A group of master students had a wish in common. They wanted to be able to buy a vegan mousse in the shops. That is why they signed up for the DTU course on innovative and sustainable foods, which culminates in the Ecotrophelia competition. It’s been a really good experience. It’s been a fantastic opportunity. It’s been a really interesting course – and we have learned the importance of sticking with one’s idea from start to finish. We have even decided to carry on with our idea and develop it further and as such we have made it even better. Among other things, they experimented with brine from chickpeas and come exam time, the desserts were a real hit with the judges. Their delicious raspberry and chocolate mousses won the competition – and that earned the students direct entry to the European competition. It was exciting to be part of the Ecotrophelia competition and to see what the others had invented. Unfortunately we did not win the competition, but we have had so many successes along the way that we have now closed deals with some supermarkets about launching our mousses under the name ‘Vegan Delicious’. Are you also interested in turning your ideas into a reality? To apply your knowledge? Then sign up to do the course at DTU! Classes are held in the evenings during the spring semester, which allows students from other universities and professionals who are already in a job to take part. Apply before 1 January!