Do you have a great idea for a frozen
dessert business? Let us help you turn your appetizing
ideas into delicious profits. We’re Sentry
Equipment, the area’s leading distributor of frozen
dessert equipment for over 30 years we offer Electrol Freeze, the best
frozen dessert machines on the market for more than 75 years Electro Freeze
has led the industry in performance dependability and groundbreaking
technology whether it be soft serve yogurt shakes batch or more electro freeze has the
equipment you need to succeed but we know that even the best equipment
alone isn’t enough to make your business dreams come true that’s why sentry also provides the
training and education you need to turn your vision into a solid business award-winning service and the peace of
mind that comes with knowing we stand behind our products and care about our customers and expert consulting that keeps you up
to date on trends and proven success practices in
the frozen dessert industry wonder why so many of the area’s leading
frozen dessert operations use Sentry and Electro Freeze it’s because at Sentry Equipment we
believe that we succeed only if you succeed so when you buy
Electro Freeze Equipment from Sentry we give you more than a machine we give
you confidence and our state-of-the-art
training facility we offer seminars workshops and
one-on-one sessions on everything you need to know from how to
make high-quality products to creating customer loyalty our expert
consulting can’t kick start your business can help you avoid the pitfalls the opening and running your store we
can help you find the right equipment for your concept develop your business concept and find
the perfect location design an efficient floorplan and decor create develop and train you and your
staff on your menu and store operations develop and execute a strategic
marketing plan and understand industry trends and new products when you call sentry for service you
always get a live courteous person on the phone that’s just one of the many reasons we
won the Electro Freeze Service Excellence Award for each of the past 30
years our commitment to Sentry service
standards means that we always run fully stocked service trucks
promise in store service within 24 hours if your
call and our professional qualified
technicians are on call seven days a week to serve you high-quality electro freeze equipment
expert industry-leading consultation and
award-winning sentry service all because we believe that if you
succeed we succeed take the Sentry road to sweet business success where profits
never tasted so good for more information about Sentry
Equipment call 800 853 8026 for more information about Sentry
Equipment go to www dots sentry equipment dot net