Hi, I’m a bounty hunter. Baba Dee Flatt! Hoooly… FUU- I wouldn’t sell a drink to me – it’s not wise to piss off a drunk old Jedi! …about the equivilant of a medium shield… AaAAaa I like my beans There’s still Sith out there… You don’t think so, then you’re wrong. Cooking With Fatty: Meat Salad Whuaa! You’re funny if you think you can take mine from me. GRAAHH You’re still hittin’ full force, dude! AHHHHOW AAAH AWWH AAAAAH FUCK Dude! Fuckin- Stop. Doing. FULL. FORCE. Um… What IS going “full force”? That is… where… – and the way I define it… Someone is treating it as if they’re about to die and they are putting everything behind it. Back in April I flew out to Battle Creek, Michigan to meet a fellow YouTuber that goes by the name of airsoftfatty I’m sure you guys have seen some of his videos his most popular ones are: Fortnite Chug Jug Challenge And: (watch ’til the end) OUHGHhh I think I just shit myself… airsoftfatty makes a WIDE variety of content What you’ll need is some turkey or sandwich meat and hot dogs One day he will upload “meat salad” the next day he’ll upload “Cranberries zombie cover practice 1” *angelic singing* There is NOTHING that’s off-limits for fatty to upload Ahh- with the exception of like, uh I was gonna say “weight loss” but he’s even uploaded weight loss stuff …hnngguhh 17 Oooh, it’s gettin’… really hard… GRAAAH This guy’s unstoppable. I was kind of curious about fatty’s life ya’know, I’d seen his videos for so long I wanted to know if he was playing a character I wanted to know what he’s like off-camera what he’s like around his friends and family what his eating habits are I like my noodle to be a little dry I wanted to know all that I could learn about airsoftfatty and I think the best way of doing that was goin’ directly to the source. It feels like the name suits it, ’cause I’ve only seen, like… like, I’ve seen a lot of army vehicles and a lot of roadkill so it feels like a “Battle Creek.” Alright… We’re calling Chris, AKA airsoftfatty ~ Record your message after the tone ~ Hey Chris, it’s Ian Call me back when you get this Yeah. Somethin’ about “Krotosis”? What was that? Now we, uhh we wait… for his response so that we… have… an extra level of permission to come over. I guess we could just show up, I – I told him that we’d be coming, so… Let’s just drive over there. As we were driving to fatty’s house I fully expected us to just park on the side of the road Knock on his door, and have him greet us: “Ohh, iDubbbz! Great to see ya man! How’s it goin’?” But it didn’t go like that. It went quite a bit scarier than that. We are here… Oh… my… fu- Those are the boys. That… is… I’ve never felt more uncomfortable in my life Yeah? Alright, I’ll do that… What I assumed to be fatty’s friends at the time welcomed us – showered us – with welcoming gifts featuring: beer… Faygo… …and weenies. …if you can call any of that welcoming gifts. I mean it seems a lot like – more like foreplay for a juggalo than it does a “welcome to Michigan” sort of gift… but I could be wrong. Welcome to the state where Kellogg’s from from… and Faygo – I wanted to talk to fatty on the first day, but his friends would not allow that. They were askin’ me all sorts of questions about Filthy Frank, and… PewDiePie, and all this sorta shit… How’s Felix in real life? Is he shorter than I think he is? I had to just endure it I had to function as the Autism Magnet… Me, Aaron, and him are autistic …while Dane and Ben got footage of fatty and asked fatty questions as he toured them around the property. See if the light still works in here… Somethin’ that ain’t trash over there Two MG Midgets. Midgets? Grandfather left me this one… Left Matt the red one. Worst comes to worse… Sell ’em to someone who’ll give’em the beauty treatment and start usin’ ’em in shows. And then o’course you got the jet ski. When’s the last time you took the jet ski out? Well, considering it hasn’t had a good starter since ’99… “Hasn’t been started since ’99.” Is that what you said? Hasn’t been started since ’99. And technically, that is an outlawed model. An outlawed model? Here we go. Kinda forget I had this… Turns out Chris was more than willing to share his life with us as long as we let him. He simultaneously is able to sound like an old man who’s reminiscing ’bout the days past While also having the imagination of a third-grader who definitely just found a real life t-rex fossil. What the fuck? …the hell? Treasure map? No… Oh, this is quilting stuff, okay! I just realized that now. It’s not paperwork, it’s… quilting stuff. Yeah. Ah, okay. I know someone in the house who can enjoy this. Apparently it was up in the garage door. Yeah What’s the strategy with takin’ one of your shoes off? That’s literally it. Thought maybe you were goin’ down there. Oh, hell no… Even if the tires weren’t there… …it’s basically a goddamn snake pit. Every year… breeding season… Garter snakes are everywhere down there… Garter snakes? Pretty harmless snakes, right? Hoohoo… Michigan Blue Racers, man – they’ll chase you. They’ll chase- I know that for