what is this? I wanted to color this to red but then I want to color it to dark red use the watercolor I have no idea what this is did you know that we made these things last year I don’t know where is ours It’s not in here I’m pretty sure they only displayed the best ones in here and threw the others lol there are people who don’t know about Marimo so you should explain it to them this is can we not do this in here? (shy gal) lol sana ol may family char kelangan mo mag hintay more than 20years para lumaki ng ganyan NO JOKE pero wala naman syang kwenta to be honest bili nalang kayo ng bigas char HAHAHAHA PROUD OF MY NATURAL BROWS cause i was bored this would be fun if daeun(carat) joins us call her because she is good at talking in camera (unlike me) because im still awkward jsjsjd LOL whatever i will stand in line for the cotton candy yeh im the lucky guy teacher1: your (english) pronunciation is good me: ahh.. yes? me: I lived in foreign country teacher2: is Im dong nim teacher is your adviser? me: nope me: no, i lived in Philippines wow HAHAHAHAHHA me: are you english teacher? teacher1: promote this later okay? HAHAAHHHHA WHY IS MY VOICE LIKE THAT lol SEE pero isa lang flavor meron huhu what is this called again? friend: japangi Yeah but in english LOL okAy EngLisH ChAlleNgE hMMNn??? me: galingan mo mag explain ah? e upload ko to sa youtube friend: alright friend2: kawawa ka naman LOL *nag e explain* friend2: where is the pepero friend: just wait friend3: you only came here for pepero! friend3: ah sh1t i made a mistake me at the back: d q gets beh me: you do it like this? friend: no no friend: make a triangle pocket d q gets friend3: wow you’re actually good minyeong friend2: huh? friend3: why is your reaction like that me: sarang, tell me a fun story friend3: a fun story?…. i have nothing in mind me: anything lol friend2: im hungry friend3: then why are you hungry? friend2, me, friend1: i also didn’t ate breakfast me: actually I woke up at 7 and I told my mother to wake me up again after 10 minutes me: but she woke me up after an hour and a half me: so I was late today and i didn’t have time to put makeups on me: so i bring them but i forgot my foundation friend3: she was also late friend2: yeah i was late today too friend3: fold it to look like a ribbon friend2: sorry for being suck at this friend1: yours(mine) is weird.. friend2: I can’t wait for the pepero friend3: you only came for pepero!! friend2: we put pepero in here? friend2: and is this actually a thing to put snacks in? friend3: yeah they said friend1: draw an eye friend3: eye? you didn’t told me to draw an eye when I did this friend1: oh right- friend1: but you will throw it after all friend2: I am gonna draw an eyebrow me: but you don’t have them friend1 and friend3 : LOL me: and this is my eyes friend3: your eye looks like related in something like egypt FINALLYYYYYY AAAAAAA MY FAVORITE PEPERO FLAVOR IS THE ALMOND ONE me: yeyy I got a pepero show the eyes what’s your instagram? let people follow your account i don’t know, i forgot lol my love xD seventeen member introduction favorite ko yung cheesecake