Cara Tannenbaum: I just want to welcome you
all to the Institute of Culinary Education for this beautiful reception tonight.
James Briscione: I think a big huge round of applause for those of you who produced
all of this beautiful food today. Helping our students put together the Grand Buffet
is my favorite day at ICE because this is the day that it’s real. We’re not just practicing,
we’re not cooking for each other. Friends, family, everyone is coming in, to eat, taste
and be impressed by all of the amazing food these guys just made. It is so much fun.
Lorrie Reynoso: I always tell them this is the highlight of all the 110 lessons you took
and it’s also, it’s the end of the lessons, but the beginning of their careers.
Jeff Yoskowitz: You know, the advice is just to keep that passion that you have when you’re
at school and bring that to the job and show that every day.
Jennifer Fallon: I very much would like to encourage them to come back. And to keep in
communication, make sure that they know they are are part of a much larger family, and
will always be a family member to ICE. Meredith Eisgrau: My externship is going to
be at Runner and Stone. Katie Renda: Saveur magazine.
Steven Matthijs: Restaurant Daniel. Meredith Eisgrau: I can’t wait to start.
Katie Renda: I’m super excited. Steven Matthijs: Super excited. It is one
of the best kitchen schools in New York. It’s just the experience and the high pace and
the high quality which you get. And that’s what you get all at ICE very well so I can’t
wait to put that to the test.