a fact. You’ve been chased by a Blue- Yes! Me and mother had the golf cart workin’… She started it snake comes out, starts chasin’ her… …and she gets in the golf cart, ditches me all the way back there… I had to run the whole fuckin’ field. Fatty won’t shut up. He came in, he had both eyes infected- Then I got stuck between a toilet and a wall- Complete bullshit, you had some woman that looked like she was in her 300’s- I’ve got my mother who can pretty much vouch for a lot of things to talk about here… Ya know, if you ask him a question he’ll go to the moon and back with stories. …and you can’t stop him- But they have to first find a way to target it- Aaaaand there’s literally just ’bout two feet straight ‘way- *hissing sound* And then just *drop*. You could try to cut in there and he’s like “Oh, that reminds me of a new story I gotta tell you.” I thought them muh’fuckers were demon horses- *loud cough* and then Because both Marauding Captains on the field cause what’s called the “Marauding Captain Effect.” Probably speakin’ gibberish for God’s sake. Yeah, I don’t know anything about Yu-Gi-Oh… I goin’ down within five feet, my mother’s tryna hold me down- My legs… up in the air- We call her Peanut ’cause when she was born she was a peanut- That’s where I almost got actually eaten by a t-rex. Ahhh… man… Man, oh man oh Cheez-Its You’re lookin’ at someone who can go days without pissing and shitting And someone who can go about all day without drinking. Really? And I only drink from beer mugs! You only drink from beer mugs? …or shot glasses. You do shots of water? Later on we decided to drive around and have fatty give us a bit of a tour of the city Ya know, let us know what hot spots or interesting features there were in Battle Creek. Uhh, there weren’t any. Not necessarily… There’s your Red Roofs Back there you have your Knights Inn… You have your America’s Best Quality Inn… Another Knights Inn over there… It was like… …just a shit-hole. And I’m not even afraid to say it ’cause everyone there calls it a shit-hole. Believe it or not, at least once every few months, you will have drug buses… like, down the road from me over here at the motel. Drug buses? Yeah. What is that? Ya know… Usual team they gotta call in when it’s stuff like meth and cocaine. Oh, so they’re the police. Yes, essentially. After hearing a bunch of fatty’s stories, we started to notice that he has this habit of opening the story with a line that is more interesting than the story itself. “Yo, Chris! You wanna go to a big party?” Well the thing is… think about it- Put the gun away. Put the BBs back. I’m shaking- And I looked at him, and I was like, “I’ve never been to really any kind of party.” Calling my mother as I’m putting the fire out on the stove- I’m one of the only guys that’s got a race mini van- They’re like, “Dude, it’s like a ‘Project X’-style party, let’s go!” The grilled cheese are burnt! So instead of just cutting to the chase about how his engine blew out after he didn’t change the oil… He’ll open it with: I learned the hard way that you get your oil checked every few months. Now I- now I must inquire and hear this awesome story You learned the hard way? Please. I had a 98′ Ford Explorer… And you just hear, “PAAAP!” Faauuck… And then it just stops – cuts off completely. I got my blinkers on, I’m in the other lane. Got people passin’, “What the fuck is your problem?” I’m like… The grilled cheese are burnt! See, this is somethin’ I don’t get: why the fuck put a stop sign right here. Would you ever consider like becoming like a mayor or some sort of city official or something to try and make some sort of change? I don’t feel like I’d have the skill to do so. You don’t think so? Naw I’m not a very good people’s person. I have a tendency to get stage fright. Yeah I know, crazy enough – I do videos, yet I get stage fright. That’s the weird thing: a lot of stuff that I do contradicts what I actually feel. But yeah, there’s even times – like I said – where it’s people I should know by heart I even panic around, ya know. *cough cough* Oh, man. To be honest with you, I couldn’t hurt a fly. You *wouldn’t hurt a fly. I couldn’t. Not even wouldn’t, I couldn’t. You can’t catch one. There were a couple moments where fatty and his group of friends would mention this place called Meijer. This here, is… The Meijer. And I – I just thought it was a gas station. But they reminding me, like, “No this is not a gas station.” “This is so much more than that.” And I was like, “Shiiit, alright. We’re – we’re really goin’ somewhere!” Umm… It’s just like a sh- like a slightly better Wal-Mart. *confused chuckle* We learned a lot of useful stuff on our shopping trip. I can do stuff like Cleveland Brown: “HEY GUYS, IT’S ME CLEVELAND BROWN!” Got stuff like Elmo: “Elmo says – Elmo says we need to take another puff-puff-pass.” To be honest, I don’t know what the hell fatty was saying throughout the day because I wasn’t with him. You know, I was – I was around these guys: a u t i s t i c So I – ya know, if you want me to give commentary