it’s so hot in New York City, it’s
summertime. And when it’s summer what you really want to do is eat something
frozen. That’s right, so today we’re gonna take you to ten of our favorite spots for
frozen desserts. They’re gonna be from all over the world. All types. So many flavors.
So be sure to watch to the end to catch all ten of these delicious sweet treats.
Ooh I’m excited! Our first stop it’s somewhere, yes,
that’s our first stop. So it’s our first stop it’s Joju so they specialize in
Vietnamese sandwiches. More unique modern take on them. What they have here is
Vietnamese coffee. Not just the iced version, they make a special frozen
version, oh it’s perfect on a day like today. one is special, they blend it with ice so
it’s good like a coffee smoothie. And they use Cafe Du Monde coffee, the famous coffee from New Orleans so let’s take a sip of this. Or a few sips. Oh it’s good!
You get that sweetened condensed milk. You get that chicory coffee of the Cafe
Du Monde. Oh this is really is like a perfect Vietnamese coffee smoothie right here. Our second stop is here outside Tea Cup Cafe. Yep, we’re in the other side of Elmhurst
Queens here. It’s like a little Thai town here, there’s a lot of Thai spots. This
spot Tea Cup Cafe is awesome. They’re a dessert cafe, they do drinks, but they
also do savory food. We’re here for one thing – Thai tea slush. At Tea Cup Cafe , they have a dessert here called Rooty Tooty. So it’s
a Thai tea slush with bread and corn flakes. But after a few times, we like it
better without the bread. So, we just asked for a Thai Tea slush topped with corn
flakes. So we’re going double with the caffeine today. First the Vietnamese iced
coffee now we have the Thai tea slush. Oh so you get that awesome Thai tea
flavor and you get it mixed in a slush and you get it topped with the cereal.
This beats any breakfast cereal combo right here, folks. Would you rather
have with Thai tea, I think so! Here we go You have that Thai tea mixed with that condensed milk and you have those crunchy corn flakes on top. That texture. What I like it’s
not too sweet, it’s got that perfect Thai tea mix in here. So the ice is very
finely ground so you really still have liquid of the Thai tea mixed in with
the frozen bits. Really well blended great summer frozen dessert here Our second step was delicious and sweet.
So now we’re off to our third stop. So we’re outside Al-Naimat. They do a lot of
South Asian sweets and foods here. So we got a very classic frozen dessert here
called kulfi. And the beautiful thing here they make it in-house, so it’s not gonna
be from a company, it’s from them, there’s no labeling on it. Let’s go. This one is a mango kulfi. It’s
creamy but it’s very dense. It’s not really icy, but it’s frozen, but still
soft enough. And you taste the mango and that rosewater jumps right out. It’s
really good. They’re out of pistachio unfortunately, but the mango is excellent too. Continuing this crazy adventure of ours.
We are outside our favorite Japanese cafe. Yes so this spot is called 969
Coffee It’s run by Oda. Oda is one of the
coolest people in this neighborhood, we love him. We come here to get coffee,
sushi, ramen, but he also has a really good frozen dessert. We’re gonna take you
there now. So our next frozen dessert of the day is
a matcha shake shake. Why is there a second shake on there? I’m not so sure,
maybe because we have matcha ice cream on top. So what it is, it’s matcha mixed
with ice. It’s blended with some sweetened condensed milk.
Ohh it’s lots of matcha in here. We’re at a Japanese cafe, you know the matcha’s good. So, let’s dig in! Wow – it’s not too sweet. It’s the perfect amount of matcha. I get that people don’t, there are people
who don’t like matcha because it would be very bitter for them, but this
one it’s a perfect blend of bitterness and sweetness. What’s also really cool
about this spot is that they have outdoor seating. Jackson Heights it’s not easy to find
outdoor seating, so you can sip on your matcha shake shake or your coffee and it’s
right outside for you to take it all in. I used to live around the area. I never
would have imagined that this place would be a Japanese coffee shop because
this place used to be my hair store. Who would have thought this place would be a coffee shop? Snd so of course this frozen dessert tour
will be incomplete without Filipino dessert.
Oh you could just take a guess what that is. You probably know we’re gonna show
you in just a few seconds. These are our ingredients for today. Today we have coconut macapuno, coconut gel, also with a coconut gel with the red and green. We
have from the Philippines I imported this, the jackfruit.
it’s a sweetened jackfruit. And this is our version of the banana turon. It’s
actually a plantain that I just caramelize it and mix it with jackfruit also. But today we are using a small sago, which is the tapioca pearls. Chickpeas
which is also known as garbanzo, white beans and sweetened red mung bean, an Asian sweet bean. Also we’re gonna top it with Philippines own ube, or commonly known as purple yam around here. This is our version of the extracted pureed
jackfruit right here. Flattened rice also known as pinipig, toasted coconut and we
have a couple ice cream here. Mango sorbet and ube and barranquillos, it’s a
milk wafer. Top it off okay. Let’s start it. What I’m putting here is a
shave ice with evaporated milk. When you don’t have fresh
milk growing up in the Philippines so we use a canned version of the milk.
