Hi friends,Welcome to Divoo’s Kitchen..Today I would like to share the recipe of fruit custard The ingredients are Milk – 500 litre ,Sugar – 3 tablespoon,Pineapple ,Pomegranate ,Apple ,Custard powder – 2 &1/2 tablespoon Its very easy to prepare Take a small bowl,Pour 3 – 4 tablespoon of milk ,add 2&1/2 tablespoon custard powder ..stir well..Make sure its free from any lumps custard milk mix is ready..Keep it aside Heat milk in a wide pan or sauce pot… Add 3 tablespoon of sugar…You can add more sugar according to your taste Stir until it dissolves Now the sugar get dissolved,add the custard milk mix Keep stirring and cook on a low to medium heat until custard turns thick Now the custard is ready…Cool this completely under room temperature Now it cool nicely Take 2 small serving bowls..Add the fruits ,You can take whichever fruits you like…Avoid citrus fruits Pour the custard mix over the fruits The custard should be thick consistency Garnish with Almonds or cashew nuts Chill it in the fridge our fruit custard is ready,its very tasty..kids would love to eat …Try this recipe & please share your feedback Please subscribe to my channel…Thanks for watching my video