on this part I can’t – I’m just gonna tell you it from my perspective, okay? It was – the day was shitty. Yeah… um… First day was was too much for me. I am in great pain. Oh- dudedudeduuuuu… What was that? What did you hit? Uhh, looks good. Yeah, it’s fine. Alright. This thing’s – was this thing tilted before? Okay, calm down. Calm down. I’ll be able to get outta here just fine. Feel like we’re escaping. I’m like, afraid I’m gonna run over a cat. Like, for a minute there I was – I was expecting one of them to like, sort of… Autisticly, like, go behind and, like, wave me through, but I run him over. So I’m, like – I’m quite thankful that it was just a light post. And not a human being, or a cat. Jesus… CHRIST. (I’ll finish the rest of these later. Auto-detected shit from now on, sorry.) Day two we were finally able to get fatty alone and have him answer some of our burning questions Alright tits are anus pass Star Wars is a big part of Fatty’s channel so I thought it was very important that we asked him a lot of questions about why he likes it and Why he feels comfortable Swinging around a bit of plastic in his front yard the Star Wars ones I fall in love with because I can easily just slip into the lore. I do not expect failure from my higher Then I also understand when bullcrap gets fed up by Disney pretty much boom What’s up with your first star with me? Oh, that’s a good question Revenge of the Sith very easily securely for the obi-wan understand all beautiful Civitas cinematography It just it made more sense. It was Star Wars back. Then I met him at school when we were going together And so we started hanging out and he told me about his YouTube channel and he needed a little help well once in a while so I volunteered said why not didn’t have anything going on a Couple videos down the line and we made the notorious one where he trips over there by the trash cans Ever since then he’s always setting me up asking for help with videos and other stuff. You’re the camera guy Oh, yeah, a lot of them. Okay her good majority. Oh, so you’re the guy behind the camera moves? Yeah. Okay. Yeah Mike is a very interesting guy He didn’t give any indication of care about what the fuck we were doing the whole time, you know He was there for fatty and that’s how I sort of got the idea that this is one of fatties Actual friends every time we hang out. I’d see they’re talking about doing a video or doing the videos So it’s it’s kind of like a weird production hangout kind of thing. I guess. Yeah. Mike is also a bit of a pyromaniac There were several occasions where he made fires without anyone’s consent I still don’t know what Mike sees in those flames So you’re not as into Star Wars and no not really I mean With them, they’re more of them. They’re hyper into it. I guess you could say for me It’d be stuff like Harry Potter, but I don’t mind it one bit Yeah, you know I can get into it any day any time the fuss Is a weak Institution under your side. Are you embarrassed at all by the videos you upload? Not exactly No are you embarrassed by I don’t know being in the Star Wars as much as you are being a 22 year old now got my lightsabers man why make a big deal out of Loving something that people are gonna hate me for love. So what I’m a nerd, I like Star Wars. Holy crap Dorf cameras You have broken in several walls on the moon republic water. Would hereby sentenced to death How do you plead? trial by combat The force No, that’s wrong until Congress Nationals Shit show us that one And a glade near the throgs couldn’t begin into her distance that I can read The finger Oh Yeah, so what happened I didn’t catch it what happened got me in the dumb download Sweat open a cut and corrects the inside of that It fucking hurt So would you say that was full force We asked for a tour around his house And at first I was expecting an uncultured mess But after experiencing the tour I changed my mind you start by entering the house through the main hall from there You can stop by the dining area or you can visit one of the many restrooms to wash up before supper. Oh Just a few steps away you can relax and soak up some rays in the sunroom Which mother would remind me to bring the vacuum nuts use it Yeah, this is bad this room. I used to call this misspoke room for a bit Then it kind of got turned into a random shit room Then it became the cat room and every so often mother and Brian attendees lure box and then tell me when they neither accurate This is bad I’m disappointed, right? I wish mother would have told me this needs done today. Yeah, I guess I’m not proud of this careful Yeah, I’m not happy right now dear fucking Lord Mmm, it’s the work time. I’m actually ticked at my mother for this Class sir. I said hey before anyone comes over this morning box was made clean what l needs to happen I’ll go dance in the grass a little but if books are more your speed you can get lost in the sprawling bookshelves of the library Downstairs you have the project room. Here’s the project breweries. You just looks like the right dungeon