hi guys today I am going to make Durian dessert box. this is requested by my friends for you who have not subscribed do not forget to subscribe so you will not miss any latest videos from us. let’s watch the video first of all, melt 120 grams of margarine with 75 grams dark cooking chocolate or so called chocolate bars the chocolate has been cut heat until the chocolate and margarine melt and mix evenly while heating, continue stirring use small heat continue stirring so it is easy to blend if it has blended like this pick up and turn off the stove then, prepare the other ingredients like four eggs 150 grams sugar 80 grams flour 35 grams cocoa powder for stronger chocolate taste. 1/2 teaspoon emulsifier 1/4 teaspoon baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence mix all dry ingredients which consist of flour cocoa powder and baking powder I only use 1/4 teaspoon mix evenly and sift like this sifting and mixing is to prevent rough grains which is left so when it is mixed with the dough, they blend easily sift with filter and crush by spoon like this if done, set aside prepare mixer mix into one, four eggs I use all of them then sugar if you prefer it less sweet, just reduce the sugar then emulsifier, I use SP you can also use TBM or ovalet if it is hard to find, simply use 2 yolks then add 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract if you do not have it you can use 1/4 teaspoon powdered vanilla it is to make sweet smell and prevent fishy odor then set mixer at the highest speed mix until rising, white, and thick around 7 to 10 minutes or based on your mixer speed because it is different one another in 7-10 minutes make sure it is already thick if it is thick like this and when picked up there is mark like this turn the mixer on again at the lowest speed simply to blend the rest of the ingredients add all the dry ingredients gradually while keep mixing with lowest speed it can actually be mixed manually but I prefer something practical so I use the lowest speed then add chocolate melt which has been melted with margarine make sure it is already cool do not use it hot into the dough because it makes it shrink mix a while turn off the mixer then stir it again with spatula so it is completely mixed make sure the dough is already homogenic or perfectly blended just a while then pour into pan which has been slightly polished with polish mixture it 20×20 cm size for the polish ingredients, I mix flour, margarine, and oil one measuring spoon for each remove the left dough on the spatula then spread evenly so the surface is even after that, put into steamer which has been heated until boiling steam for 40 minutes make sure the lid is covered with cloth so the vapor will not drop into the dough if already 40 minutes, open the lid and check whether it is really done if you feel unsure, test the doneness like this if there is no crumbs on it, so it is done then pick it up remove the brownies directly from the pan gently do it look, it is so easy to be removed without waiting it to cool off cool it down on the rack so the heat inside the cake can release after that, arrange or cut the cake based on the available dish containers measure first so they fit trim along the edge since it is still too tall i will cut it into two it will be quite many cakes when arranged on the dish plates it can be for two plates i did not polish it since it is specially for dessert I also use this kind of box it does not have to be squared it is pretty as well cut the cake again into two put on the base and firmly push now it is done all put in dish containers. now let’s make the durian filing. the ingredients are are 150 grams durian 100 milliliters liquid whipped cream 5 spoonfuls condensed milk 1 spoonful cornstarch 50 grams sugar and last, 100 milliliters fresh milk I use UHT full cream first, mix cornstarch with with some spoonfuls of milk I took it from the 100 milliliters of milk use just enough of it until the cornstarch is diluted then stir well make sure the cornstarch is blended there is no clot after that, set aside prepare frying pan, then add durian. it is not blended for a bold taste because I love it so much then mix with condensed milk add all of them add sugar you can reduce the milk and sugar if the durian is already sweet then add fresh milk also add liquid whipped cream I do not use all of it I only take 100 milliliters to make the durian filling more creamy then cook and keep stirring until the sugar is diluted use only small heat after that, add the cornstarch mixture we made previously keep stirring cook until thickening and popping after that, pick it up turn off the stove pour onto a bowl to cool quicker in the frying pan, it will take longer to cool down pour into a bowl simply adjust the durian to your preference you can add some more for greater taste it is done. then let’s make whipped cream. the ingredients are 200 grams powdered whipped cream 400 ml cold fresh milk I have chilled it first open the whipped cream pack I use powdered one you can replace it with the liquid. the powdered is usually used with cold water or milk I use cold fresh milk so it is more creamy use only 400 ml do not have yo use the whole 1 liter then mix with powdered whipped cream the cold fresh milk next mix with high speed for 4 minutes or based on the whipped cream you use since not all powdered whipped cream needs 4 minute mixing. just follow the instructions behind the package if done mixing until rising and thick like this turn off the mixer. It was mixed for 4 minutes then pour into cone plastic so it is easy to arrange on top of the brownies. it is ready to be used now let’s arrange them pour just enough filling on top of the brownies. do not put too thick for the second layer, on top of the brownies there is durian filling or durian custard this is so good moreover if you add some more next add whipped cream. cut the tip first. spray on the brownies with durian filling or durian custard spray just enough because we will later add chocolate ganache spray until covers the durian filling after that next chill them in the fridge while waiting, prepare the ingredients for chocolate ganache. they are 250 ml liquid whipped cream and 100 grams milk chocolate. if you do not have it replace with dark chocolate open the whipped cream package I use the whole 250 ml if you do not have whipped cream, it can be replaced with fresh milk but it tastes different whipped cream makes it more creamy. if you want to use fresh milk use only 100 ml do not have to use 250 ml cook the whipped cream until moderately hot no need to be boiling use small heat while waiting to be hot cut the chocolate milk first pick it out from the package do not use all of them only 100 grams cut it into small blocks so they are easily diluted when mixed with the heated liquid whipped cream so, cut it first then, add chocolate into whipped cream which was heated cook while keep stirring until even and the chocolate melts must be stirred continuously if it is already like this it is ready for use. pour into a bowl this I filtered first for finer result stir it again next pour it into dessert box with whipped cream and chilled in the fridge. directly pour, no need to cool down pour until full close to the top until the limit line the chocolate is so creamy moreover, chocolate milk it is highly recommended for selling spread evenly on the edge then add topping to your preference I give nuts which are roasted and roughly chopped voila, the brownies durian dessert is done let’s try it it is so delicate it is so good to enjoy chilled it can last up to a week but it is already eaten out in just 2 days a spoonful is not enough you will simply ask for more do not forget to try it. i hope you succeed that was tutorial on how to make durian dessert box it is easy, right? if you succeed with the recook do not forget to share on social media with hashtag asahid tehyung and if you find it useful do not forget to like and share the video if you have not subscribed, do not forget o subscribed the channel asahid tehyung thank you for watching. assalamualaikum