For the fruit cocktail, I am using Plum Kiwi Mango and Pomegranate seeds I’m also using some dried Apricots dried Cranberries and Raisins I always like to use a combination of dry and fresh fruit in my fruit cream For the yogurt cream we require some hung curd or yogurt and we just need to beat it well till it’s nice and smooth In a large bowl, add in the chilled whipping cream I’ll use and electrical beater You could use a whisk too we need to add in a few things here some icing sugar make sure to sift the icing sugar when you add it in it usually has lumps in it the icing sugar also stabilizes the cream half a teaspoon of vanilla essence Once it has thickened slightly just increase the speed It’s holding the peaks Time for us to stop beating it and add in the yogurt Give it a mix. and that’s ready put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes before you start assembling the dessert I have just taken out the yogurt cream from the fridge and the fruit tray I’m also using some crushed almonds to add a crunch you could use walnuts or pine nuts instead I’m using a stemmed glass to set the dessert You could use a glass bowl or even a squat glass let’s add in some fruit at the base of the glasses make sure to distribute the fruit pieces evenly Top it with the cream that’s the yogurt cream Use a spoon to spread it out add more fruit on top Top it with more yogurt cream That’s ready! Decorate the top with fruit pieces and serve the dessert absolutely chilled Remember to click the Bell Icon when you SUBSCRIBE!