hey YouTube family so today is going to
be a full day of eating keto to lose weight yeah so just sit back relax grab
a snack if you will and enjoy the video your girl is currently in traffic
traffic for a small sounds issue moments later
okay y’all so we’re finally here outside of the gym and I just realized that I
left my water in the freezer y’all I had it all right and ready for me
I’m just so hurt right now we are about to photos in the class y’all I’ll just
show y’all just likes a few little clips of Zumba class yeah I’m probably gonna
die because I have no water and I just really don’t like drinking out of a
faucet y’all I don’t know I just don’t like doing it but um yeah so wish me
luck hopefully everything goes great so so far we have been fasting for a
little over 14 hours yeah I’m not like hungry hungry right now I have been
thinking a lot of water today and so I had to fill up on it again because I
wanted to make sure I have a good amount of water for today’s workout today is
going to be a lower-body day I do believe yeah yeah that sounds like fun
so yeah we’re gonna go ahead and go to the pita box maybe there’s something in
there I don’t know who knows hopefully it’s not just because that’s not fun at
all but oh yeah so let’s go ahead and get on
the road thank you guys let’s see what’s in the PO BOX for today oh yeah
there’s only bills oh we got a little Just for the ones that don’t know Catalina Crunch is a
company that sells like keto friendly cereal and vegan friendly which is pretty awesome y’all do I appreciate that they also have some like cheese
bites just in case you’re like interested in some cheese-itz in a way
or whatever not vegan friendly or dairy free friendly um cheese if I’m correct
first off we have the graham cracker flavor then we have the dark chocolate
flavor then we also have the cinnamon toast and last but not least we have the
maple waffle I told y’all I was gonna do like a review on the Catalina Crunch
cereal y’all but it never happened like I don’t know if I just like ate out of
the cereal away you know clearly that’s what happened I had all the secret and I
forgot to review it y’all so I’m gonna make sure I do it this time
so therefore y’all a Catalina Crunch Review video will be coming out there I’m so hungry I was saying we’re
currently we just got done working out we’re about to go home have our first
meal of the day I’m so so so so hungry I got a message well I was working out
saying that I hit my intermittent fasting goal so yay due to the fact that we are
some productive Queens over here we went and got our ingredients for our keto
pumpkin muffins yesterday so I’m really excited about trying that recipe y’all
oh my gosh it looks so good so hopefully it tastes
good as well ingredients for our keto pumpkin muffins first things first we
have some baking soda then we have some non-dairy coconut milk whipped topping
then we have some pumpkin then we just have some pure stevia keto friendly
sweetener some coconut flour some Himalayan pink salt then we have five
eggs some vanilla extract and some pumpkin pie spice I almost forgot we
need some coconut oil of course okay also we have half a cup of coconut flour
but in the ingredients all it says half a cup of coconut flour and then it says
plus two tablespoons of it so that’s what we are going to do now y’all we are
going to do one tablespoon and also one teaspoon a pumpkin pie spice just put it
in there next up y’all we have half a teaspoon of some Himalayan pink salt
next up y’all we have one and a half teaspoon of baking soda baking soda I
got baking soda Next up y’all we have 1 and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract the
recipe says monk fruit y’all but due to the fact
I don’t have any monk fruit we’re just gonna use our pure stevia blend and it’s
one and a half cup of it and hopefully it doesn’t like ruin the recipe fingers
crossed we’ll see though yeah this is so sad to admit I cannot use a can opener
to save my life I kid you not so typically someone has to open the can
for me or I just buy the ones that have you know like a little top on top of the
lid or whatever because yeah I just don’t know like what I don’t know what
I’m doing that makes it so difficult now y’all we have one cup of pumpkin we will
be using half a cup of coconut oil okay y’all so now we’re just gonna mix up our
five eggs in this then just put the rest of the ingredients in this ball right
here okay y’all so we’re gonna go ahead and put the oven on 350 go ahead and let
it just start warming up or whatever and just basically keep on mixing all our
ingredients together we have six of our Kido pumpkin muffins over here and these
okay I’m gonna be honest y’all I just want to taste a little bit oh my
goodness too good now y’all can just go ahead and put this
in the oven but I’m gonna put a little whipped cream inside of this I don’t
know if that’s gonna be great to do because the recipe you can put like
cream cheese in it and you can make your own dairy-free cream cheese but I don’t
have any nutritional yeast to make my dairy free cream cheese y’all so y’all
we’re just gonna try that coconut milk whipped cream and we’ll just see what
happens so you guys we have the coconut milk whipped topping and our keto
muffins and y’all the recipe called for light you can use toothpicks y’all but
y’all why are toothpicks so expensive we’re like two dollars or something I
was like who is gonna pay two dollars for some toothpicks like No
so I just use a straw and just mix it up okay y’all so the recipe calls for it to
be in the oven for 18 to 22 minutes so we’re just gonna put it on 20 minutes that’s good alright y’all so first
middle of the day I have some barbecue chicken the barbecue sauce that I use is
sugar-free barbecue sauce I got it when I filmed my most recent keto grocery
home I’ll link that above just in case you haven’t watched that video then I
have some eggs with go veggie vegan cheese in there then I have some
broccoli wood and then I have some strawberries to drink and just having
some water and Coke Zero so you guys due to the fact that my keto pumpkin muffins
are not done I’m just gonna put it on 450 for about 6 minutes and we will see
I don’t know if you’ll have to do that didn’t work well for me just keeping it
at 350 so 450 it is alright y’all so here are our six keto pumpkin muffins
what I wish I would have done is just did it at 450 instead of 350 and
probably just did it on 450 for maybe 12 minutes I think that would probably be
great but I’ll try this recipe again and try it with it being at 450 just to see
but y’all these things smell so good like oh I made these these have to be my
favorite muffins I’ve made period yeah I’m gonna go and say that yeah so y’all
I ate one I gave my mom one she doesn’t believe there keto friendly but yeah
that must mean is really good so since I am basically chef unique right now y’all
I just want to go out there and say that I’m very proud of these keto pumpkin
muffins in the description box I will have these keto pumpkin muffins recipe
listed and I will also have the website that I got this recipe frog listed down
below as well Oh y’all I am proud of these muffins
are so good okay YouTube family so we’re in the car
right now my mom she’s coming to zoom across me today I’m so excited about
that I had to make sure I got water today y’all because yesterday I forgot
my water and I almost died in Zumba class Brel like realtalk I really did
but I’m not going to record today’s Zumba sessions that’s already showed
y’all yesterday’s so when I come back on here either it will be after Zumba
or from my dinner nice dinner I’m just having a nice little salad we have
spinach and spring mix that we have just some chicken that I have an earlier just
the meat portion then I have some vegan cheese we have some no sugar added
Jerkins and we have for our dressing just metallian dressing and also i’m
gonna put a little bit of this lemon just squeeze it on there and yeah I’m
just shaking a lot a lot of water because Zumba class killed me hashtag
help hashtag consistent Queen hashtag fit
girl fall okay y’all / softly all right bye you guys that’s all it was so so
good like I really enjoyed today’s meals like OMG like chef unique is truly in
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y’all those keto pumpkin muffins are so good like I do they’re gonna be good but
wow I wasn’t expecting that at all y’all even my mother she’s been eating all the
keto pumpkin muffins oh good I just can’t eat one yo she really trying to
like eat them all tomorrow tiny YouTube family thank you so much for watching
this video as always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay
blessed and I was seen in the next video which will be Friday right y’all so I am
going to take me a long hot bath and just meditate and enjoy the rest of
tonight okay y’all I love y’all so much see you Friday!!! Byeeee : )