This here is where I used to keep Hard well, yeah, this is the Work in progress Work in progress, this is Is this sonic Popsicle is going to jump through that I’m telling ya Bob’s going Yeah If you walk upstairs, you’ll find the lounge which is the most popular place on the estate to enjoy some me time That right there is what happens what do you milk it completely lock it in your shirt Lastly if you’re looking for an adventure the backyard might be the place for you So, what was your first impression Christmas man big goofball to be honest I Actually have a bit of a thing I want to do with it I Get a brain engine in it and no fuel injection system some nice stars on there. Finally get her a paint job What do you think of the house when you first came here it’s a lot bigger than mine that’s for sure You’ll notice that the house is pretty rundown It doesn’t look good. And when you go there, it doesn’t smell good. It is very jarring. Cool That’s epic and I wanted to know why the hell the house was in the condition that it’s in Uh, so over the years. It’s just kind of gone downhill Supposed to have two father passed away. We didn’t have funds to sit there and just get every major airfare we needed so that Looks very ugly right now We’re just now getting to a point we can afford to get the talent stairs ceiling done That takes a few months for us to save up first book fair like that as horrible as the house looks right Now this was not the original look my grandfather. I didn’t really get a satisfying answer about the house from Chris So I decided to ask the owner of the house Chris’s mom What do you love about Chris nine nine, yeah, I don’t know I just He’s a sweetheart. He really is. He’s guys moments. I’m not gonna say he’s perfect because he is not far from it Chris’s mom has a lot of cats. I think it’s about thirty from what I’ve been told and I think that’s where most of the smell comes from her Favorite cat is a one-eyed cat with a pink dress named Preston She’s spoiled. Do you have her eyes print them? I’m getting you ready mother and only eats birthday cake ice cream for Myers Get her an ice-cream cone You have to sit and hold the cone for her butchering Spanish, you know, eat the ice cream if she gets down Turn around so she can get to those from again. That’s unique Chris Berg. Did you find any more blue in there? She likes the frosting the best Reason all right. I composed myself. 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We didn’t always see eye to eye on what was the problem? I’m honest with myself. I’m a large guy If it doesn’t change I’m gonna die soon flat out being a little over 400 pounds is not normal weighing for men is not normal Yeah, he’s 11 days old there and they say it’s a torture a glam. I instantly cling to food and Within a matter of about a year, I was around 380 Going from around 260 to 380 is enough fun. It’s no a little I used to eat ice cream lately I’ve been making good strides though. Get fast food out like lately Caffeine as well Christopher has lost a hundred pounds over this last year and a half just by himself He’s gonna exercise without realising he’s getting exercise cuz they’ll play out there for a couple hours at a time And if you said hey Christmas bought walking for my flowers, forget it wait So what about like you say caffeine do you mean that mean does I really effectively I know what I had was my kryptonite Venom black cherry Kiwi cuz I used to sit there like three of them at a time. That’s it there girl Yeah, I’m not going to call these of course half hour later What was your first impression of Chris and his weight did it bother you in all their love? No, I’ve always had family members that were on the heftier side I could say so it wasn’t really that much of an issue for me personally He just spent right in as far as my friend group weren’t just odd squad family really would you look at? fuck’s sake a little bit higher best food on earth Oh hands down That’s a tough one really stink Yeah, I stole like full-on steak. We are making the steak She’s been beautifully marinated Yeah, we tried quinoa. Oh Why does that sound like a martial arts form You blue tuned to master the art of quinoa I asked Chris if he could give us a rundown on how he produces one of his cooking with fatty videos Which are very popular and he agreed to it So here is an exclusive never-before-seen look at cooking with fatty behind the scenes You’re welcome Music come here. I’m like, okay how to have your protein You brought your own cheese chicken Simple easy a lot of people. Is there a line here? Yeah throw on right now. I mean in the kitchen, they’re all on over there is it? Okay, great. Of course So would you usually put a like a GoPro on your head Welcome to cooking with Daddy light facts Because well feeling food in the neighborhood course boss reporting so what you wanna do first Get that water boiling like everyone knows you got a do so I might even come up with the title as I’m going through here What I’m thinking right now is like collards food