Well most of our desserts – a lot of background with the evaporated milk. Let’s put in the coconut shreds. As you can see what I’m doing here it’s
like halo halo or any other mostly these desserts are a lot of made with
coconut. As you can see you know this is very indigenous to our country. It’s
actually called as a tree of life, you know like we actually build houses from
coconut trees. You could from you know making huts you know, also for food. Here’s the jackfruit, the banana We’re gonna put the white beans Chickpeas is not originally in the halo
halo in the Philippines but this is kind of like we want to add it in so add a
little version to it. Red mung bean. Tapioca pearls And we’re putting the
on top puree. The ube. Normally in halo halo, the ingredients are
usually in the bottom, but we like to do it here on the top you know take a photo. We understand what halo halo is.
Most people who have gone to our shop having halo halo are not Filipino also.
We can see what we are really eating here. So okay now we put to the ice cream. It’s a little hot in the shop today, so it’s a
little on the melty side. Finish it up with toasted pinipig. Some coconut flakes. And finish it up with barranquillos. And that’s it. This is Purple Dough’s halo halo. We got our halo halo! scratch. It’s our first time trying it
from here. We love Purple Dough, one of our favorite spots here in Queens for
desserts. But first time trying the halo halo. What better than a 90-degree day
like this. So let’s do it. It is so hot outside. This halo halo is melting. Our initial plan was to just get halo halo, but of course it’s always a great time
at Purple Dough with Stephanie and Mark so we end up staying there for two hours. Now we are outside waiting for our next frozen dessert. Yeah so this
spot is called El Bohio. There was a little grocery store, now it’s just a
little window. The guy does classic shave ice off the big block of ice. A very
New York staple here. They’re owned by Dominicans so they have a raspados. Raspado is the shave ice with flavor syrup so we’re gonna check
out what flavor we’re gonna get and the usually top with some sweet condensed
milk, so we’re gonna do that too. So after waiting for five minutes we
have our coco con pina. So there’s a few names for this. In New York the classic name is piragua,
like when they shave the ice off the brick. But there’s also raspado, which is technically what this is called. But they also call it Frio Frio. Frio is cold in
Spanish, so multiple names. Deliciousness either way. So coco con pina that’s coconut and pineapple. You know what mixture that is – pina colada. This would taste great with some rum.
This is strictly non-alcoholic frozen dessert. But, it would be perfect
to add some rum in if you have it. Yep mmm Wow that that condensed milk just add a
little touch of sweetness. That’s like oozing Oh yeah you really taste that pineapple
you have the coconut coming in then you got that sweetened condensed milk. This
really again this tastes like summer. We love the spot. They finely shave this
ice and you know you’re in Corona. You hear the bachata blaring. Yeah it’s Summer in Corona, folks. We are outside of Los Poblanos Grocery. It’s a Mexican grocery store here in Jackson Heights They make nieves. So it’s – nieve means
snow. So what it is it’s handmade ice. So they have it in this metal tin and then
they add the fruit and sugar mixture and they mix it by hand inside of this
wooden barrel that’s filled with ice and salt. So they literally mix it by hand
until it comes a slushy texture. Ooh it’s one of our favorites here, it’s so
refreshing. Let’s see what flavor they have today. A telltale sign if there’s nieves.
Nieves are Mexican ices. So the best way you know there’s gonna be nieves around. Look for the wooden buckets. All over here in Queens and if you see it in
Mexico. I had in Mexico City before like this too. That’s how you know. Sometimes you’ll see them making it by hand on the street The flavor we got today is pitaya.
So pitaya is a cactus fruit so with nieve they use a lot of fresh fruit in the nieve, which is nice. So let’s take a bite of that Now you see the seeds on there, look at that color. It’s very refreshing. This one is not too
sweet. It reminds you a little bit of watermelon but it’s it’s own flavor.
