elevate the flavor of our
rice. And then stir it well together. You need your rice to be nice and moist because
to roll a sushi roll, you need it to be able to bind and hold together. If your rice is
on the dryer side, your roll will be quite brittle and it will fall apart. To stop your rice from cooking in the pot,
spread it out on a tray and it will cool down really fast. While my rice is cooling, I’m going to get
started on the fruit. Because the rice is coconut flavored, I thought I’d pair it with tropical
fruits and some berries and they would work really well together. You can get really creative
with this and use any of your favorite type of fruit. To prepare your fruit for inside of the sushi
roll, you want to cut them long and kind of thick. If you kind of think of sticks, that
is what you want. You don’t want slices. Because remember you have to roll this up and it all
has to stick together. Then continue cutting sticks as best you can
with the rest of your fruit. I love kiwi. Look at that beautiful color. And it goes
really well with my nails. Yumm. I know every fruit is a different shape and
size so just try and get as much of a stick shape as you can. Now it’s time to make our first roll. A sushi rice is a nice to have but it’s not
a must have. If you don’t have one, don’t worry about it. You can just use cling film. Lay down your mat and lay your cling film
on top a little bit bigger than the mat so you have room to roll. Now just take a handful or rice and start to spread
it onto your mat. What you want to do is create a nice layer of the rice not too thick or
too thin because remember it’s all going to be rolled up so you’re going to be eating
it all at once on top of itself. A good tip is have a little bowl of water
nearby and you can dip your hands in it because the rice will start to stick to your hand
it’s kind of hard to get off so keep your hands kind of moist. If there are any holes, just cover them up
with a bit of rice because we don’t want that. What you want to create is a rectangle of
rice that’s roughly the same thickness. This is looking great. Now it’s time to add
on our fruit. For my first roll, I’m going to pair together strawberries and kiwi. Lay
your fruit 2/3 up your mat so it’s not too close to the lip and it’s not too close to
the center.This makes it much easier to roll. The funny thing about filling sushi is less
is more. This is the fun part where we’re going to
roll it up. When rolling your sushi, take your time. If you don’t have a mat, like I
said, don’t worry. You can do this with your cling film. Take your cling film and use it
as a guide to roll up your roll. Press your roll and make sure it’s nice and tight together
because when you cut it you want the fruit to be together. You don’t want there to be
any holes or anything. And then one last roll, we’re going to roll it over onto the seam.
Lovely. Looking good. We want to turn over the sushi and finish it with the seam on the
bottom. And there you have it. Beautiful! When I was telling you that you have to have
sticky rice, this is why because it will hold your roll together. If the rice is on the
dryer side, it will fall apart and it won’t be as pleasant to eat. I have to cut this roll because I really want
to see what it looks like on the inside. Wow! Look at that. Gorgeous! When slicing a roll,
make sure you use a carving knife rather than a chopping knife because you want to make
sure that you keep it all together when you’re cutting. This is so nice! The coconut and the strawberry
work really well together. To make a regular sushi roll really stand out, you can toss it
in some toasted coconut for extra flavor and texture. I put pineapple and strawberry in
this one because I think it will go really well with the coconut. It’s all of those lovely
tropical flavors. For our next roll, we’re going really BIG
& BOLD and create a mango wrapper for our sushi For this roll, you need very thin slices of
mango and I like to get those by peeling a mango with a potato peeler. Try to get wide
slices of mango. It makes it much easier to wrap your roll. To make this roll, overlap
your mango slices directly onto the cling film. Make sure you overlap them well so they
don’t break apart and there are any holes. And then just like before, lay down your rice.
I’m guessing each roll probably takes around two and a half handfuls of rice but it really
depends on your hands and how hungry you are. I’m going to fill this one with kiwi and raspberry
because I think it will go really well with the mango on the outside. The color of this
roll is going to be fantastic! I’ve heard from some of you that you want
healthier options for dessert and I definitely think this recipe ticks that box. Once your fruit is in there, then start rolling.
Now remember, take your time. There’s no rush. Keep it nice and tight. Then use the cling
film as your guide. Look at that mango on the outside. It looks beautiful! You can see now why I was telling you to cut
it really thinly because you need to almost mold it. If it’s too thick, it will snap. Gorgeous! Look at that beautiful color. Use
a good serrated knife when slicing your sushi. Look at that. This sushi looks really good
but we can’t stop here because I have lots more to show you. In addition to the lovely rolls, we’re also
going to make some little sushi bites. To make our little bites, we’re going to scoop
up some rice. And we’re going to mold it in our hand enough for a good decent mouthful. Then just place some thinly sliced fruit on
top. For a lovely extra effect, slice a blackberry in half. Then place it on top of your sushi and it looks
like fish roe. I’m also going to make a pineapple one but you can make so many varieties. To serve with my sushi, I made a raspberry
dipping sauce and I grated some cantaloupe to look like fresh ginger. Now you have a variety of fresh fruit sushi
rolls. And with so many different flavors, it’s hard to choose my favorite. So I’ll have
one of each! Make sure you come back next week where I’ll
show you my highly-requested Dairy-Free No Machine Ice Cream. Thank you so much for watching.
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