heck cooking with fatty Under five dollar meal and of course You gotta come back and check every so often looks like we’re getting to that boiling point soon I would say used to be I used to never Put in so much work it through a video. Usually it was like these out boats chase it I’ve got that spark to really put time into a video So when it comes to nuggies versus tend easier more of a no he’s kind of good So wrong welcome back we had to restart the video for a second All right. We’ll take a plate three Matt out. Yeah, I just know a little heat take Matter now, there’s no me. You probably don’t think about this much but a TV dinner in Packer ominous But always watch combination No, you were scraped in that barbecue What are you doing? Perfect you off the phone That’s stuck on it was on that thing. How could you take all that good? Of course daddy always says clean the pepper yourselves So, there you go, let it cool down No course stop the recording they’re in my way. It’s really just a typical day here require cooking of event And sleeve. Oh, let’s get into gourmet Course after all what you say it for launch makes it better You say you like? You exaggerate a bit Like your stories or not? no, I do my best to try to keep it as an open book as possible like It’s like I said, why why go out just lie Yeah, I mean it’s not about lying. It’s just like no but everything we’re talking but it is it’s all happened Kristin has a lot of stories, you know, he’s very much a talker. Oh, yeah, I guess for for someone who’s a bit skeptical It’s like I don’t wait people who are right, right He’s got a little bit of like flak online for some of his stories because he’ll exaggerate some things. Oh, yes He does. I feel like I’ve gone places. I’ve done a decent amount of thing Yeah, but like I don’t have like nearly the amount of like stories that you have Why Oh Now up until this point we’ve spoken to most of the major people in airsoft Fatty’s life except for one This gentleman here Robert is Chris’s now ex friend who he’s lightsaber dueling or hanging out with in most of his videos Robert he He literally will go full force every time I’ve only ever used like 40% of my strength on that once he seems Maybe a bit more aggressive when it comes to the lightsaber duels They’ve recently stopped speaking to one another because of some dispute with an airsoft gun But that’s why we didn’t see Robert for the first few days We were there is because we sort of arrived in Michigan in the middle of this cold war Robert he has a lot of issues. I Don’t believe he’s on his medication He has violent tendencies. I would not be surprised. If one day I did not find out that he has killed somebody When we showed up in Battle Creek We thought we were going to be able to film fatty and Robert dueling all the time interacting with each other But that just wasn’t the case But I was determined I was determined to get fatty and Robert to duel each other because that is some of my favorite Content on fatties channel. I wanted to see it. I wanted to effing see it So your there’s no way that you’ll know he Healer Lee is going full force. He literally treats it because if he’s on an actual battlefield about to die every time Okay, so maybe not from a friendly stand? what about You don’t have to interact with Robert in any way We pick him up. We bring him here or neutral zone perhaps And it’s right and it’s only a Duel This is no one, you know That I wouldn’t suggest you do lean either because he will hurt you He has hit me so hard in the back of that. It’s a verse and it’s literally knocked me out He’s been told there’s that divot that’s not fused right you keep hitting me full force back there You’re gonna kill me Robert. He had me in a video where I literally blacked out The rest in peace bitch like I will fuck I will do the dialogue with you I’ll fucking go out there and do the dialogue with any property would very quick no more than five minutes Yeah, I’m gonna go up to Robert’s fucking door I’m scared Hey Robert, how you doing? Do you have time for an interview? Yeah, I’m gonna watching dog, whoo, yeah Yeah, yeah, is she gonna keep barking she’s looking for target? All right. You know what? Yeah, stupid dog you Oh clobber the little boats At this point Robert had completely fucked the Mike I don’t know how he did it He just took his dog inside and the whole unit is just trashed It’s not like that. The plug just pulled out the whole thing just doesn’t work But thankfully Ben did record audio on his phone. So we do have some usable audio for the Robert interview do you have any weapons on you now says it’s Ya Know the Robert interview was a complete mess so I think we’re just gonna have to show you it in pretty much its entirety because There’s very there’s a lot of moments Yeah, what’s good about having fatties a friend or what was good about having you as a friend I had fun kicking his ass and every white savoured when we filmed When it comes to YouTube being friends is not the window-eyes order kick his ass What would you say? He’s