It’s really refreshing this is what you want if you don’t want something that’s
cloyingly sweet, this is perfect. So refreshing. We’ve eaten so much
dessert. Oh yeah so you may be wondering why we’re outside this Planet Fitness
right now. Yeah we gotta work some of that off, right? Not. There’s this cart right here
behind us right there. Yep they do the classic New York shaved ice off the
brick but with some Mexican twists. They have all different fruit flavors. We’re
gonna get something very special that sweet and savory – ooh it’s amazing. Un diablito de mango, por favor? We have mango diablito. What’s in it? Yeah
so what’s in it – there is freshly shaved ice of the huge block – ohh it’s
amazing. So then there is mango syrup There’s chopped up mango there’s so much of the mango in here. There’s chamoy it’s like it’s made with pickled fruit and
it’s salty. Then you have the chili powder. So you get sweet savory spicy
salty in this well. Tt’s such a beautiful combination mango and chile. So, we’re
gonna taste this one All that mango right there That little salty and savory in there it
really refreshes you on a hot day like today too. It’s not only sweet you
get that little salty to replenish yourself oh it’s incredible this is so
refreshing so unique I love the flavors Of course, this video, vlog, series is not complete without coming to the king. The Lemon Ice King of Corona. Oh what can I say about this place? I’ve been coming here almost my entire life growing up in
Queens. That lemon ice is the king we might add another flavor in there too
but the lemon ice is a must here. It’s a Queens classic folks. Let’s go. Can I get one small peanut butter and one large lemon, please. who recognize us from YouTube thanks to
Jon, Here Be Barr. Shout out to you. Yes so I have here on my hand it’s the original and I got
something special here it’s the peanut butter ice. Can you believe it there’s
chunks of peanut in here. This is a real funky one and we’re gonna taste it for
you on camera to show you what it’s like. It’s really chunky, slightly sweet but
you really taste the peanut butter. It’s really awesome actually.
And somehow with the water ice and peanut butter
it’s a crazy combination you wouldn’t think it would work, but it works really well. I
really thought I wouldn’t like it but it’s so good. It’s damn good. It’s good
but this is the best. Gotta go in here with the classic lemon ice I’ve eaten
this hundreds of times in the dead of Winter, in the Summer ever since I was a
little kid coming here Let’s get that bite it’s so hot it’s
been melting really fast, so there’s no topping this lemon ice. It’s perfect level
of sweetness the tang it’s got that real lemon flavor in here they just do it so
perfectly. It’s creamy it doesn’t have that overly icy texture it’s so good.
Yeah. They’re the king for a reason. If you have to pick one, you gotta go with the lemon.
So where are we? So it’s cool this part of Corona. Corona used to be a very
old-school Italian neighborhood. It’s changed a lot over the years, but this
section of Corona still has some Italian influence. So of course the Lemon Ice
King, then there’s Parkside Restaurant, old-school Italian restaurant. Now we’re
in William Moore Park aka Spaghetti Park. So this is the place you come after you
buy your ices you come and eat them here and you watch the guys play bocce.
Okay so this next stop we are taking you to Colombia. This is one of our favourite
Colombian dessert or Latin American dessert. It’s one of our favorite frozen desserts here in the city Cholados is like you see all
over Jackson Heights, Elmhurst in the summertime. It’s cholado season, let’s go.
This is gonna keep us nice and cool on this hot day. This thing is a beautiful right here this cholado. So much goes into this. Got the whole process down. Wow they really have it
down to a science here at Prontito. Cholados here are very popular but
the one here at Prontito really stands out, they have it down to a real
science. So they crushed the ice very finely. Then they put in maracuya, so that’s
passion fruit syrup. Mora, it’s like South American blackberry syrup. And they add all these different fruits you have chopped mango
pineapple, apple, maracuya the actual passion fruit, guanabana. You have a
bunch more in here. We’re going to break it down for you as we eat it. Then they
put the lechera, which is the sweetened condensed milk. They add more ice on top
then they add more of the fruit syrup a little more and add also coconut flakes, they put more lechera on top. It’s just such a
well-balanced look at his beautiful It doesn’t have too much of the sweetened
condensed milk and the fruit is in the middle so you can eat it eat the
fruit as you get down further into the cholado, so they have it down perfectly here. That passion fruit will come through right away from that syrup. It’s a very tangy flavor Then you get the creaminess of the lechera in there. Already get a few bites of the fruit. We’re gonna have to
use a spoon to dig out the fruit properly But it’s really and you can still sip
this well. It’s icy but you still have the liquidy element too. It just tastes like the tropics right here
in New York so here’s some of the chopped banana here’s the passion fruit
seeds right here from the pulp and they also squeeze some lime on here too to
add a little extra tang to it Wow so many flavors so many textures, which is why
this dessert is awesome. They have guanabana which is like one of my
favorite tropical fruit. you can find it I lost it
right here We just want to throw the seed out
of apartment in and plant guanabana. A crazy crazy day. We did it! Oh man we hit up 10 different spots for frozen desserts from
all over the world We had Italian ice, we had cholados, we
had diablitos, halo halo and much much more. The matcha shake. I can’t even
like yeah I don’t know how we did it. Well with this kind of hot weather 90
plus degrees is the perfect thing oh so we hope you enjoyed this video today.
Please smash that like button for us Subscribe, hit the bell you want to be
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