– Is everyone ready for dessert?! (crowd yelling) All right. Please give a big Texas
howdy to Leo and Ashton from Sugar Daddy’s
Cakery in Dallas, Texas. – Hey, y’all. (applauding) – Oh my God. Before we get started, your bakery made headlines for something really important. So tell us all about it. – Yeah, Kelly. We are a gay owned and operated bakery who tailors to everyone. – Everyone’s invited. – Everyone’s invited. – That’s like my show. Everyone’s invited. (laughing and applauding) – We’ve heard a lot of media where people have been being turned
away for who they are. For getting wedding cakes
or anniversary cakes. But not also, not only in bakeries, but also other professions, so Emilio and I aspire to inspire individuals with our creations and want to create a warm, inviting environment with our bakery. – That’s amazing! (applauding) Oh my God. All right, so you were just featured on Netflix’s Sugar Rush. Congratulations. – Thank you. – Was that fun? – That was amazing. – It was so much fun. – I love you two. (laughing) All right, so what are we making today? – We actually won on Sugar Rush for having the most Instagram-able dessert. – Our taco. – Is that a Fruity Pebble? – Yes. It’s Fruity Pebble. – Super fruity. – Yeah. Super fruity! (laughing) Get it? – We actually have a coco rubble okurrr-eo mousse filled taco. For all you chocolate lovers. – That is definitely That is definitely not on the plan, but I’m gonna have to partake ’cause I don’t wanna be rude. Let’s start. How do I do it? – At y’all’s stations you
have cutters, cookie cutters – It’s a challenge. – It is. – So you can either stay classic
and use the circle cutter or be a little more creative
and use the star or the heart. – Classic. – And just press into that cereal and create your shell. – What did you say this was called? – Okurrr-eo. (laughing) – [Kelly] Okay, look at these. These are gonna be good. (overlapped talking) – We need to have her out to the cakery. – I might be a little
good at baking, okay, Leo? All right, so what do we do next? – Ooh, yum. – [Leo] So the next thing
we’re gonna do is we are – You’re not supposed to eat it! – We’re not eating them yet! (laughing) The next thing we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna put the filling on your taco shell. – Okay. – You’re making more than one. – I thought that Kelly
is making more than one. – Yeah, she’s making two. – I’m making two, right? – I put a hole right in the middle. – If you guys keep going like this we’re gonna take them back
with us and sell them. (laughing) – I never eat just one of anything. (laughing) – Like bags. – D’Arcy, just pile it higher. (cheering) – [D’Arcy] I want a little suck. – Okay! So now what do we do? – All right. – How y’all doin’? – Good. – [Kelly] All right! Now we can put filling? – Yeah, now you can put your toppings on. – Okay, probably some marshmallows. – You have Oreos. – I like strawberries ’cause
we want to be healthy. (laughing) – [Leo] Fruit makes everything healthy. – [Kelly] And so do Oreos. You should make a sandwich! (cheering) – [Ashton] Yes!