>>MARCI: Hi, it’s Marci again with another
little video segment on Food Safety. I hope you enjoy it.>>SUNG: One of the most common intoxications
in our industry… I’ve had this. It’s a funny story now, in retrospect, but
it’s not when it happens. I had this happen to me years before I got
into Food Safety. At the time I was just a regular restaurant
operator. So, I thought I knew about Food Safety, but
I really didn’t. Even though I had a BioChemistry degree I
didn’t really understand Food Safety from that perspective. Anyway, at the time, we had gotten some really
nice eclairs from a very well known bakery, a high-end bakery. My wife was 6 months pregnant, at the time. We get home, we have dinner. We ate exactly the same thing. After dinner I had dessert, so I had two of
the eclairs. She didn’t have room for dessert. She didn’t have it. Staph causes an intoxication, which means
it’s a toxin that’s going to make you sick. So, because it’s a poison, it’s going to hit
you fairly fast. Staph intoxications generally take anywhere
from two hours to six, eight hours before they hit you. Right about six hours after I ate, right about
10, 11 at night, “Oh, man.” My wife’s already asleep. I’m like, “Oh, something’s not feeling well.” I go to the restroom and all of a sudden there
I am. And you know there’s nothing that feels as
good as a cold porcelain toilet. The only problem is you don’t know which way
you gotta turn! So I’m up all night doing my thing. The next morning I finally got rid of most
of the poison, so I’m starting to get back to normalcy. My wife says, “Are you feeling better?” “Yeah, I feel better.” She says, “By the way, how was that eclair
you had yesterday?” And without thinking, I go, “Oh,it was actually
very tasty. You should have some.” So she does. Six months pregnant… Five hours later she starts to feel some symptoms. That’s when it hits what’s going on. So, now I’m dragging her to the hospital. Driving like crazy… We’re in the HOV lane. She’s looking at me. I’m looking at her. I’m feeling guilty. She’s angry. All of a sudden, BAM! I’m like, “Whoa!” I had nothing to say. You know, the best thing to do is keep quiet
and get her there as fast as possible. Got to the Emergency Room. The nurse asks what’s going on. We described what’s going on. I actually took the left over eclairs with
us, in case they had to do some testing on it. They rushed her to the Emergency Room. They brought this huge machine in that’s kinda
blue, baby blue, maybe because it was a boy. I don’t know. Turns out it was a boy, later. Anyway, there’s a big plastic tube, about
that long, that goes in. It’s kind of painful watching it go down. They turn it on. It sounds just like a Hoover… goes into
a bag, goes out to testing. Everything turned out fine. Only because we realized quickly what was
going on. If we had let her sit like I did and go through
it, toxins would have passed through her bloodstream to the baby. Who knows what would have happened to our
son. It sounds like a funny story in retrospect. It could have been super dangerous, all because
of a simple staph intoxication. How do I know it was that? Because, now, looking back on it, how it happened. I understand what it was. Ecliars… Why does it happen? Eclairs, in the middle you have that Bavarian
Cream and in order to make that, a lot of times they’re just making it in batches, and
they’re tasting it, and then they just leave it out. They just figure it’s a Dairy/Baked Goods. They don’t handle the temperature properly,
even at the best places.>>MARCI: AAA Food Handler Training School
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