a real negative thing about having fatty as a friend He’s an ass then again. So online so I can’t really say shit What’s your opinion on fatties house like the condition of it and just like it looks like crap Need I say more. I mean you’re just there Sunday need I say more Hey Robert What pisses you off the most about fatty Fat that it treats me like crap when I’m or off-camera How does he treat you like crap It’s so long wish you should want me to get into it. Yeah just rattle them off Just list them off real quick top 5 take as much time as you nothing mentioned. I don’t really keep a list Just daddy anything It doesn’t have to be top 10. It could just be anything Well, usually just at door darling just ends up going up there smoking doesn’t really Angle me to the point where I’m just Pointing videogames always getting high as like next to me. Okay, what else? Well, if you’ve seen some of the videos you get to Jess Yeah, but like you said that there’s like a long list of like the things that he’s done that you know, this is you are Like so far we’ve only heard one which is like he kind of ignores you for the bomb Is there anything else because it seems like you’re struggling to come up with like? Although I can’t think of any on/off the time from my head. Okay. Well, I guess they don’t really keep a list Okay, I get you There’s still hidden full force, dude Would you stop if I had at least one full force his hand? Everyone is saying would have been shattered Those were love taps He made clay they were all full force, but that wasn’t even close I will admit he has kind of strong over the past year and a half I mean, he’s got to be pretty strong carrying all that fat around I mean What do you like about Star Wars? The fights obviously it’ll fight scenes the fight scenes the action. I’m a woman. I’m a weapons a guy Of course, I like the fight scenes. Okay. I mean the fact that I’m making a homemade spirits That should say enough how hard it is to fight a perfectly straight stick in the middle of the wood You found that yo, you don’t believe in force. I don’t believe in the force Apparently Chris seems to think he’s a real good eye. I think that’s bullshit crazy the fanatic I guess I just watch the Star Wars movie for the fight scenes. What’s your favorite fight scene? What’s your favorite scene from Star Wars? Probably an account resolving one at the end of prevented ACEF. Why do you play with lightsabers at your age? I Have several real boys, but Chris doesn’t want to spar with those Right, but like you can understand why he wouldn’t want to spar with real blades because you might lose Yeah, but it would make but we make it more interesting I’m pretty sure we’d be able to make several five-year-old videos out of that And would you spar with someone using real blades? I’ve done it before Oh Well, when was that? Years back I think middle of Arizona Middle of Arizona, you know, it’s Paolo Who is that? Okay, I didn’t get his name This is a random guy. Yeah random did with who was enough to call me out and you sparred with him with uh With the real blade it didn’t end well for him, so see life Maybe again if I died a world’s up with the world’s done and well, I died a world on my way But so there’s that if I die the world is fucked. What does that mean? About Six or seven years ago. I Blacked out and learned something about myself Really don’t you Can you can you summarize it in a PG way Not really. That’s the dew of heaven in hell. Not really. It’s PG That’s not PG. I blacked out. I don’t have any memories from there in that time All I know is flames and insane laughter Well, how do you know the world’s fucked that they wouldn’t have to do with the statement the world because the laughter wasn’t my own No, okay. So if someone else is gonna fuck over the world, it’s not you Well, it’s me just that they’re inside of me. Okay, so you’re talking about your demon. Yeah, exactly What’s your demons name? I? Can’t change later than human. But he’s saying me calling some calling himself death Okay original. I said the world’s fucked if I die Well, you don’t need a translated to human just say how would like you would say, it’s the mind. Yeah, it can’t be spoken Okay. Well, I this Oh Could you that up? Oh, you have the wrong set of tools here? Yeah, demon mouth Thank you. In anatomy is not able to speak in demonic. Just I guess it would be faking it, I guess yeah Yeah Why did you give out Fatty’s information? Okay, good. I’m pissed off. Okay, don’t you think that’s a little rude though? I mean like you were an asshole, huh? Come on. I put my information out him. I’m not about section of my youtube channel I don’t care who knows where I live. Yeah, but you’re not fatty like Just because you’re okay with that doesn’t mean he’s okay with that Yeah And then he asked me to stop after after that and I’m getting out of his information since it’s about what he thinks Okay, but do you think I was like a lesson learn on your part? Like you’re just gonna do that again. You feel bad about that I’m I feel