Hello Friends!! Welcome Back to Shana’s Kitchen Today we will be preparing Fruit Trifle Recipe Before that I would like to give you all one good news Our Channel Shana’s Kitchen has crossed 1000 Subscribers mark It all has been possible because of all of yours love & support thank you so much to all my viewers & all my Subscribers for supporting me & special thanks to family & friends to always encourage me & appreciate my hard work, thank you so much similarly keep supporting me InshaAllah very soon we will cross 10000 subscribers mark too now lets see fruit trifle recipe First of all will prepare jelly, jelly packets like this are easily available in market & are available in different flavors Behind this all instructions are given following these you can make jelly, here i have used two flavors jelly packets after preparing jelly, will leave it for one hour to set meanwhile will prepare custard, to make custard have left half litre milk to boil add 3 Tbsp. sugar will take little milk aside add 3 tbsp custard powder & make its paste after milk gets boil, low the gas flame slowly add custard paste to it keep gas flame on low stir continuously or lumps may form in custard let it get a good boil & off the gas transfer the custard in another bowl & let it cool down next whip the cream take 2 tbsp chilled whip cream it is easily available in market whip it nicely with the help of beater or hand blender Beat till you get soft peaks like this transfer the cream in a plastic bag like this so that its easy to use this step is totally optional, you can avoid it. the jelly kept to set, is nicely set now with help of knife, cut it into small cubes jelly nicely cut into cubes lets keep it aside & see other ingredients for fruit trifle next we have taken fresh mango fruit, you can use any fresh seasonal fruit if fresh fruits are not available, you can also use canned fruits avoid watermelon as it leaves fluid next use sponge cake, we have used ready made from market use any mixed fruit juice as you wish whipping cream custard cherries to garnish all preparations are done lets start making fruit trifle take one glass bowl first of all do cake layering spray juice over the cake, so that it gets moist next make fruit layering put custard layer over it now layer it with jellies now make final layering with whipping cream Evenly spread it with the help of spoon or spatula If you are using bigger bowl then you can repeat all the layers once more Now lets decorate You can decorate it with whatever you have as per your wish I have used some fruits over here I am using some jellies add some cherries grated some chocolate over it can also use dry fruits next I have added some Kiwi slices over it you can also make single servings similarly Can use dessert bowl, glasses or use & throw glasses also can be used Here also make layers similarly & garnish it at the top Its very easy dessert & a must try it is very yummy & fruity its very healthy & gets ready in quick time Fruit Trifle is ready now Keep it in refrigerator for 2-3 hours to get cold & serve it I hope you liked this recipe If you liked, do share this video with your friends & family Click on like button below & if not subscribed yet do subscribe my Channel Shana’s Kitchen & become a member of our youtube family Once again thank you for supporting Shana’s Kitchen Thank you.