Yum-Yum!! good afternoon you guys and
welcome to “Mrs. Linda’s healthy and Unique Recipes”.. I actually I actually am
just hopping on here because today I wanted something I the other day I made
this smoothie and it wasn’t really it was like more of a slushie
and I used all blueberries wild berries I used lemon and a little apple sauce
you know unsweetened applesauce in the can and I blended quite a few things
with it and just to have something nice and cold and healthy and I duplicated it
again today because I like I said I came home from worship you know from and that
just came to the library to afterwards and then I came home wanting something
nice and cold to eat and this is what I made look at that a picture would not do
so I just had to record this and let you see this wonderful drink I made it
actually is made with wild berries it has some lemon in it it has some mango
frozen mango in it umm yum yum hmm I put a few cubes of ice in there and a
little dash of our cayenne pepper and it is delicious
I tell ya so I definitely have to share it with you I put uh let’s see one rose
I put a little app pineapple yogurt in there as well as some I let a little
water just a chip help the ice cuz I start everything started to freeze
together so I put the ice on the bottom blueberries four blows frozen
blueberries frozen mango and then all the other ingredients the apple sauce
and the pineapple pineapple yogurt it was the Greek yogurt brain and it was so
good so delicious with just a hint of yet and
lemon to bring up the flavor a little bit oh my god this is so delicious mmm
this is a nice treat to have healthy you bet you antioxidants you betcha
if you want to have something and enjoy it and still not have at all the extra
unwanted calories this is the thing and oh yeah a dash of cayenne pepper did I
tell you that so no I just want to hop on here share this with you guys and I
hope that you’re having a wonderful day and I will leave the ingredients on my
site for you guys and if you have any questions please like subscribe and
comment and until next time you guys have a
great weekend thank you so much for watching bye