bad about it, but I’m not gonna admit to it Okay. Did you tell people to like come attack him or something? No, I did not say that directly I just said diamond good stuff that I mean kazoo no longer friends Oh and then the fans took it a step further and actually threatened – Mazel Tov cocktail his house He doesn’t and beat and be up in good mom. I didn’t tell him to do that. They did it themselves Yeah, but do you condemn it? I Thought it was interesting the fact that my fans would really go that far I mean damn, but would you want them to go that far? Nonetheless, I really wanted him dead. No, how far would he have to go? Probably from my family at that point at that point. I’ll I’ll hold her off and I woke and I will end on myself No one was in character Fatty was fatty Robert was Robert no spoils to the victor and no fair maiden was to be impressed This was a final duel Don’t worry we’re doing here is we’re gonna go with Fatty’s rules if you get you know a hand hit That hand is disabled. You can continue whatever means you want You know and toss it you can use the force whatever you think you can do go ahead and do it Remember, we’re doing this for fun. We’re doing this for fun Is this just for the camera so don’t yeah, don’t don’t yet don’t kill each other Oh Why you ain’t going to what you bring now No, no, that’s all used to play vicious that just that just wasn’t close enough for me to for me to react Okay. No, that one was Lumpy’s way big egos play vicious. Oh my gosh. Dad. You want me to play vicious? No question During the duel, all I could think of was is this entertaining What am I watching? Why am I involved in this at all? Why am I filming this? Both hands and affable dude sweet head-butting There was a point where you could tell that like no one except for Robert was having any fun at all So it was just uncomfortable. Did you see that slash the end? It was one quick move This is so I got vicious Yeah, I don’t think he wanted you to play Oh Yeah, I have the chest down the side All right, when one doesn’t also play one line when fatty landed that hit on Robert I kind of had to do a double-take I thought wait what? Fatty lands hits on Robert you’ve improved since our last duel Chris Ah Okay, ah was it quick Okay, yeah Okay, like I said, I have to get serious unfortunately, Robert got the final hit in it was a good solid jab and left fatty winded for like a couple minutes But he was fine after that. He he he was very tough through the whole thing I was like you need any water and he’s like No, I’m fine. There was a very uncanny feeling in the air after the duel was over No one really knew how to feel should Robert be glad that he one should fatty be happy that he put up a good fight in the duel was over no one really knew so we just walked up the hill that we came down and in parted ways as far as I know that’s the last time Robert and fatty had seen each other or spoken and I have a feeling that that might be for the best Robert Good luck, man Remember you all be dogs be a brother Catch Bill oven they were childhood friends, but friends girl heart friends can change The Robert that fatty knew when he was two years old isn’t the same Robert now that he’s 22 years old some of us have demons Some of us have fen. I Know I wish I knew a way to end this if anything to close out on the best words I’ve ever heard Have come from the worst version an old old cartoons to watch you Yeah
What’s the most recent big character states that his father told him when you want to cry laughs and you want to frown smile? Cuz it’s like why go around feeling like shit all the time Sure, you’re gonna have your days but get up dust yourself off for God’s sake for Humans, we’re born to get back up. I’m guessing that most people would call airsoft fattie cringy But what even is cringe anymore? You know, what do you call the kid who needs more dedicated wham would you call him cringy? I’m dedicated to lamb or would you call Sammy classic sonic fan whose screeching about the blue hedgehog? Would you call him cringy Wow, if that’s the case then is being crazy Just having the courage to put yourself and your interests out there despite what other people think Because if it is then without a doubt our soft fatty is cringe He is a cringe lord His channel is a cringe compilation, but I respect that Because there’s a lot of people out there who would be too ashamed and too embarrassed to show people what they’re passionate about and what their interests are and Despite what he might think Airsoft fatty does go full force in his own way. He goes all-in Someone is treating it as if there about to die and they’re putting everything behind it Our trip to Battle Creek was extremely fun And none of it would have been possible without airsoft fatty and his acquaintances and his friends and his family So a big thanks to you Chris and your friends and family. Thank you for allowing us to come into your home and Being so hospitable Oh Doing like a creepy little freaky little crab-walk You can’t show this movie magic