hi so today we’re going to be answering
some funny question well I am if you suddenly had a power to
become invisible just for a day what would you do I would go on a plane to
Tokyo be on first class and then my become out of visible I mean it’s fine
because they don’t know so yeah question number two what’s your favorite dinosaur
it has to be too wet teen weapon could they have a little almond it’s so cute
and do you believe in ghosts yes because I don’t know why it’s us would you rather questions would three
would you ever fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred sized duck sized
horses ah I would fight one horse-sized duck can’t you smell you from here um
yeah it’s about myself so yeah um would you wear the stick shrink to the size of
an ant or what to a size of a giant out of the blue
ten sides of a giant these guys like I’m doing online so I look at the top of
going on top of mom see the whole bullying stuff like that yeah that’d be
cool all right what’s the ugliest name you ever heard
so I find me up this name and she said it it’s kind of like a also happen or
and I’m like that’s the weirdest name I ever heard of I’m right
melius auntie put on the second one that’s like this isn’t backwards and now
yes nor mine I think nail uses so how old do you
think I am die well in the universe do you want to visit Tokyo because I don’t
know why this looks so fun do you eat boogers
no I do not eat boogers that’s its money how how is it going for the monster
under your bed it’s doing just fine just getting a lot of food and stuff yeah I
don’t know how if you have a restaurant what would you sold all the food in your
ward cuz like hmm if you had a restaurant
what would you saw oh my oh I waited or if you had to become a teacher for a day
what would you teach your class about YouTube about you do what’s a person
that you should never ask me hmm like like are you taller than anybody in your
class cuz I’m not taller than anybody in my class I’m so then secondly I’m so sad would you rather always but we’re wet
clothes or never sell it in your whole life screw the way I want the whale wet
clothes you need to take a shower how do you treat people who I know you
for no reason at all I just walk away honestly if you will a Pokemon which one
would you be easy easy easy easy if you want a book what would the title be
three Jackie’s are one Pig so I put back to your ways because emoji what would be
this do you think your tape which really yeah thank you doing one way
fine okay now let’s get back if you if you had to leave home because an
emergency what do you think would you take with you so I would take my a puss
keys for the car and up and on my phone would you rather I’m gonna eat jelly up
forever forever or take a bath with jelly forever I wanna take a bath with
jelly for a ball I was not jelly Joey I’m not oh no in your opinion who’s
the best Disney Princess Rapunzel comment down below what’s your
fingerprint Oh Prince yeah if you could make a nanny
Monday week appreciate it appreciate day for everybody kids and mom oh that’s the
and cuz there was a hundred and we finished one whole world knows like a