Hi guys! Hi! Hi! P: Sweevoury (Sweet + Savoury)
C: You think? I’m in the middle. I want both! Sweet! Sweet! Definitely sweet! I’m a sweet person! Cheesecake. Carrot cake. Like all the cakes right, I think I like everything sia. Chocolate fondue! You know when you take the stick, and then you put the marshmallow. I love waffles and ice-creams because there’s like individual squares. Then you can put the ice-cream in the individual squares. For me, I like ice-cream, but especially gelato and soft serves. I would say that frozen desserts they are a lot cheaper. The quality is lower than [fresh desserts]. So I think now my expectations are a bit low. I think I would buy it mostly for convenience sake. But in terms of taste, I would not go for frozen food lor. I don’t think I was ever mind-blown by a frozen dessert that was bought in the supermarket before. This looks damn frozen. It’s like you took a lump of ice cake right, then you just put in the microwave then now it’s just melted. Based on my knowledge of frozen food, they’re more perfect looking because they’re in a package right. So I’m thinking maybe this one is the frozen one. I think the cream cheese smell for this is really strong. This one smells like the fridge. So it’s more towards the frozen side for me. I think for me the sponge is a little bit overcooked. It’s quite a dry texture. The cake portion is lesser than the cream. So it’s not the most proportionate. But I like my cakes like that. I would assume that it is in a square shape, I would totally buy it and just eat it like a hamburger. The moisture is definitely there, but I feel like when you do the *nyam* right. You can taste the beet root taste. It’s damn good! But I don’t like it. It’s really very nice sia! This one is just like sugar. This one the cream cheese actually cuts the sweetness of the red velvet cake itself. This one! Oh no, there goes my streak! There goes my streak! There’s like small sugar grains on top, and then here there’s a coating of sugar syrup. I think this is very hard to achieve for a frozen thing. Okay, this one right the apples are nicely cubed. It kind of reminds me of McDonald’s apple pie. The filling is not so fresh, and is like mostly sugar syrup. This one even has sliced openings. It’s like what my grandmother or my aunt who loves to bake would do. It’s the kind of smell you get when you walk into a french bakery and you smell croissant. It smells like home on Christmas day! This one has the crunch from the crust, together with the crunch of the apple. And then the very smooth cream. Overall, it’s nice. But I expected the apple taste to be the star of the show. But this is not. I think the pastry itself doesn’t have much taste. For me, that is something that doesn’t make this dessert super pleasant. When you all ask us to guess whether it is fresh or frozen, I think my indicator would be the love. Can you feel the warmth of the baker’s hands or not? So this one can! Fresh! Oh my gosh! I knew I shouldn’t have trust my own feelings! Why this one so cute? It looks like the Esplanade! If you had to present this in a shop, I would say that, unless it tastes great, if not thank you, next. My initial instincts would think that this is the fresh one, but no! I have been wrong the whole time, so this is fresh! You know the alcohol smells like soya sauce. Not just soya sauce eh, it’s the maggie, R: You know that one?
M: Ya! The seasoning packet! No but, you know when I smell this, I can smell all the different layers. To me right, there’s still the coffee taste and the cream taste, but it’s all mashed together. It’s like coffee ice cream. Zero texture. Which I don’t appreciate in my pastries. If you put it in like Starbucks perspective right, this has like the espresso. This one is like no nothing. This one is like Cocoa Classic la! M: They pretend got coffee inside but actually don’t have.
R: Ya, pretend! Like if you eat on top, it feels like you’re eating powdered Milo. It’s that texture. So I like the top part but the ladyfingers is a miss for me. So I’m getting a little bit more bitter; like a little more chocolate and coffee. Probably for like coffee-holics. Fresh! I think easy eh! C: Macarons? Ah!
P: Yes! Why are they so nice to us? This gets a little bit tougher. Ya. I’m sorry, producers. I think easy eh! Easy eh! I would think that macarons are this size eh. Ya, this is too small. But then again, small might be atas (high class)! Smell like Play-Doh. And I realised right, they both have the same smell. This one I feel like I can smell the nutty almond fragrance. What I taste is icing sugar, and I really think that it comes from that shell. It’s extremely sweet. The textures of a normal macaron are there. Like there’s the crunch, like when you bite it, it’s crunchy. Then after that when you bite to the inside, and then it’s like, damn, it’s soft. The filling for that is really very smooth. And what I like about it is that, It’s not just cream; it actually tastes like fudge. Ya, I love chewy stuffs. So I like how chewy it is even though the crunch is missing. R: Huh?
M: Oh my god! For real? Egg tarts can be frozen? Wah, this one just looks alike sia. But this is slightly more flaky. When you do this right, the crust from the sides will all loosely come out. But this one not really. R: Oh no!
M: Like this one bigger than the other, that’s the only difference. This one you can smell the egg first, then the pastry. This one is just pastry. I would say actually the egg smell from this is actually stronger. M: Right?
R: Ya. This is egg tart meh? This tastes a little bit too sweet for me. When I eat this, it doesn’t taste like Portuguese egg tart. Flavour of the egg is not really there. I think it’s there. Just that it’s not very strong. It’s quite smooth. It actually tastes very close to the KFC one. The pastry is too thick for me. One bite barely gets you any egg. But I really love the centre, it’s like a good old egg tart. Yes! Yes! Yes leh. Some really blew my mind. I think like the first few. Because it tastes very fresh! Definitely! Especially for the macarons, and the egg tarts. I think the egg tart right, it’s based on your preference la. If you like sweet or you like more savoury. But, the most triggering one right, R: is the macarons eh!
M: Ya! Initially I thought all frozen food or desserts were of a lower quality, but not anymore! Like if you want to open your house for a Christmas gathering, just go buy frozen la! Forget about baking.